Shin Megami Tensei V Quest guide | All Quests, how to complete them, & rewards

Shin Megami Tensei V changes things up a bit from previous entries, taking in some trappings from open-world titles. Of course, that means that quests return to the series, and completing quests will offer various rewards for the player, including Talismans that unlock Magatsuhi skills, new demon fusions, consumable items, and more. 

There are four major regions in SMT 5 - Minato, Shinagawa, Chiyoda, and Taito. Minato is the first region you'll find yourself in, even though you won't know it is called that until a little later in the game. We'll go ahead and separate quests by region. Some quests will take you back to previous regions, and we'll mark this down when it is the case.

On this page, we list every single quest in SMT 5, plus offer you simple instructions on how to complete each and every one of them - plus what you can expect to get as a reward for completing each. It's comprehensive - all you'll need for clearing every quest handily. Pait this with some of our other SMT 5 guides on things like how to get the best ending, plus locations for Talismans for Magatsuhi Skills, Mitama locations and weaknesses, Miman locations, and Petrified demon locations.


Shin Megami Tensei V - Minato Region Quests

A Preta Predicament

  • Location: Follow the west road near the very beginning of the game, past Tamachi Leyline.
  • Strategy: You need to find Pretas that went out in search of food. You'll find one near Mita Leyline, who will point you in the direction of the next one, after the Abscess boss. It is marked on your map, Once you get here, the Preta will give you a key item. Return to the quest giver, and you'll have to fight six Pretas.
  • Reward: Haunt Talisman

The Spirit of Love [mutually exclusive with The Water Nymph]

Mutually Exclusive Quests Note: Each of the game's main four regions has a pair of mutually exclusive quests. These quests generally follow the same format in each region, with two separate quest-giving NPCs wanting you to take out the other one. The rewards for the quests are usually similar, for example, the opposite quest in this case is 'The Water Nymph', which awards Stamina Incense x2 instead of Health Incense x2.

It doesn't seem to make much difference which quest you pick to support, and you can't support both.

However, generally speaking, it does seem each pair has one quest that is more Law-aligned and another that is more Chaos-aligned, broadly speaking. In this case, to me, it feels like 'The Spirit of Love' is Law-aligned, while its counterpart quest 'The Water Nymph' is more Chaos-aligned. So, pick which you want.
  • Location: You’ll find Lady Apsaras east of the Shiba Leyline.
  • Strategy: She wants you to find Leanan Sidhe and stop her. Fight Leanan Sidhe and Ippon-Datara.
  • Reward: Health Incense x2, Apsaras joins party
  • Note: You need to have accepted 'A Preta Predicament' to be able to speak with Apsaras.

No Stone Unturned

  • Location: From Neko Shogun near the jumping platforms between Shiba and Hamamatsucho
  • Strategy: He wants 5 Life Stones. You may already have these.
  • Reward: Wargod Talisman

Bully Breaker

  • Location: From Agathion on the way to Tower Tokyo, on the bridge
  • Strategy: Take down three Daemons. These are in a cave near the Hamamatsucho Leyline.
  • Reward: Agathion’s Essence

The Cursed Mermaids

  • Location: From Mermaid under the bridge in the water area west of Hamamatsucho Leyline.
  • Strategy: Visit the Mermaids south of Tokyo Tower. You'll fight a Pazuzu [Level 16, weak to Ice]
  • Reward: Grimoire x3

Pollution Panic

  • Location: From Mandrake as you head up the path to Tokyo Tower in the Hamamatsucho area.
  • Strategy: Defeat 5 Azami
  • Reward: Yoma Talisman

The Water Nymph [mutually exclusive with The Spirit of Love]

  • Location: From Leanan Sidhe up the river in the Hamamatsucho area.
  • Strategy: The opposite of The Spirit of Love, she wants you to stop Apsaras
  • Reward: Stamina Increase x2, Leanan Sidhe joins party

The Ultimate Omelette

  • Location: From Aitvaras on the bridge in Kamiyacho.
  • Strategy: You need to head up the narrow path NW of the Kamiyacho area. You'll probably want to avoid Jatayu [Level 25, weak to Electricity]
  • Reward: Drake Talisman

The Demon of the Spring

  • Location: From the same mermaid who gave you 'The Cursed Mermaids', once you complete that quest
  • Strategy: Later on, once you find Onarimon Leyline, head up the mountain trail, jump south over the gap and fight Anahita near a water source. To cross the gap, you need to jump from the cliff above. [Level 18, weak to Fire and Electricity]. She uses Ice and Light attacks.
  • Reward: Femme Taliman, Anahita available for fusion

To Cure a Curse

  • Location: From Andras near Onarimon Leyline.
  • Strategy: Deliver 5 Bicorn Horns, obtained from Bicorns south of Kamiyacho area.
  • Reward: Fallen Talisman, You can then repeatedly return 5x Bicorn Horns for Spirit Drain Gem x2.

