Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance Miman locations: where to find all 200

Early on in your adventures in Shin Megami Tensei V, you'll meet Gustave, the boss of the Cadaver's Hollow. Besides acting as your shopkeeper, he'll also ask you to seek out Miman, little red imp-like creatures that are scattered across the world of Da'at. This kicks off a game-long collectible hunt in looking for these hidden creatures. Gustave will offer a small tutorial for the very first Miman, but for the rest, it's up to you to find them.

For each Miman you find, you'll earn a small amount of Glory that can be spent towards the game's Miracles, which can be used to power up your Nahobino or get bonuses like cheaper compendium usage. You'll also get other rewards from Gustave, including Talismans for Magatsuhi skills, consumable items, stat-up items, and more, so seeking out the Miman is definitely worth your while. These are just one of a few different types of helpful collectible to keep an eye out for in SMT5, alongside Mitama, Talismans, and Petrified Demons.

There are four major regions in SMT V - Minato, Shinagawa, Chiyoda, and Taito. Minato is the first region you'll find yourself in, even though you won't know it is called that until a little later in the game. In each region, there are 50 Miman to find, for a total of 200 Mimans in the game.

In this guide, we'll list out every Miman, with an image of their location. You can use the handy links below to skip to a specific location's list:

Shin Megami Tensei V - Cironnup Locations in each Region

Before listing the Miman themselves, I want to point out something more useful than the Miman locations themselves. In each of the four major regions in Shin Megami Tensei V, there is a Cironnup demon that will add the locations of each Miman to your in-game map. It'll cost a little bit of Macca to do so, but it is genuinely worth paying if you want to make seeking out the Miman easier on yourself.

So, if you aren't keen on following this guide to find the Miman yourself, simply seek out each Cirronup, spend a bit of Macca, then check your map. Pretty easy right?

Here's where each of the four Cironnup NPCs can be found in each region.

Minato - nearby the Diet building at the end of the region.
Shinagawa - The mountain NW of North Shinagawa Leyline near the end of the region.
Chiyoda - Past the Otemachi Leyline, up some blocks. (Canon of Creation only)
Shinjuku - In the north section of West Shinjuku, use the NW Magasuhi Rail and run around the thin ledge north of the building. (Canon of Vengeance only)


Taito - Do a full clockwise loop in the Asakusa circular area, on the SE side of Taito.

Shin Megami Tensei V - Minato Region Miman Locations

1: Right in front of first Leyline Fount (named Tamachi) in Netherworld, the tutorial Miman.
2: On the stairs a bit north of the first Miman, on the east side of the road.
3: In Tamachi, take the west fork that is leading to a dead end. About halfway down the fork, on the east side alongside the road (of the west fork, behind a rock).
4: There’s another Miman in a ruined building on the east side of the west fork (slightly ahead of the previous Miman).
5: Further down the road from the previous Miman, on the west side, up in a building.
6: Above the Mita Leyline fount, use the crossing bridge to reach him.


7: Behind the Pixie’s Essence chest in the dead-end south of Mita Fount.


8: Up on a cliff after defeating the first Abscess.


9: From where you meet someone near the train, head to the dead-end to the southwest.


10: Behind the train, under the tunnel.


11: West of the Shiba Leyline, tucked away in a corner


12: South-West of Oyamatsumi (the golem), in Shiba Leyline area.


13: SW of the Hamamatsucho Leyline, near the path upwards broken highway.


14: Near the climbing platforms between Shiba and Hamamasucho, underneath the rubble on the bottom.


15: On a rock high up on the waterfall in the Hamamatsucho area. You have to fall down from above.


16: Continue down the path to the north after the previous Miman, on the left side of the road as you head up.


17: On the next part of the path going up, this Miman is hiding directly behind a rock in the middle of the path.


18: SW of the Hamamatsucho Leyline, follow a highway uphill to the farSW, at a dead-end.


19: Along the stream in the Hamamatsucho area, on the upper part.


20: Up the river from the previous Miman, near Leanan Sidhe for the Spirit of Love quest.


21: The far SE dead-end from Hamamatsucho Leyline, in a building structure on an upper level.


