Endwalker Studium Crafting Deliveries - how to complete them all

Completing the Studium Crafting Deliveries in Endwalker will be one of Final Fantasy XIV’s easiest sources of EXP and Scrip farming in a short, limited burst. We’ve explained how to unlock all of the quests in Old Sharlayan’s Studium for your gathering and crafting roles, but now it’s time to complete them once your crafters hit level 80. If you’re looking for Studium tips on leveling your crafters, completing quests, making Gil, and how collectable turn-ins work, we’ve got it all explained here.

Each crafter will have a Studium questline they can participate in with Endwalker. This walkthrough covers all three chains, including Faculty of Archaeology (Goldsmith, Armorer, and Blacksmith), Faculty of Astronomy (Weaver, Leatherworker, and Carpenter), and Faculty of Medicine (Culinarian and Alchemist). 


 FFXIV Studium | Tips and Leveling

Before proceeding, try to work out which crafting job you expect to have the most trouble leveling, and make sure you use that class for your EXP rewards when turning items in at the quest NPCs. Typically, Armorer, Leatherworker, and Alchemist are the hardest crafting classes to level due to expensive items or limited uses.

Gathering compliments crafting, it’s worth leveling these alongside each other. Items you’ll see in the recipes here get expensive, even if you only start out spending a few thousand Gil here and there. Level your gatherers while you do this, go to new Endwalker areas, and collect the raw materials you’ll need.

Gather and craft for items to sell to others while you’re completing quests for yourself. Some of these recipes call for new Endwalker items like AR-Caean Velvet, Pewter Ingots, Integral Lumber, etc. These things aren’t hard to get, and people pay a lot for them on the market board. If you need them for making your collectable, then that means other people will be looking for the easy way out on the market board and you can capitalize on that. 

Farm Fates for Bicolor Gemstones. Even if you weren’t doing Fates for Studium crafts, it’s still worth it for Gil. Plenty of these recipes require items you can easily obtain from Gemstone vendors across the world, you can save yourself some Gil and make a little extra by collecting these. 

Always spend your White Scrips before reaching the 2,000 scrip cap. Overcapping is a waste of resources, and there’s a vendor sitting inside the Studium entry. If you’re getting max credit on each quest, you’ll be close to cap after completing around two quests. If there’s nothing else you need from scrips, buy Materia or other resources to sell on the market board.

Only turn in items that hit the highest collectability. These quests are limited, so you can’t repeat them for more White Scrips and EXP rewards. Take your time and make sure you do not finish a craft before it’s hit that max quality rating. It may take longer, but it’s ultimately the best use of your time and resources.

Send out your retainers. The questline ultimately isn’t that long, but you don’t have to be in a rush to finish. If you don’t want to go out yourself, send retainers to grab something for you. Take a long look at the crafting list, decide what you need, and have them go on botany, mining, or battle ventures for the raw materials. 

 How to Craft Collectable Turn-Ins in FFXIV for The Studium

The Studium is just a fancy Custom Delivery quest. If you’ve done those, it’s just like that, and we’ve already seen something like it in Shadowbringers with the Crystarium. If you’ve somehow gotten your crafting classes to level 80 without collectables, you’ll need to unlock the feature by completing Inscrutable Tastes in Foundation (X:10.0, Y:10.4).

If you’re an older player and collectables look a bit different, that’s because they changed back in Shadowbringers. These items in the recipes below are automatically marked as collectable; there’s no longer a need for turning on abilities like Collect.

Best in slot gear from Shadowbringers will carry you through these quests, but if you don’t have that, pay attention to a few basics while maxing your quality and progress. Skills like Reflect, Waste Not II, Innovation, Preparatory Touch, Byregot’s Blessing, and Careful Synthesis are some of your most important. Pay attention to your Inner Quiet stacks while crafting, that’s your best source of quality control and maintains those higher turn-in ratings. You may have to play a little with rotations that work best with your gear, but once you have something down, save it as a macro for easier progress later. 

