Genshin Impact - Every reward from the "Let the Arataki Gang Show Begin!" web event

Genshin Impact’s next five-star character to join its steadily-growing roster is Arataki Itto, and MiHoYo is celebrating his upcoming banner with a new web event. “Let the Arataki Gang Show Begin!” is yet another easy way to score Primogems, Mora, and other resources for Genshin Impact without spending any of your own cash. As long as you have a few minutes to spend on it just one day, this web event will quickly wrap up with little effort. 

The event is happening now, from December 9, but you only have until December 13 to finish. You’ll need to be Adventure Rank 10 or above to pick up the rewards, too. 

Let the Arataki Gang Show Begin truly is nothing but clicking through links on the official site, but if you’re worried about missing anything, these are the highlights to remember:  

  • Complete four tasks.
  • Click “Share this picture to obtain Primogems” after the first three tasks.
  • Share the link with random players or a friend to form a watch party for additional rewards.
  • You can only receive rewards from each task once; there is no reset.
  • Materials go to your in-game mail; if you do everything, you should receive:
    • 20,000 Mora
    • x2 Mystic Enhancement Ore
    • x40 Primogems
    • x3 Prithiva Topaz Fragment

Let the Arataki Gang Show Begin! Web event rewards

If you’ve missed something or are worried you won’t go through the motions just right, here’s everything you’ll need to do for the Genshin Impact web event in brief detail. 


Begin by dragging and dropping boxes for Itto to the right side of the screen, do it just three times, and you’re done. You retrieve rewards by clicking “Share this picture to obtain Primogems” at the end. As a heads up, you don’t have to actually go through with posting rewards to social media. Just queue up the post and then close the window; you’ll still get the items. Alternatively, you can just click the save photo option.

  • x10 Primogems
  • x1 Prithiva Topaz Fragment

Itto’s next task has you lighting up street lights by following the official Genshin Impact Facebook. Once you’ve done that, you can share the picture again for rewards. 

  • x10 Primogems
  • x1 Prithiva Topaz Fragment

Your third task gives you an overview of Itto’s character. It’s just clicking a link to MiHoYo’s blog post laying out all of his abilities, lore explainers, and his trailer. 

  • x20 Primogems
  • x1 Prithiva Topaz Fragment

After completing Act III, you can score more rewards by sharing the event with your friends and random players. In the top right corner, click the icon that looks like a plus sign (it’s the second from the left). You’ll have a ten-minute countdown timer for sharing with random players, or simply click “copy the link to invite your friends” to speed things up with folks you know. The menu should form a watch party of two people either way. Watch the trailer or skip it, then click “claim” for more rewards. 

  • 20,000 Mora
  • x2 Mystic Enhancement Ore

When everything is done, this is what your in-game inbox should look like. Rewards typically deliver in just a few minutes, but on occasion, you'll run into longer delays. The letters expire in 30 days, so make sure you retrieve your loot before the month passes. 

December’s web event is certainly easier than last month’s finicky fish fry, so enjoy it while you can. If you’re still looking to scrap up gems and materials for Itto’s upcoming banner, check out our guide on free Primogem codes and our explainer on how to use your Amazon Prime subscription to score more resources.