22: North West of Tokyo Tower.


23: Behind the collapsed highway structure far south of Tokyo Tower.


24: Area south of Tokyo Tower, just a bit past the previous Miman, in the abandoned building.


25: Keep going in the ruined city area of the previous Miman (it’s Shiba according to your UI) on the south side, this Miman is up on the second floor. You can jump up to him.


26: Tucked away in the Mermaid cave area west of the previous few Miman, where you fought Pazuzu for the 'The Cursed Mermaids' quest.


27: Follow along the wall to NE of Tokyo Tower, you’ll come across the roof of an abandoned building. Look down below the hole in the roof.


28: Down the path from the previous Miman, fall down the hole in the building you come across, he’s at the ground level.


29: SE from Kamiyacho Leyline, in broken buildings near the edge of town.


30: SW of Kamiyacho Leyline, climb up the climbing platforms.


31: Further SW of Kamiyacho Leyline, in a broken building, in the middle level of the building.


32: The building closest to Koumokuten, SW of Kamiyacho Leyline.


33: West of Kamiyacho Leyline, near a corner near vending machines and traffic lights.


34: NW of Kamiyacho Leyline, in a broken building, climb on a red climb brick to get to it.


35: Climb up on a bridge much farther NW of Kamiyacho Leyline, using a climbing block. He’s at the north dead end.


36: Follow that bridge in Kamiyacho all the way to the end to the east.


37: NE of Kamiyacho Leyline, at the end of a road dead-end (the road has lots of Magatsuhi orb), on a sand dune. It’s just south of the previous Miman.


38: From the Kamiyacho Leyline, go along the NNE road until you reach the vending machines on the western side of the road. The Miman is near there, just past the machines.


39: North of Kamiyacho fount, past the denser city area, in a corner near an open wall.


40: Near the petrified Baphomet on the path west of Onarimon Leyline.


41: From Onarimon Leyline, go towards Tokyo Tower, jump down to find this Miman on a cliff (you may have seen him earlier).


42: Near where you get the 'The Gold Dragon’s Arrival' quest, jump the gap to the SSW. The Miman is near where you land, overlooking Tokyo Tower from a ledge.


43: In this same area, near Anahita’s location, on a path to the left.


44: From where you get the Jatayu egg for 'The Ultimate Omelette' quest, head behind and to the right of the nest to find this Miman sitting and a rock on the cliff.


45: After meeting the Angel in the western Kamiyacho area, head to the path south of there, drop down, behind a rock.


46: Continue on south from the previous Miman, behind a building.


47: Climb up the blocks from the previous Miman, and turn left.


48: In the Nagatacho area, from where you completed the 'Movin’ on Up' quest, continue down the path, climb up the block, and head to the right.


49: On top of the Diet building, in the center in front.


50: Back side of the Diet building.


Shin Megami Tensei V - Shinagawa Region Miman Locations

51: Near the first Leyline in the zone (Tennozu Isle Leyline).


52: On the elevated tracks west of the Tennozu Isle Leyline, at the north end.


53: NW of Tennozu Isle Leyline, just west of the previous Miman, near a chest, sitting on a concrete block.


54: SW of the previous Miman, on top of a roofed road west of Tennozu Isle Leyline, at the corner of the road. He’s on the NW side of this section of the map.


55: On a cliff SW of Tennozu Isle Leyline. From the previous Miman, you can run to NE and see this one near a tree.


56: On the top floor of a building west of Tennozu Isle Leyline. This one requires a little bit of platforming to get to.


57: SW of Tennozu Leyline (not Tennozu Isle), on an upper ledge. You have to climb up to this one on the tilted sides of fallen buildings.


58: From Tennozu Leyline, climb up the nearby climbing blocks, take the roofed bridge to the right, he’s on top of the bridge at the end. Use a rock to get up.


59: The South most dead end south of Tennozu area, where the road leads.


60: Near the end of the same highway, on the ground floor, overlooking a ledge to the east.


61: At the end of the bridge SE of the swirling mountain in the Tennozu area, on the north side.


62: On top of shipping containers overlooking Shinagawa Pier Leyline, west of the Leyline.