 Goldsmith, Armorer, and Blacksmith Quests & Recipes


The Faculty of Archaeology will have you chatting with Boric and Professor Rurusha. Out of the three crafters you can use here, we’d recommend using Armorer for experience rewards. They don’t often get as much use as the other two crafting classes, even though some Blacksmith crafts are supplemented by an Armorer option.

Level 80 - The Dormant Dhyat

(6) Set of Gold Plating

  • (6) Dwarven Mythril Ingot
  • (6) Dwarven Mythril Nugget
  • (12) Deepgold Nugget

Level 83 - Gears of Gold

(6) Gold Cog

  • (6) High Durium Ingot
  • (6) Pewter Ingot
  • (12) Stonegold Ingot

Level 85 - Rubbished Research

(6) Gold Motor Component

  • (12) Bismuth Ingot
  • (6) Phrygian Ingot

Level 85 - Boric’s Choice

(1) Gold Core (High Quality)

  • Rurusha will give you the materials needed to make this craft

Level 88 - A Friend in Need

(6) Gold Mechanical Voice Box

  • (1) Chondrite Ingot
  • (1) Star Quartz
  • (2)  Phrygian Ingot

Level 90 - Wayback Machine

(1) Gold Connector (High Quality)

  • Rurusha will give you the materials needed to make this craft

 Weaver, Leatherworker, and Carpenter Quests & Recipes


For the Faculty of Astronomy, you’ll meet with Jude in the Studium. Out of your three options here, Leatherworker is often the class hardest to progress in levels with and we recommend prioritizing it for rewards in the Studium. Raw materials for the class are incredibly expensive, even as other items start to crash in price. You mostly get them from dungeons or Bistone Gems, and those tasks require far more effort than hitting gathering nodes. Carpenter and Weaver EXP resources are in no short supply, and leve quests are easier on both of those roles.

Level 80 - The World without You

(6) Starlens Brace

  • (6) Lignum Vitae Lumber
  • (6) Dwarven Cotton
  • (6) Sea Swallow Leather

Level 83 - Poetry Recital

(6) Aetherial Lens 

  • (6) Palm Lumber
  • (6) Almasty Serge
  • (6) Luncheon Toad Leather

Level 85 - One Step Forward

(6) Aetherial Amplifier

  • (6) Red Pine Lumber
  • (6) Snow Linen
  • (6) Saiga Leather

Level 85 - A Ten-year Promise

(1) Writing Utensils (High Quality)

  • Jude will give you the materials needed to make this craft

Level 88 - An Astronomical Growth

(6) Aetherial Conductor

  • (6) Integral Lumber
  • (6) AR-Caean Velvet
  • (6) Ophiotauros Leather

Level 90 - The Promised Star

(1) Starlens Wand(High Quality)

  • Jude will give you the materials needed to make this craft

 Culinarian and Alchemist Quests & Recipes


The Faculty of Medicine only has two options to complete the quest with, Culinarian and Alchemist. They can both be a bit of a pain to level, but Alchemist tends to be far more expensive while Culinarian has an easier time through fishing resources. When you meet with the faculty NPC, Debryoye, prioritize Alchemist to make leveling easier.

Level 80 - Make It Sweeter

(6) Panaloaf Sweetener

  • (6) Lime Basil
  • (6) Light Gerbera
  • (24) Garden Beet Sugar

Level 83 - Remember the Texture

(6) Panaloaf Yeast

  • (4) Palm Sugar
  • (1) Amra
  • (1) Lunatender Blossom

Level 85 - Aroma is Key

(6) Panaloaf Oil

  • (4) Perilla Oil
  • (4) Grade 5 Mind Alkahest

Level 85 - Long Live the Gourmet

(1) Golden Spice (High Quality)

  • Debryoye will give you the materials needed to make this craft

Level 88 - Perfectly Delectable

(6) Ascorbic Additive

  • (4) Coconut Milk
  • (1) Berkanan Sap
  • (1) Elder Nutmeg Seeds

Level 90 - Sharlayan Cuisine

(1) Sharlayan Fishcake Ingredient (High Quality)

  • Debryoye will give you the materials needed to make this craft

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