The Gold Dragon’s Arrival

  • Location: From Huang Long, west and up the mountain of Onarimon Leyline.
  • Strategy: Slay the four cardinal gods. Due to their high levels at this point of the game, you won't be able to complete this quest right away.
    • Xuanwu [Level 23, weak to Fire] - In Kamiyacho
    • Baihu [Level 43, weak to Wind] - West of the Nagatacho Leyline
    • Zhuque [Level 43, weak to Ice] - South of Tokyo Tower in the ruined Shiba area
    • Qing Long [Level 45, weak to Electricity] - In the area East of Hamamatsucho Leyline
  • Reward: Dragon Talisman

Talisman Hunt

  • Location: From Shiki-Ouji, SE of Nagatacho Leyline
  • Strategy: Find 3 Shikigami talismans. They’re marked on your map, so it’s easy. Then you fight him [Level 19, weak to Fire and Force, resists Physical]
  • Reward: Brute Talisman

Movin’ on Up

  • Location: From Oni in a cave far west of Nagatacho Leyline
  • Strategy: See if the nearby demons want help. They don’t. Return to Oni, then follow him, then fight him [Level 17, weak to Electricity and Light, resists Phys]
  • Reward: Phys Dampener x1, Raptor Talisman

The Benevolent One

  • Location: From Huang Long after completing 'The Gold Dragon’s Arrival'
  • Strategy: Fight Huang Long [you fight him immediately upon accepting the quest, level 70, weak to Dark, summons level 65 friends]
  • Reward: 80,000 Macca, Huang Long available for fusion
  • Note: As you can see by his level, you won't be able to complete this quest until near the end of the game.

Shin Megami Tensei V - Shinagawa Region Quests

Chakra Drop Chomp

  • Location: From Kodama right next to Tennozu Leyline
  • Strategy: He just wants two Chakra Drops.
  • Reward: Jirae Talisman. After the quest, you can continually trade 2x Chakra Drops for a Purge Charm (a Dekaja item).

Those Seeking Sanctuary [mutually exclusive with Holding the Line]

  • Location: From Lilims in a cave west of Shinagawa Pier Leyline.
  • Strategy: Defeat Principality east of Shinagawa Pier Leyline [Level 28, weak to Dark]
  • Reward: Dark Sutra, Lilim joins the party
  • Note: This quest seems like it may be Chaos-aligned.

Holding the Line [mutually exclusive with Those Seeking Sanctuary]

  • Location: From Principality near shipping containers east of Shinagawa Pier Leyline
  • Strategy: Defeat Lilims [Level 32(?), weak to Ice]
  • Reward: Light Sutra, Principality joins party
  • Note: This quest seems like it may be Law-aligned.

Magic from the East

  • Location: From Baphomet in north building neat Container Yard Leyline.
  • Strategy: Defeat 5 Inugamis
  • Reward: Vile Talisman. Can trade 5x Inugami Heads for 4x Mirage Gems continually afterward.

A Wish for a Fish

  • Location: From Nekomata in Container Yard, after beating Loup-garou boss.
  • Strategy: You need to head to a warehouse with a King Frost in it. It’s marked on your map. You fight King Frost. [Level 28, weak to Fire and Dark]
  • Reward: Beast Talisman, King Frost available for fusion
  • Note: You will still get the fish even if you spare King Frost.

Can I Keep Them?

  • Location: From a Lilim hiding behind the Girimehkala in Konan 3rd Block Leyline area.
  • Strategy: Fight ten Mothman
  • Reward: Lilim’s Essence

Iced Out

  • Location: From Jack Frost next to Mitatebashi Leyline
  • Strategy: Give him 3 Ice Gems
  • Reward: Muscle Drink. Can repeat.