63: Dead end north of Shinagawa Pier Leyline, at the end of the railroad tracks, underneath the tracks.


64: On top of the high speed train NW of Shinagawa Pier Leyline.


65: On top of the shipping containers near the Principality east of Shinagawa Pier Leyline, sitting on the SE side of the containers.


66: On top of the shipping containers near the Abscess to the far NE of Shinagawa Pier Leyline. Pretty close to the giant Petrified Hecatoncheires.


67: In the warehouse directly south of Container Yard Leyline. You need to drop in from the roof.


68: From Container Yard Leyline, head to the NW on top of the warehouses that are north of the Shinagawa Pier Leyline. This Miman is in the far north building, enter from the top, there’s also a chest here.


69: In the Container Yard, in the eastern-most vertical row of warehouses, in the top one.


70: In the Container Yard, in the topmost warehouse, next to the Nekomata.


71: Behind the bullet train on the long road north of the shipping container area, shortly after Yuzuru contacts you about Lahmu. Near a big rock.


72: From the previous Miman, drop down to the south, and head under the highway.


73: Just NE of the Konan 3rd Block Leyline, barely on the road.


74: On a bus NW of Konan 3rd Block Leyline.


75: In a building north of the previous Miman.


76: A bit west of Konan 3rd Block Leyline, there’s an NPC Oni. Head south from him, to where the Kelpies appear. As you are heading south to this new area, take an immediate left when you can. This Miman is tucked away in a corner under a highway, at the north end of said highway. (It's about halfway between Konan 3rd Block Fount and the nearby Abscess).


77: Near the previous one, head up the same tilted highway towards the north, this Miman is near a tree at the top. On the world map, this is SW of the Konan 3rd Block Leyline and north of several climbing points.


78: On the map where the three climbing points are near the previous Miman, under a bridge just to the east of those blocks.


79: On a mound roughly between the 5 climbing points nearby. You need to climb the two south blocks and head north.


80: W of Mitatebashi Leyline, on the ground level, near some rocks near vending machines.


81: From the previous Miman, fall down the small way to the NE, then go north and loop around to the west (there is a big petrified Eligor here). Head sound into a ruined building with red stairs. Keep heading upstairs, and you’ll find this Miman hiding building a wall in this building.


82: From the previous Miman, head to a building to the NW, and you’ll find this Miman in a room with vending machines.


83: In ruined buildings SW of Mitatebashi Leyline. It’s the second-southern-most building in this region.


84: On the roof of the parking garage east of Konan 2nd Block Leyline, to the east side.


85: South of Konan 2nd Block Leyline, in a corner near a chest. You can drop down from above.


86: Tucked away in a tight alley between two square buildings near the very south-east part Konan 2nd Block Leyline. These buildings are south of the parking garage and at the bottom of a tilted building-ramp.


87: To the north and slightly west of Konan 2nd Block Leyline, at the top of some stairs of a skeleton building (building structure with no walls).


88: On top of the roofed pathways SW of Konan 2nd Block Leyline.


89: In the Gotenyama forestry area, follow the path on the north side of the forest.


90: Gotenyama, near the Oni NPC on the south side, across the ‘road’.


91: Fairy Village, SW of the Leyline near some walls.


92: Fairy Village, near the waterfall and Arahabaki.


93: Fairy Village, far south. West of the river and bridge. On the in-game map, the Miman location looks like a heeled boot.


94: South of North Shinagawa Leyline, at the very end of the river.


95: NW of North Shinagawa Leyline, near trees up the hill.


96: This one is tricky. You need to get to the big cliff area past the Zouchouten. At the northwest end of this cliff, you fall off to the Miman.


97: In the region to the east of Fairy Village, where the climbing blocks are, near the big hole in the map, on the east side of the hole.


98: SE of Fairy Village Leyline, near one of the Apples you pick up for Idun, south of the south-most climbing block in this area.


99: Near the Shinagawa Station Leyline, near traincars.


100: East of Konan 3rd Block Leyline. You cannot get this Miman until you beat Surt in the next region and accept the nearby 'A Power Beyond Control' quest.


