Shin Megami Tensei V Mitama locations, weaknesses, where to find them to earn Grimoires, Gospels, Glory, and more

Every JRPG series seems to have that rare enemy that is elusive and hard to defeat, but drops oodles of EXP or money if you can beat them before they run away. Metal Slimes, Shiny Poms, Wealth Hands, and the like. Shin Megami Tensei V has Mitamas, souls that look something like a magatama. In Shinto belief, the 4 types of Mitama supposedly represent the four aspects of the human soul.

In SMT 5, however, they act as rare enemies, each with a different type of valuable drop if you are able to defeat them. Here we outline the different types of Mitamas that can be found in SMT V, what they drop, where you can find them, and how to beat Mitama when you bump into them. You can hit the link to get to a specific section, or just scroll and enjoy the scenery:

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Shin Megami Tensei V - Types of Mitama and what they drop

There are four different types of Mitama found in Shin Megami Tensei V. They can never be recruited nor fused. Mitamas may show up randomly in any common battle, and they are more likely to be found in ambushes when you examine a quest navigator icon. In battle, much like most 'valuable' RPG enemies like them, they will often try to flee as quickly as possible, though they will sometimes stick around for a turn to cast Debilitate.

Here are the four types of Mitama:

  • Ara Mitama: These are the Red Mitamas and the most commonly found. They drop Grimoires items, which raise a demon's level by one, up to a maximum of the current level of the Nahobino.
  • Saki Mitmama: These are the Yellow Mitamas which drops items that can be sold for money.
  • Nigi Mitama: These are the Blue Mitamas, which drop items that raise give the Nahobino more Glory currency.
  • Kushi Mitama: These are the Brownish/Golden Mitamas and the rarest in the game. They drop Gospels, which raise the level of the Nahobino by one.

However, Mitamas are not only just found randomly in standard encounters. There are a handful of Mitamas that roam the map and can be encountered just like any other demon in the game. They will flee on sight though, before you can even encounter them, so be ready to chase them down and hit them with your arm-sword thing before they self-vaporize from the field.

What is the Mitama Weakness in Shin Megami Tensei V?

If you do manage to get into a battle with a Mitama, you will soon realize that they will block all types of attacks except one. The fact is, Mitama weaknesses and resistances will always change from battle to battle. Early on in the game, it is best to use a Spyglass item to see which element they are weak to, and then focus your attacks using that element. You can buy Spyglasses from Gustave's shop. Otherwise, you'll just have to guess which element can hurt them and then try to exploit that weakness before they can flee.

Later in the game, you'll start gaining either Almighty-element skills, or skills that have an inherent Pierce effect, like Hell Thrust. These sorts of skills can be the best ways to kill Mitamas, as they will be unaffected by any resistances and you'll be able to deal damage consistently.

Do Mitama Respawn?

Now it's important to know, Mitamas on the field do not respawn readily. So no, you won't be able to find a Kushi Mitama and exploit it to get the Nahobino up to Level 99 that easily. In our playthroughs of Shin Megami Tensei V, it seems like Mitamas do eventually respawn, but very seldomly, and only after many hours of gameplay.

Finally, I have to mention. If you are the type to take every advantage you can, no matter what it costs in terms of money or dignity, you can always purchase the 'Mitama' DLCs, which can raise the spawn rate of these Mitama. You'll be given a toggle in your menu, which you can switch on or off to change the rate at which the Mitama will populate the field. It's up to you.

Below is a list of Mitama found in Shin Megami Tensei V, separated by region. 

Shin Megami Tensei V - Minato Region Mitama Locations

Ara Mitama (Red) - Anahita area
Saki Mitama (Yellow) - Near Mita Leyline
Saki Mitama (Yellow) - SW of Shiba Leyline
Nigi Mitama (Blue) - Rooftop near Koumokuten
Kushi Mitama (Brown) - In the ruined Shiba area, on a roof

Odaiba Leyline Area

The following four Mitamas are found in the separated Odaiba Leyline area of Minato, only accessible after accepting a late-game quest 'The Egyptian's Fate' from a Dominion in Taito.

Ara Mitama (Red) - Odaiba area, in the center land just SE of the climbing block
Saki Mitama (Yellow) - In the Odaiba area, the first one you’ll encounter partway down the first road. In a side room thing
Nigi Mitama (Blue) - Odaiba area, about ¾ down the road, on the top
Kushi Mitama (Brown) - Odaiba area, on the top of the road, you’ll see it from the Leyline

Shin Megami Tensei V - Shinagawa Region Mitama Locations

Ara Mitama (Red) - Roof NW of the parking garage in Konan 2nd Block
Ara Mitama (Red) - West of Fairy Village
Ara Mitama (Red) - Just south of Konan 2nd Block Leyline
Ara Mitama (Red) - On the switchback-like hill south of Konan 2nd Block Leyline
Ara Mitama (Red) - Another one near Konan 2nd Block Leyline
Ara Mitama (Red) - East of Mitatebashi Leyline, under the bridge straight in front of you
Saki Mitama (Yellow) - West of three climbing blocks in the SE part of the map
Saki Mitama (Yellow) - North center of the map, under a bridge
Nigi Mitama (Blue) - West of Zouchouten
Nigi Mitama (Blue) - On the traintracks past the Container Yard area
Kushi Mitama (Brown) - In a building west of Tennozu Isle Leyline

Shin Megami Tensei V - Chiyoda Region Mitama Locations

Ara Mitama (Red) - North of the NW-most climbing block on the map
Ara Mitama (Red) - NW of Sukiyabashi Leyline, under a bridge
Ara Mitama (Red) - Just SW of Kanda-no-yashiro Leyline
Ara Mitama (Red) - On the railroad-bridge that goes over Fairy Village area.
Saki Mitama (Yellow) - Just SE of Mansei Bridge Leyline
Saki Mitama (Yellow) - From Akihabara Leyline, go SW, go up on the bridge and to the end of the bridge, look down.
Kushi Mitama (Brown) - Straight north of Akihabara electric town Leyline, on the roof

Shin Megami Tensei V - Minato Region Mitama Locations

Ara Mitama (Red) - Isolated area SE of the pond
Saki Mitama (Yellow) - Western loop area, west of climbing blocks, on a cliff.
Nigi Mitama (Blue) - Bottom of Asakusa on the second level
Kushi Mitama (Brown) - SE of Ueno Park Leyline. You have to loop south, east, and north from the Leyline to get to it