Kumbhanda’s Bottle

  • Location: From Succubus next to Konan 2nd Block Leyline
  • Strategy: Defeat the Kumbhanda in the nearby parking garage east of the quest-giver. [Level 34, weak to Electricity]
  • Reward: Night Talisman

Birds of a Feather

  • Location: This quest is accessed a bit differently than most. Talk to Cait Sith in Fairy Village, then the quest giver Koppa Tengu will appear near the Tennozu area (marked on your map).
  • Strategy: Meet Thunderbird on the containers, marked on your map. [Level 35, weak to Force]
  • Reward: Feng Huang’s Essence

The One I Love

  • Location: From an Incubus NW of South Shinagawa Leyline
  • Strategy: Talk to Silky in Fairy Village, then return. If you give Incubus 5000 Macca, you get a Magic Incense.
  • Reward: Grimoire x3

The Root of the Problem

  • Location: From Silky in Fairy Village after completing the ‘A Golden Opportunity' main quest
  • Strategy: Defeat 8 Mandrakes in the forest area north of Fairy Village. Note that the more Mandrakes you kill, the more Narcissus enemies will appear alongside them.
  • Reward: Fairy Talisman

A Goddess Stolen

  • Location: From a Jack Frost along the Fairy Village river after completing the ‘A Golden Opportunity’ main quest
  • Strategy: You need to head along the railroad tracks above the Jack Frost’s head. It’s marked on your map. You'll fight Loki.
  • Reward: Small Glory Crystal x2, unlocks Megami Idun for fusion.

The Tyrant of Tennozu

  • Location: From Demeter in Konan Second Block area after ‘A Golden Opportunity’
  • Strategy: Defeat Belphegor in the Tennozu area [Level 38, weak to Fire and Light]
  • Reward: 15000 Macca, unlocks Belphegor for fusion

Shin Megami Tensei V - Chiyoda Region Quests

Lighting the Way

  • Location: Jack-O’-Lantern near Ginza Leyline
  • Strategy: Give 2 Fire Gems.
  • Reward: Chakra Drop. Repeatable.

Black Frost Strikes Back [mutually exclusive with A Sobering Standoff]

  • Location: From Black Frost near Ginza Leyline
  • Strategy: Defeat Dionysus [Level ??, weak to Ice]
  • Reward: Health Balm x1, Black Frost joins
  • Note: This quest seems Chaos-aligned

A Sobering Standoff [mutually exclusive with Black Frost Strikes Back]

  • Location: From Dionysus near Sukiyabashi Leyline
  • Strategy: Defeat Black Frost [Level 44, weak to Light]
  • Reward: Stamina Balm x1, Dionysus joins
  • Note: This quest seems Law-aligned

The Path to Myojin Forest

  • Location: From Hua Po in West Ginza
  • Strategy: She becomes your tag-along quest navigator for this area until you get to Myojin Forest, later in the zone.
  • Reward: Silky’s Essence

Stones of Malice

  • Location: A Zhen north of Sukiyabashi Leyline
  • Strategy: Give 2 Poison Gems
  • Reward: Dispel Charm. Repeatable

One Mokoi’s Trash...

  • Location: From Mokoi after taking out the third Abscess in Chiyoda
  • Strategy: Find Vintage Guitar in Kanda, Large Plastic Modeling Kit in Akihabara, TV with a built-in game system, also Akihabara. They are marked on your map.
  • Reward: Kaiwan's Essence

The Falcon’s Head

  • Location: This quest seems to appear partway through the Chiyoda region, roughly after talking to Fionn Mac Cumhaill past Nihonbashi Leyline. To activate it, return to Fairy Village and talk to Isis.
  • Strategy: Kill Horus above Sotokanda/Akihabara. To get to his perch, go to Akihabara Electric Town Leyline, climb up the climbing points to the NE, then head east. If you wait, you can see where the big arrow on the minimap perches for a moment [Level 46, weak to dark and wind]
  • Reward: Lady Talisman

An Unusual Forecast

  • Location: Kelpie near Mansei Bridge Leyline
  • Strategy: Kill Girimehkala, found SW of Konan 3rd Block Leyline [Level 46, immune to physical, weak to Light and Wind]
  • Reward: Soma
  • Note: If you already killed Girimehkala before accepting the quest, you'll have to return to where he was to pick up his head.