Shin Megami Tensei V - Chiyoda Region Miman Locations

Note: Chiyoda is only visited in Canon of Creation. If you are on Canon of Vengeance, you visit Shinjuku instead.
101: Right at the beginning of Ginza region, on a rock.


102: NW of Ginza Leyline, on a tilted building.


103: W of Ginza Leyline, behind rubble.


104: Behind Black Frost quest giver near Ginza, NW of Ginza Leyline.


105: Behind some vending machines west of Ginza Leyline, near a building with three chests.


106: Far west of Ginza Leyline, at a dead-end, behind a small wall.


107: On a roof west (and slightly north) of Sukiyabashi Leyline, fall down from above. It’s tucked away in a corner along the border of the map.


108: Look NW (more west than north) of Sukiyabashi Leyline, and you’ll see him on a cliff.


109: On the rooftop to the NE of Sukiyabashi Leyline. This is the rooftop across the gap where the Chimera is stomping around.


110: On the roof where Hayotaro is E of Sukiyabashi Leyline. It’s close to a petrified Daemon statue.


111: North of the roof where Hayotaro is E of Sukiyabashi Leyline. It’s close to a petrified Daemon statue.


112: A little bit past the Nihonbashi Leyline, before crossing the fallen bridge-building, look left.


113: SW of Nihonbashi Leyline, past the Mokoi, go SW at the fork, under a broken bridge


114: Tucked away in a corner near a huge titled building northeast of Nihonbashi Leyline. He’s close to a climbing block, and a bit northwest of where Fionn Mac Cumhaill is standing.


115: NE of Nihonbashi Leyline, on the ground where the Kumbhandas are running around, near a red spike.


116: Run north past the previous Miman, climb up the block, and go left (east) of the fallen building.


117: West of where Fionn Mac Cumhaill is standing, look on the north side of the railroad track bridge.


118: From Awajicho Leyline, head NE, then across the building roof, and look in a little alcove tucked away on the ground floor in the corner bordering the NE part of the map.


119: From Awajicho Leyline head slightly west then south, ground floor, in the path east of all the climbing blocks.


120: On the roof just to the SE of the Awajicho Leyline, though you have to loop all the way around nearly the entire NE side of this area to get to it.


121: When on the big highway to the far east of Awajicho Leyline (the one that leads to Akihabara Leyline), look down on the south side, slightly underneath the road.


122: From the previous one, look south and you’ll see this Miman on a sand dune near a building and climbing blocks.


123: Far to the east of Awajicho Leyline, near the previous two Miman, in a dead-end on the ground floor, south of the big road. (On the map, this miman is a bit SW of Akihabara Leyline).


124: On a raised area just east of Nihonbashi Leyline. However, in order to get to this Miman, you basically need to go around the entire room the long, clockwise way around, climbing up several blocks along the way.


125: From Awajicho Leyline, go to the SW and follow the path, go to the tunnel underneath the Mishaguji (an enemy, not an NPC). When you jump off the climbing block to get to a long tunnel, the Miman is right there.


126: This one is in the NE area of the room housing the Nihonbashi Leyline. To get here, from Awajicho Leyline, go to the SW, go to the tunnel underneath the Mishaguji, and after going through the long tunnel. This Miman is in a corner south of the tunnel you passed through, east of climbing blocks.


127: In the same area, this Miman is north of the tunnel.


128: In the same area, head to the NW. This Miman is on a rooftop you need to jump to.


129: East of Akihabara Leyline, near the climbing block. You have to loop around from the Leyline to get to it.


130: From Akihabara Leyline, jump down to the NE and head NE, hug the left (west) wall, and turn left when you can. Head NW, continuing to hug the left wall, turn left at the Jack-O’-Lantern, enter the building, and up the stairs a bit.


131: From the previous, climb to the top of the stairs. Head NE around the right side of a building and keep going NE. You’ll find this Miman on a rooftop roughly in the center of Akihabara.


132: From here, jump off to the NW, and then head to the nearby north dead-end. On the ground floor of Akihabara, to the north.


133: Far NE of Akihabara Leyline, past the eastern Abscess, by a tree.


