Tales of Arise Trophy List & Completion guide

Ah, trophies. That ping of satisfaction. That sweet sensation that you've bested the best a game has in store for you. In Tales of Arise, there are 34 Bronze Trophies, 11 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and of course, a single luxurious Platinum Trophy. That's 48 trophies in all. Of course, on Xbox and Steam these are known as Achievements.

With a few exceptions, trophy-hunting in Tales of Arise is a breeze. It'll take you time, as any good trophy hunt in an RPG should, but nothing in it is particularly taxing. Some of the more fiddly trophies can be sped up significantly through the use of a good guide - which of course is the purpose of this page. A solid chunk will unlock automatically, and another decent slice will pop for you upon doing something for the first time. It's those pesky trophies that require you to do everything (or close enough to it) within a particular facet of the game that will take you a good bit to acquire.

On this page, we detail some other more in-depth guides that'll help with those most annoying of trophies, but the meat of the page is the full Tales of Arise Trophy List & Guide.


Other Guides to help with Tales of Arise Trophy & Achievement Hunting

A lot of what you're about to read will be bolstered substantially if you've got a few related guides on hand while you're out gathering trophies. That's because many trophies are tied to particular gameplay mechanics — Sub-Quests, owl-scouting, cooking, and more. We're working hard to keep you covered on each of those matters, so here's the handiest help:


Tales of Arise Trophy / Achievement Guide


  • This is the Platinum. It’s only obtained after earning every other trophy.

Emissary of Liberation

  • Story-based. Unlocks upon completion of the “Taking Down Balseph” Main Quest.

Vanquishers of Darkness

  • Story-based. Unlocks upon completion of the “Battle Atop the Tower” Main Quest.

Comrades in Freedom

  • Story-based. Unlocks upon completion of the “Kisara’s Ideals” Main Quest.

Retired Avenger

  • Story-based. Unlocks upon completion of the “The Witch’s Keep” Main Quest.

Liberator of Dahna

  • Story-based. Unlocks upon completion of the “The Water Lord” Main Quest.

Invasion Averted

  • Story-based. Unlocks upon completion of the “An Unsightly Tower” Main Quest.

The Truth

  • Story-based. Unlocks upon completion of the “Celestial Base Daeq Faezol” Main Quest.

Destined Liberator

  • Story-based. Unlocks upon completion of the “Rena, A World of Death” Main Quest.

Wall Smasher

  • In order to receive this Trophy, you must max out your bond with each of the party members (aside from Alphen, since technically he’s the one establishing the bond). You can get started on this once Rinwell joins the party. When you’re resting at a Campground you’ve discovered, you’ll sometimes have an option to chat with other party members. Always do so if there’s a speech bubble next to their name; this means you’ll get a new conversation with them, thus strengthening Alphen’s bond. Each party member has a total of six bond conversations. Once you have maxed out a bond with a given character, a smiley face icon will appear beside their name. Each maxed-out bond also correlates to one of the following several Trophies.

Intertwining Hearts

  • Unlocked via maxing your bond with Shionne.

An Honest Mage

  • Unlocked via maxing your bond with Rinwell.

Role Model

  • Unlocked via maxing your bond with Law.

A Modest Dream

  • Unlocked via maxing your bond with Kisara.

Drink ’Til You Drop

  • Unlocked via maxing your bond with Dohalim.

Owl Homecoming

Rebellious Spark

  • Clear a single Sub-Quest.

Problem Solver

  • Clear every Sub-Quest. There are 70 total, so this one takes a while. For a checklist, and instructions on how to complete every sub-quest, check our our Tales of Arise sub quests guide.

Skilled Angler

  • Unlocked during the Main Quest “Valley of the Four Winds” after your fishing tutorial. You automatically obtain your first fish here, which is the requirement for the Trophy.

Godly Angler

  • Much more challenging, this Trophy requires you to catch at least one of every species of fish in the game. Show the Fishing Expert your notes for this one to pop.

Speedy Chef

  • Another “easy mode” Trophy, this time requiring you to cook a single meal. Like “Skilled Angler,” “Speedy Chef” unlocks automatically upon completion of a mandatory story moment.

Globetrotting Foodie

  • You’ll only receive this after the acquisition of 30 recipes. There are 38 recipes to find, so you won’t need every last one in order to obtain this Trophy. Still, 30 is a fair commitment - and we have a full Cooking recipe list & unlock guide to help you get them all.

Arms Stockpiler

  • You must forge 100 different weapons for this Trophy. Given that there are 103 weapons to forge, there’s not much leeway. Weapon-forging unlocks relatively early in the game and involves interactions with two types of merchants: the one who shows up at Campgrounds (and other overworld spots) and one of the three merchants who typically set up shop inside inns.


  • Craft 30 accessories to unlock this. The Campgrounds merchant and the same inn merchant as the one who forges weapons are your gateways here.  

What’s in a Name?

  • Learn a single skill. One of the easiest Trophies, and virtually impossible to avoid.

Myriad Monikers

  • Learn 400 skills. Given that up to 450 skills are purchasable per character, and considering the time investment in order to do so, this will likely be among the final Trophies you earn. Skill boards are earned through the acquisition of Titles. Some Titles unlock automatically; many do not, mandating the completion of Sub-Quests and similar measures. Note that DLC skills cannot count toward the 400.

