Genshin Impact: Version 2.1 Primer & Guide

The long-awaited version 2.1 patch of Genshin Impact is now live. Floating World Under the Moonlight continues the rest of the Inazuma story arc along with many new features. For players that are still catching up on version 2.0, we have also compiled a guide that covers information on version 2.0 when it launched. 

This is also a massive update and features many various changes as it is supposed to conclude the current story arc. 


New Content in the Genshin Impact Inazuma Expansion

Seirai and Watatsumi Island

There are two new islands expanded in the region of Inazuma. Seirai Island is found in the southeast region of Inazuma. This new island contains gathering material for the current banner character, Raiden Shogun. Watatsumi Island is located on the west side of the Inazuma. This island can only be reached after clearing the Yashiori Island side quest, as there are barriers that will prevent you from reaching there if you haven't finished these quests. 


Banner - New Characters


The new character featured in this banner is the Electro Archon, Raiden Shogun. Kujou Sara, a general serving under Raiden. Then Aloy from the Horizon Zero Dawn franchise. 

Raiden is a polearm user that applies a powerful buff on herself, although this buff shows a special effect when switching to other characters, this buff will only work on Raiden herself. To put it shortly, Raiden is a selfish DPS. For players that wanted to ascend Raiden, you will need to find the Amakumo Fruit located in the new Seirai Island. 

The other new character is Kujou Sara. Kujou is an electro bow user that works great as a support DPS, as her electric ability hits in a large radius and provides a different alternative to Fischl. 

Then finally Aloy can be acquired in this patch if you login Genshin on a PlayStation platform. For players that are curious, Aloy is a Cyro bow user, that can throw ice grenades as her special ability. 

If you're unsure about the new characters, be sure to test them using the Trial Mode to get an idea of how that character plays like.


New Weapons


The current weapon banner features Engulfing Lightning and The Unforged. The main prize of the weapon banner is the new polearm as this weapon is main as Raiden's main specialty. 

Engulfing Lightning is a polearm weapon with the highest energy recharge sub stats in the game. This weapon grants a massive attack boost after using its elemental burst. The weapon favors characters that like to use the burst quickly and will work out great as the main weapon for Raiden and Xiangling.

For players that want a Free to Play alternative to this weapon, players should focus on getting the event weapon, The Catch. This weapon is a trade-in reward for participating in the new Genshin Fishing feature. 


New Ascension Materials

Just like when Inazuma first launch, you cannot farm materials ahead of time to ascend Raiden instantly. You can still reuse some of the materials such as the handguards drop from common samurai enemies and the scrolls of light from the current domain. But two of the new materials that are required to ascend the new characters require traveling to the new Seirai island. This includes the Amakumo Fruit and Storm Beads. If you have trouble finding the Amakumo fruit, using the Genshin Interactive map can easily point out the location these fruits appear in. For the Storm Beads, you will need to defeat the new Thunder Manifestation boss. 



New Archon Quest and Bosses

The main story quest has been updated for version 2.1. This will include the new story boss, along with other new bosses. These new bosses will drop the required ascension material for characters that are featured in version 2.1 and later. 

The Hydro Hypostasis will give materials to ascend Kokomi who will appear after Baal's banner. While the Thunder Manifestation will drop materials that will ascend Raiden and Kujou. 




A brand new feature introduces in version 2.1 is the ability to fish. In order to fish, you must have completed a few conditions first. This includes unlocking the Serenitea Pot System and then the Exploding Population side quest in Inazuma. Once you have unlocked the function to fish, you will need to use crafting in order to get new bait that works in certain regions. The fishing spots are also marked on the world map, so they can easily be located. The fish that are caught can be exchanged at the Fishing Association of different regions for their unique rewards. The rewards range from new bait recipes or even a powerful 4-star weapon. For more information about fishing, be sure to check out our Fishing Guide