134: From Akihabara Electric Town Leyline, climb up the rubble to the SW and follow the path to find this Miman on the rooftops.


135: Behind the Ose NPC in the Akihabara area, on a dune a little bit lower than him. It’s easier to get to if you start from the Mansei Bridge Leyline.


136: NW of the Mansei Bridge Leyline, past the climbing blocks on the ground floor, near some vending machines under the bridge.


137: From Akihabara Electric Town Leyline, follow the path to the NE, drop off to the ground floor, climb up the blocks (to ones more to the south, not the far north), and you’ll find this Miman on the rooftops.


138: On the roof west of Akihabara Electric Town Leyline, near the Kumbhanda statue. You use the far North Climbing Blocks to get up here.


139: From Akihabara Electric Town Leyline, go to the SW but don’t climb up the rubble, turn the left corner instead.


140: Underneath the broken bridge S of Kanda-no-yashiro Town Leyline.


141: Behind Okuninushi, past the Kanda-no-yashiro Leyline.


142: After defeating Surt near Awajicho Leyline, move north down the path, this Miman is to the right at the end.


143: From the previous Miman, go to the SW, in between the climbing blocks.


144: From the previous Miman, just after the climbing blocks.


145: SE of Tokyo Station Leyline, near the red/black thing.


146: SW of Tokyo Station Leyline, past the angel NPCs.


147: From where the final Abscess was in Chiyoda, look off the cliff to the north. Near the northernmost point on the map, overlooking the highway.


148: W of Otemachi Leyline.


149: From Ochanomizu Leyline, go east and far south, in a ruined structure, on the east side of the structure.


150: Past Ishtar, in the far corner (you don’t have to kill her to get to him).

Shin Megami Tensei V - Shinjuku Region Miman Location

Note: Shinjuku is only visited in Canon of Vengeance. If you are on Canon of Creation, you visit Chiyoda instead.
101: SW of Shinjuku Gyoen leyline in the U shape of the map


102: In the far west of the Shinjuku Gyoen area, go up the cliff with Valkyries, then fall down to the Miman.


103: In the NW of the Shinjuku Gyoen area, past some Lamias, near water edge


104: A bit past the previous one to the NE, on a hill. This is in the far NW of the Shinjuku Gyoen area.


105: SW of the Shinjuku Gyoen area, once you get access to it, loop around to a Magatsuhi rail. The Miman is nearby.


106: East of the previous. This Miman is on a ledge on the southern cliff overlooking where Miman #101 was.


107: In the southern Sendagaya region, south of the broken highway, tucked in a corner.


108: In the southern Sendagaya region, NW of the borken highway and train tracks, in a dead end.


109: In the western part of the Sendagaya region, on a broken building with a rail. You can jump up here using rubble and vending machines.


110: NW of the previous, in a little underground road area.


111: S of Jingu Naien Leyline, behind a rock.


112: In the Yoyogi Area, on a rooftop near the Leyline with a Rail.


113: In the Yoyogi Area, in a southern dead end


114: In the Yoyogi Area, in a south-western dead end


115: Hiding between skyscraperd in the middle/NE part of the Yoyogi area.


116: In the NNW part of the Yoyogi area, climb up a slanted building to reach this Miman, near some treasures.


117: NE of the Shinjuku Gyoen leyline, in the Yotsuya area once you have access to it, in a southern dead end


118: In the Yotsuya area on the far east side of the map


119: In the Yotsuya area, right next to a climb block


120: North of that climb block, on a rock right in the middle of the path


121: NE of Shinjuku 1st Block leyline, on the cliff.


122: In the cliff area NW of Shinjuku 1st Block leyline, near the Halphas statue


123: SW of Shinjuku 1st Block leyline, in a dead end


124: West of Shinjuku 1st Block leyline, on a small bridge in the middle of the path


125: Near the entrance to the Shinjuku 3rd Block area, in a dead end.


126: In the derelict mall/store near Shinjuku 3rd Block leyline


127: In a building on the south side of Shinjuku 3rd Block, near the road


128: In a parking garage in the Shinjuku 3rd Block area, but you need to use a Magatsuhi rail to reach the Miman


129: A little bit west of Shinjuku 3rd Block, in a dead end


130: South of the previous, in a broken building on the side of the road.