Hundred-Hit Smackdown

  • Reaching a 100-hit combo may sound daunting. It isn’t. Odds are, you’ll get this not terribly long after Burst Gauges become the bread-and-butter of your battling. Plug away at a high-HP enemy (such as a boss!) to chain a few hits together and then combine those hits with directional pad commands for other characters whose Burst Gauges are activated. Don’t be discouraged if you only get 20-something hits sometimes. Soon enough, you’ll go postal on a foe, and you’ll handily eclipse 100 hits.

One-Hit Wonder

  • Another deceptively easy Trophy. You need to inflict 10,000 or more damage in a single hit. As it happens, this will probably occur by the time you’re in the forties range level-wise, if not the thirties. If you’re having trouble, wait until Alphen glows up and his limit gauge initiates, then pull off a five-hit combo (or more) and lastly, press two of the face buttons simultaneously. He’ll pummel his enemy with a substantially powerful attack that can often hit over 10,000 damage by mid-game.

Diligent Counterattacker

  • You’ll need to achieve 100 Counter Edges for this one. If you’re not much of an action gamer and you need help with the timing, there’s an ample number of unlockable skills for each character that will be of assistance to you.

High Roller

  • Spending 400,000 gald isn’t as tough as it will inevitably seem up until midway or so through the story. Early on, gald is somewhat scarce, but once you begin gathering a great deal of crafting resources you’ll quickly realize one of the best ways to get rich is to sell off what isn’t needed. (This is another good reason to explore Tales of Arise’s vast overworld maps; and remember, many gathering resources respawn!) Viscount’s Training Grounds plays host to a handful of combat rounds designed to swiftly accrue cash, should you be having trouble here.

Peak Strength

  • Like many RPGs, the maximum character level in Tales of Arise is 100. For most of your time with the game, this will be well out of range. Grinding foes beneath your level tends to provide precious little EXP, which means there’s something of a “soft cap” throughout the story. (Completing Sub-Quests is a handy way to help stay ahead of the curve.) That said, there are late-game/post-game enemies in optional areas with levels high enough to break this trend, making the race to level 100 far from the slog it would otherwise be.

Encyclopedia Zeuglica

  • Out of 181 unique enemy types, you need to encounter 120. If you’re gunning for the completion of every Sub-Quest, you’ll come quite close to this. Use of our Artifact hunting guide for Tales of Arise should handle the rest.

Unrelenting Blaze

  • Story-based. Upon defeating a certain foe at Berg Volcano.

Night Blossom

  • Unlocked upon defeating a certain foe during the “The Phantom Flower of Nevira” Sub-Quest.

Quaking Continent

  • Unlocked after defeating a certain foe during the Sub-Quest "The Spirit Temple."

Billowing Cyclone

  • Unlocked upon defeating a certain foe during the “Farewell, Mage” Sub-Quest.

Raging Current

  • Unlocked upon defeating a certain foe during the “Untamable Rage” Sub-Quest.

Big Game Hunter

  • Killing all 20 gigant zeugles is going to take some serious time and effort. Our Sub-Quests guide can help immeasurably.

Otherworldly Survivor

  • Unlocked after the completion of the following three Sub-Quests: "The Spirit Temple," "Another Hillside Anomaly," and "Otherworldly Visitors."

Putting the Past in its Place

  • Unlocked after the completion of the "Reminiscence Device" Sub-Quest.

Elite Vanguard

  • Viscount’s Training Grounds gradually adds new level-based combat challenges throughout the course of the story. These tend to skew higher than average party level, so don’t be alarmed into believing you’re way behind when you see the “Ultimate” tier pop up toward the end. To unlock “Elite Vanguard,” you’ll have to beat the group-based challenge. You won’t stand a chance unless you’re at a very high level, at which point the fight goes from nightmarish to manageable.


  • Obtaining a single Artifact’s a breeze when your first Artifact is automatically unlocked during the “Valley of the Four Winds” Main Quest.

Curious Hobbyist

  •  On the other hand, obtaining 20 Artifacts calls for some special assistance. Luckily, we’ve got that covered in our Artifacts guide.

Novice Rancher

  • Collecting a single ranch harvest takes hardly any time at all. This livestock matures so rapidly that in order for any of it to make sense, we’d have to believe the party spent a solid decade or more in their quest to liberate Dahna.

Veteran Rancher

  • 50 harvests is actually pretty easy. Whenever you’re near a Campground, there’s a good chance Law is going to remind you to check in on the ranch. You can (somehow) do this through the Campgrounds merchant. Just keep at it and by the game’s end, you’ll likely have unlocked this.

Owl Spotter

  • Finding 13 owls is simply a matter of time (and reaching enough areas in the story).

Owl Scouter

  • 32 owls, on the other hand, means locating every owl available prior to endgame.

Ceaseless Chatterbox

  • There are 320 skits in Tales of Arise; in order to unlock this Trophy, you need to view 300. It’s a tall order, but you should be able to get within striking distance just from checking out new skits every time they become available during the Main Quest. Plenty more unlock during Sub-Quests.