He of a Hundred Hands

  • Location: Valkyrie near Akihabara Electric Town Leyline
  • Strategy: Defeat Hecatoncheires, right under the first Akihabara Leyline. [Level 47, weak to Wind]
  • Reward: 18000 Macca

A Power Beyond Control

  • Location: From Angel near Awajicho Leyline after defeating Surt
  • Strategy: You can finally go to that area east of Shinagawa: Konan 3rd Block Leyline. You fight Amanozako. Talk to her during a full moon. [Level 51, weak to Fire & Ice, she counters physicals]
  • Reward: Small Glory Crystal x4. Amanazako Essence

The Search for Oyamatsumi

  • Location: From Take-Minakata near Kanda-no-yashiro Leyline after defeating Surt.
  • Strategy: Defeat Oyamatsumi near the Shiba Leyline [Level 48, weak to Fire]. It was the very first ‘big’ demon you ran into in Minato.
  • Reward: Balm of Life x1, Oyamatsumi available for fusion

Clash with the Kunitsukami

  • Location: From Okuninushi after ‘The Search for Oyamatsumi’
  • Strategy: Fight all the Kunitsukami at once
  • Reward: Kunitsu Talisman. Okuninushi available for fusion

The Horn of Plenty

  • Location: From Demeter north of Otemachi Leyline, must have completed ‘The Tyrant of Tennozu’
  • Strategy: Defeat Chimera running around Ginza [Level 50, weak to Wind]
  • Reward: Megami Talisman

Roar of Hatred

  • Location: From Demeter north of Otemachi Leyline, must have completed ‘The Horn of Plenty’
  • Strategy: Defeat Moloch near Awajicho. [Level 51, weak to ice, accompanied by 2x Orabas and 1x Flauros]
  • Reward: Phys Dampener x2, Moloch available for fusion
  • Note: I did this quest after defeating Ishtar, may be available earlier.

The Angel of Destruction

  • Location: From Power nearby right after beating Ishtar
  • Strategy: Meet with Camael, near Ochanomizu. You fight him [Level 54, weak to Ice]
  • Reward: Light Sutra x1. Camael unlocked for fusion.

Glitter in Ginza

  • Location: From Queen Medb in Ginza after beating Ishtar
  • Strategy: Collect 2 Diamonds, 3 Garnets, 3 Aquamarines. Use Decabaria to find(?).
  • Reward: Grimoire x3. Afterwards, you can trade:
    • Diamond x2 for Vitality Incense
    • Garnet x3 for Agility Incense
    • Aquamarine x3 for Luck Incense
  • Note: You find the gems through the quest navigator icons. I was lucky enough to have what I needed before the quest. 

Shin Megami Tensei V - Taito Region Quests

A Princess in a Pickle

  • Location: From Kaya-no-Hime north of Ueno Leyline
  • Strategy: Give two Beads
  • Reward: Chakra Pot, can be repeated

The Egyptians’ Fate

  • Location: From Dominion far straight South of Ueno Leyline
  • Strategy: Investigate Khonsu over in a new area in Minato. (The Odaiba Leyline is now available). You fight him once you get to him [Level 64, weak to ice].
  • Reward: Small Glory Crystal x5, unlock Khonsu for fusion.
  • Note: We highly suggest NOT killing Khonsu when given the choice after the battle, as you'll end the questline early. The questline is also required for the game's hidden ending.

On Bended Knees

  • Location: From Yatagarasu NW of Ueno Leyline
  • Strategy: GIve three Ambrosia
  • Reward: Yatagarasu’s Essence. Yatagarasu can be your navigator.

In Defense of Tokyo [mutually exclusive with The Raid on Tokyo]

  • Location: From Futsunushi in area S of Ueno Park Leyline (where Sui-ki appear)
  • Strategy: Help Futsunushi protect Tokyo by eliminating Adramelech [Level 71, weak to Ice]
  • Reward: Strength Balm x2
  • Note: This quest seems Law-aligned

The Raid on Tokyo [mutually exclusive with In Defense of Tokyo]

  • Location: From Adramelech in SW section, west of the big block puzzle area. Near Umayabashi Leyline.
  • Strategy: Help Adramelech take over Tokyo by eliminating Futsunushi [Level 69, weak to  Dark]
  • Reward: Stamina Balm x2
  • Note: This quest seems Chaos-aligned