131: Basically at the corner in the center of the Shinjuku 3rd Block area. Far east of Kabukicho leyline.


132: At the entrance to the Kabukicho area, on a building frame with some climb blocks


133: A little bit NW of the previous, on the west side of the Kabukicho area. You have to make a counter-clockwise loop around a building to reach it.


134: In the arena/theater? building in Kabukicho, climb up stairs then climbing blocks, and this Miman is on the NE side of the building.


135: On top of buildings in the South-center section of Kabukicho. You can jump here from nearby to the west, slightly.


136: In the far SE side of Kabukicho, use a Rail to get on top of buildings, then jump south


137: In the corner of a broken building in NW Kabukicho, on the ground level (no platforming!).


138: From the previous, jump to the top of the building and use the southern Rail to move west to the top of another building. Miman is on the SE corner.


139: From the previous, check in between the buildings to the west.


140: To the far north of Kabukicho, in a dead end.


141: This one might be the trickiest in the section. In the center of Kabukicho there's a Obariyon NPC. Just SE of him is a building you can enter. From here, you can jump up a broken building and make some jumps. You ultimately jump to the NE part of the building, and then make your way over to the building to the East.
141B: This is one of the jumps you have to make. You can do it.


142: In West Shinjuku (accessed after several events involving Khonsu, Mastema, etc), north of the West Shinjuku 1st block leyline, on a cliff


143: On the eastern side of West Shinjuku, SW of the previous, in a dead end.


144: West and slightly north of West Shinjuku 1st block leyline, in a dead end.


145: SW of the previous, in the southern part of West Shinjuku, near the path leading back to the Yoyogi area.


146: NW of the previous, in a broken building. This is basically the southern-most part of West Shinjuku.


147: Follow the path south of West Shinjuku 2nd Block leyline and turn west. In the corner of outside the nearby building.


148: West of West Shinjuku 2nd Block leyline, in the north part of the section, in a broken building.


149: In the NW part of West Shinjuku, near Magatsuhi rails.


150: South of the Government Building 1 Leyline, may only be available upon revisit (and achieveing the second Nahobino form).


Shin Megami Tensei V - Taito Region Miman Location

Taito works a little bit differently than the rest of the regions in Shin Megami Tensei V, as you start in the center and can explore in any direction, rather than along a dictated path. So, while the Miman in this section will be relatively grouped together by location, you might find them in a very different order, depending on how you approach the region.

151: Right next to Ueno Leyline, on the roof.


152: From Ueno Leyline, move south and slightly west, around the west side of the buildings. You’ll be able to head into a hole in the buildings (south of Ueno Leyline). Enter the hole, go straight, and you’ll find this Miman.


153: From Ueno Leyline, head slightly west and south down the road until you see the more open area on the right (west) side of the road. Head north just a bit from here and head west between the buildings. You’ll find a tilted building here. The Miman is on this. This is west of the center of the big circle on the right side of the in-game map if you’ve explored there yet.


154: North of Ueno Leyline, near some Hecatoncheires on a broken road near a fence.


155: From Ueno Leyline head north and slightly east. From where you see the petrified Eligor, turn right (east). The Miman is at the bend in this road turning south.


156: From the petrified Eligor, go SW into a cave entrance. This Miman is tucked away at the very end of this narrow cave N of Ueno Leyline.


157: From Umayabashi Leyline, head North, behind a red vending machine on the path.


158: Near the Dominion Quest Giver far south of Ueno Leyline, NW of Asakusa Main Street Leyline.


159: From Ueno Park Leyline, head straight south through the narrow path, he’s right in front of you.


160: In Shinobazu Pond (NW area of the Taito map), far to the west of the Forneus statue.


161: In the furthest NW part of the map, NW of Shinobazu Pond on the ledge near vending machines.


162: Just west of Asakusa Leyline (SE side of Taito map).


163: From Asakusa Leyline (SE side of Taito map), head west and keep going west, drop down two levels, this Miman is on the east side of the center circle.


164: In the NW side of the Asakusa area, on the second level, on a block.


165: On the bottom floor of the circular Asakusa area, near a rock on the NE side.


166: Far to the NE of the circular Asakusa area, near the climbing block.


167: In the circular Asakusa area, you basically need to do a complete clockwise loop to get to the other side of the wall on the SW side.


168: Far SW section of Asakusa, near the Cironnup NPC, in the SW corner. 


169: From the nearby Cironnup NPC in the Asakusa area, head SE a bit, then drop down to the north.


170: In the circular Asakusa area, do a full loop so that you end up in the SW of the circle, fall down, follow the path south all the way, near the petrified Flauros.


171: To the far west of the circular Asakusa area, looking at the street to the west.


172: In the block maze (south part of Taito), ground level, just to the SW of Asakusa Main Street Leyline.


173: In the block maze, in the SW section near a chest. This one is relatively easy to get to if you start at the Komagata Leyline at the top, jump off to the NW, and just keep heading W/SW. For reference, this Miman is almost directly east of Umayabashi Leyline on your in-game map.


174: Start at Komagata Leyline and go NE, you’ll see this Miman below you as you stand on the crooked-blocks path. It’s east of the petrified Ose.


175: Start at Komagata Leyline and jump off to the NW. Then, head west and slightly south until you go up some stairs. Look right. Jump to the block below you, then jump to the Miman.


176: Warp to Komogata leyline, cross the curved/crooked blocks, turn right and go straight south, fall off the edge, he’s behind you.


177: NW of Umayabashi Leyline, climb up the block and jump to the roof to the SE.


178: Further west of the previous Miman, down the narrow path.


179: Far center west of the map, near the edge, in the snow. When looking at the map, it is almost straight west from the Ueno Leyline. Slightly south.


180: Far west past Shinobazu pond Leyline, past the Abscess, near a climbing block.


181: On the north-south road south of the Pond, on the ground floor, behind a building on the east side of the road. The buildings are close to an intersection in the roads.


182: West of Shinobazo Pond Leyline, fall down.


183: Further west of Shinobazo Pond Leyline, on a roof to the south.


184: North of Shinobazu Pond Leyline, in the landmass at the center, NW of the Sarasvati NPC.


185: In Shinobazu Pond Leyline, go to Sarasvati in the middle and move past her towards the east, then go north past the climbing block.


186: From the previous, climb up the blocks and go south.


187: From Umayabashi Leyline, move east through the buildings.


188: From Umayabashi Leyline, move north (and slightly east) through the buildings.


189: From Umayabashi Leyline head north until you meet the Thrones, then take a right, then a left at the next set of Thrones, into a building, north through a narrow path, and this Miman will be on a roof in front of you.


190: This is hard to explain, so follow directions carefully. From Ueno Leyline, head NW and then down the road to the west, where the Hecatoncheires are. Keep going down this street until you can turn left (south), and you should see a bullet train. Head NE up the train tracks until you can turn left (W, almost a u-turn). You’ll run into buildings you can enter. The Miman is here, at the North side of the buildings.


191: From the previous, head SE across the train tracks and drop down, then turn around. You can go underneath the train tracks. Follow the path to the NE to a Miman.


192: Go back to where you entered underneath the train tracks a second ago and head SE to the next road. This Miman is under the road, look NE.


193: On a rock mountainous thing bordering the big SW/NW higher west of Ueno Leyline. Where you made the ‘u-turn’, on a big rock.


194: Continue up NE on those train tracks, on the east side of the road/bridge. West of Uelo Leyline, in the center.


195: Head north from Ueno Park Leyline (take a right before Zeus). On a rooftop just past the cliff.


196: Very north part of the Taito map, near a chest. In the section NE of Abaddon.


197: On a building in the very far center west of the map.


198: East and a bit south of Ueno Park Leyline, at the border of the map, near a vending machine. It’s NE of the Kaya-no-Hime NPC.


199: From where you fight Garuda (east of level 99 Abscess), go NW onto the building


200: From where you fight Garuda, you can jump off to the buildings to the east, this Miman is hiding in a building on a lower level.