Abaddon’s Assault

  • Location: From Kurama Tengu in far NW section of Ueno. In the Shinobazo Pond area.
  • Strategy: Fight Abaddon north of Ueno Park [Level 61, weak to Electricity]
  • Reward: Grimoire x3

The Bull God’s Lineage

  • Location: From Demeter in Taito, on the far West (slightly south) side, must have completed ‘Roar of Hatred’
  • Strategy: Defeat Baal in Tennozu [Level 69, weak to Ice]
  • Reward: Gospel x1, Baal available for fusion

The Winged Sun

  • Location: Talk to Amon hanging out in Ueno after beating Khonsu in ‘The Egyptian’s Fate’ (can still take the quest no matter if you killed/spared Khonsu, but you’ll be locked out of the next one if he's dead)
  • Strategy: Beat Mithras [71, weak to Ice] and Asura [Level 71, weak to Ice] near Tokyo Station. Then you return to Amon and return the crest to him (nothing happens if you choose to keep the crest). Any choice leads to a battle. [Level 73, weak to Ice, resists physical/light, absorbs fire]
  • Reward: Tyrant Talisman, Mitras/Asura/Amon all available for fusion
  • Note: If you spared Khonsu in 'The Egyptian’s Fate', he should make an appearance after defeating Amon.

An Incentive for Incense

  • Location: From Loa on the Eastern side of Taito, in the Asakusa circular area
  • Strategy: Trade him 2x Balm of Life
  • Reward: Bead Chain. Can repeat.

The Sleeping Sands

  • Location: Sandman quest NPC in the block puzzle area in the south part of Taito
  • Strategy: Give him 2 Sleep Gems
  • Reward: Amrita Shower. Can repeat

Fionn’s Resolve

  • Location: From Fionn mac Cumhaill east of the center Abscess (the level 99 abscess) in Taito. You need to have completed Fairy Village quests (like ‘Root of the Problem’ and ‘An Unusual Forecast’).
  • Strategy: Fight Fionn (you fight immediately after accepting, Level 66, weak to Electricity)
  • Reward: Battle Sutra. Fionn joins your party and unlocks for fusion

A Need for Nectar

  • Location: From Sarasvati in the center of Shinobazo Pond
  • Strategy: Give 2x Amrita Shower
  • Reward: Balm of Life. Repeatable

Downtown Rock ‘n Roll

  • Location: From Ippon-Datara on roof west of train tracks west of Ueno
  • Strategy: Get 10x Dragon Scales by killing ten Fafnirs or Yamata-no-Orochis
  • Reward: 3x Critical Gems, Fafnir’s Essence

The Ancient Guardian

Note: This quest is in Chiyoda, but seems to unlock after reaching Taito, so we've placed it here in the guide.

After completing this quest, you will unlock four more quests, one for each of the Four Heavenly Kings (Bishamonten/Koumokuten/Zouchouten/Jikokuten), which we will also place in this section of the guide. If you've already beaten these enemies as normal encounters in their locations, you'll still need to fight them again, and they have been strengthened to level 65 for the quests.

One last note, technically you don't have to complete (have turned in) the 'The Ancient Guardian' to unlock the four Keeper quests, you just need the sword from Arahabaki.
  • Location: From Okuninushi in Kanda-no-Yashiro. Not sure what event specifically triggers its availability, might be as soon as you enter Taito.
  • Strategy: Defeat Arahabaki in Fairy Village [Level 62, weak to Fire/Ice/Electricity/Force, blocks Physical]
  • Reward: Lord’s Sword key item
  • Note: This key item allows you to fight the 4 Heavenly Kings (Bishamonten/Koumokuten/Zouchouten/Jikokuten), one in each of the four main zones

Keeper of the North

  • Location: From Bishamonten near Ueno Park after completing ‘The Ancient Guardian’
  • Strategy: You fight him [Level 65, weak to Ice]
  • Reward: Large Glory Crystal, Bishamonten Essence

Keeper of the West

  • Location: From Koumokuten in Komiyacho after completing ‘The Ancient Guardian’
  • Strategy: You fight him [level 65, weak to Electric]
  • Reward: Large Glory Crystal, Koumokuten Essence

Keeper of the South

  • Location: From Zouchouten south of North Shinagawa Leyline after completing ‘The Ancient Guardian’
  • Strategy: You fight him [level 65, weak to Force]
  • Reward: Large Glory Crystal, Zouchouten Essence

Keeper of the East

  • Location: From Jikokuten in Akihabara after completing ‘The Ancient Guardian’
  • Strategy: You fight him [level 65, weak to Fire]
  • Reward: Large Glory Crystal, Jikokuten Essence

The Succession of Ra

Note: This quest is in the Odaiba area of Minato, but considering it requires several Taito area quests as pre-requisites, we've included it in this section.
  • Location: Speak to Isis in the Odaiba area [Must have finished ‘The Falcon’s Head’, ‘The Egyptians’ Fate’ without killing Khonsu, and ‘The Winged Sun’. You also seem to have to exhaust some of Miyazu’s dialogue in the Fairy Village if you haven't]
  • Strategy: Go to the Fairy Village and fight Khonsu Ra [Level 82, weak to Ice]
  • Reward: Large Glory Crystal x2, Ra unlocked for fusion
  • Note: It seems like the choice made at the end of the quest here doesn't matter much, but we decided to spare Khonsu again.

The Destined Leader

  • Location: From Kurama Tengo to the south of Umayabashi Leyline after getting the three keys in the main quest [must have completed ‘A Power Beyond Control’]
  • Strategy: Meet with Kurama Tengu at Tokyo Tower. Find Amanozako at Nagatacho and return. You fight Zaou-Gongen [Level 75, weak to Electricity]
  • Reward: Destruction Sutra, Fury Talisman, Zhao-Gongen unlocked for fusion, Amanozako joins/unlocked

The Holy Ring

  • Location: From Melchizedek to the south after getting the three keys
  • Strategy: Defeat the three seraphim angels (Level 74 - Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael).
  • Reward: Herald Talisman

A Universe in Peril [Superboss quest]

  • Location: Take the warp near where Vasuki was and you’ll meet Shiva. You seem to be able to take the warp around level 80.
  • Strategy: Fight him [Level 96, weak to ice, absorbs fire and lighting and resists physical, summons level 92 allies].
  • Reward: 3x Gospel. Shiva unlocked for fusion
  • Note: Shiva is the hardest boss in the game (including the final boss), acting as the 'superboss' for Shin Megami Tensei V.

Shin Megami Tensei V - End-Game Empyrean Quests

Note: The Empyrean is the last location in SMT V, accessible only after having made your final alignment choice. There are still a few quests to access here, but some are route-specific quests. So, we'll note which quests are available on which routes.

There are three routes that lead to three different possible Empyreans. We'll label these routes by the key NPC attached to them. Spoiler warning.
-Abdiel/Ichiro Route
-Koshimizu/Yuzuru Route

One final note. The way in which Shin Megami Tensei V's endings are handled is a little bit different than previous SMT games. No matter which choices you made throughout the game, you can pick any of these three routes. However, if you pick a route that doesn't actually quite align with the choices you made throughout the game, you may be penalized slightly.

For example, the 'The Red Dragon’s Invitation' and 'The Seraph’s Return' quest below may charge you 666,000 Macca to accept if you pick a route that doesn't align with your choices, because the NPC quest giver does not trust you. If you *are* on the route the fits your choices, then they will not charge you Macca to accept the quest.

For more details on the ending choices, check out our Ending Guide. Again, spoiler warning.

A Plot Revealed [available on all Ending Routes]

  • Location: Speak with Demeter in Empyrean [have to have completed ‘The Bull God’s Lineage’]
  • Strategy: Defeat Zeus (level 86, Weak to wind, you can accept without going to the fight right after]
  • Reward: Demeter joins/unlocked, Zeus unlocked for fusion.

The Red Dragon’s Invitation [Koshimizu/Yuzuru route only]

  • Location: From Belial in the Demon’s King Castle [Must have completed ‘The Holy Ring’, talk to an NPC Nebiros in Empyrean]
  • Strategy: Fight Michael in the Temple of Eternity, just past where Metatron was. [Level 80, weak to Force]
  • Reward: Belial joins party, unlocked for fusion, and you obtain his essence
  • Note: The Nebiros NPC may charge you 666,000 Macca to accept the quest if your choices made throughout the game do not actually align with the Koshimizu/Yuzuru route.

The Seraph’s Return [Abdiel/Ichiro route only]

  • Location: From Michael in the Temple of Eternity [Abdiel route only, must have completed ‘The Holy Ring’, talk to an NPC Melchizedek in Empyrean]
  • Strategy: Fight Belial in the Demon’s King Castle. [Level 80, weak to Ice]
  • Reward: Michael joins party, unlocked for fusion, and you obtain his essence
  • Note: The Melchizedek NPC may charge you 666,000 Macca to accept the quest if your choices made throughout the game do not actually align with the Abdiel/Ichiro route.

The Wrathful Queen [Koshimizu/Yuzuru route only]

  • Location: Speak with Maria in Empreayen if you have the Seed of Life key item [Sophia will give this to you at 75% Compendium completion]
  • Strategy: Fight Inanna [Level 81, weak to Physical and Dark]
  • Reward: 150,000 Macca. Inanna unlocked.

The Compassionate Queen [Abdiel/Ichiro route only]

  • Location: Speak with Maria in Empreayen if you have the Seed of Life key item [Sophia will give this to you at 75% Compendium completion]
  • Strategy: Fight Maria [Level 81, weak to Electricity]
  • Reward: 150,000 Macca. Maria unlocked.

The Noble Queen [Nuwa/Yakumo route only]

  • Location: Speak with Maria in Empreayen if you have the Seed of Life key item [Sophia will give this to you at 75% Compendium completion]
  • Strategy: Fight Dana [Level 81, weak to Dark]
  • Reward: 150,000 Macca. Danu unlocked.

Shin Megami Tensei V - DLC Quests

Note: The following quests are only available if you purchase paid DLC for Shin Megami Tensei V.

A Goddess In Training

  • Location: Tokyo Diet Building
  • Strategy: After talking to the Bethel researchers at the Tokyo Diet Building, meet with Artemis at Tokyo Tower. She'll want you to look for Quetzalcoatl near the Diet Building, and you fight him [Level 34, weak to Electricity]. Return to Artemis and you be given the option to fight her. [Level 37, weak to Fire]
  • Reward: Artemis joins party/unlocked for fusion. Vitality Balm x5

The Doctor's Last Wish

  • Location: Tokyo Diet Building
  • Strategy: After talking to the Bethel researchers at the Tokyo Diet Building, go to Kamiyacho in Minato. You'll fight Mephisto immediately [Level 79, weak to Light, null Physical]
  • Reward: Health Balm x3. Mephisto won't join or unlock right away, but you can talk to the lead researcher to add/unlock him after the quest.

The Rage of a Queen

  • Location: Tokyo Diet Building
  • Strategy: Head to the Mita Leyline in Minato and head to the bus nearby. You'll fight Cleopatra immediately. [Level 61, weak to Dark]
  • Reward: Cleopatra joins, unlocked for fusion (possibly only if you stop her). Stamina Balm x3

Return of the True Demon

  • Location: Sophia in World of Shadows
  • Strategy: Talk with Sophia at the World of Shadows, and she'll give you the Menorah of Knowledge. You will fight the Fiends one-by-one. Each Fiend can also drop Glory items, Balms, Sutras, and the Fiend will also be unlocked for fusion.
    • Go to Tamachi Leyline to fight Matador [Level 24, weak to Electricity]
    • Go to Tennozu Leyline to fight Daisoujou [Level 30, weak to Fire]
    • Go east of Mitatebashi Leyline to fight Hell Biker [Level 36, weak to Ice]
    • Talk with Sophia, then go NW of Awajicho Leyline to see a scene with the four riders.
    • Go to Ginza to fight White Rider [Level 43, weak to Electricity]
    • Go to Akihabara, turn and work your way to the south to fight Red Rider [Level 47, weak to Ice]
    • Go to Akihabara Electric Town, head up onto the rooftops to fight Black Rider [Level 52, weak to Force]
    • Go South of Tokyo Station to fight Pale Rider [Level 57, weak to Fire]
    • Talk with Sophia.
    • Go SE of Ueno Park to fight Mother Harlot [Level 64, weak to Force, repels Phys]
    • Go north and then west of Umayabashi to fight Trumpeter [Level 73, no weaknesses, resists all elements, nulls Light/Dark]
    • Talk with Sophia and she will unlock the way to the Hall of Chaos. [Level 99, resists all, accompanied by many demons]. He is very hard even with level 99 demons.
  • Reward: 666,666 Macca, Demi-fiend Essence.