FFXIV Heavensturn 2022: Where to begin Tora Tora Burning Bright

Every year, Final Fantasy XIV celebrates the New Year with Heavensturn, and the Endwalker expansion is no different. In 2022, FFXIV is celebrating the Year of the Tiger, or Tora, and once again decking the city-states out with fireworks, streamers, and new goodies to giveaway. 

If you're having trouble finding where to begin FFXIV's 2022 Heavensturn event, this guide should have you covered. We'll also explain why you may have encountered problems getting the Tora Tora Burning Bright Fate to spawn. Make sure you get started as soon as you can, FFXIV Heavensturn 2022 is happening now, and ends on January 19, at 6:59 am PST. 


 Heavensturn 2022 | Quest Starting Location

Take the Aetheryte to Limsa Lominsa to begin the first Heavensturn event of Endwalker. The Aftcastle teleport is the closest to the starting NPC, Tora Bugyo, located in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:11.5, Y:13.9)

Speaking with him begins the quest Tangle with a Tora. Tora Bugyo will ask you to help him prepare for the event because the Heavensturn celebration's usual offerings of Mochi don't cut it in the year of the Tora. 

 Complete the Fate: Tora Tora Burning Bright

Speak with the Far Eastern Onmyoji in Middle La Noscea( X:23.9, Y: 26.2) to start the Fate, "Tora Tora, Burning Bright." The quest only requires you to be level 15 to begin, so it's not a hard one at all. 

Phantom Byakko will spawn, and you've got 15 minutes to down the beast. Our first run was complete with only two people; it's entirely possible it just takes a few minutes longer. Once you've beaten the angry cat, you'll receive 10 Heavensturn of the Tiger Tickets


Return to Limsa Lominsa's Aftcastle teleport and speak with Tora Bugyo again to complete the quest. He'll give you your pick between a Golden Tora Kabuto or Silver Tora Kabuto, but don't worry, you can still get the other glamour. Finishing this questline gives you the Feline Fun Achievement, and now the first part of your FFXIV New Year is complete. 

Is the Tora Tora Burning Bright Fate not working? 

After the event began with patch 6.05, Square Enix issued a special notice to confirm a glitch where the Heavensturn fate was not spawning as quickly as it should. On January 6, FFXIV briefly underwent emergency maintenance for Middle La Noscea, and Square Enix updated the Lodestone with a note that the error had been fixed. Tora Tora, Burning Bright should now spawn at the correct intervals. 

 Heavensturn 2022 | Let Them Eat Cake

There's another part to 2022's Heavensturn festivities with the repeatable quest Let Them Eat Cake. Speak to Tora Bugyo again and he'll ask you to go chat with the Mochi Daikan in Limsa Lominsa's Lower Decks (X:7.2, Y:11.9)

After your chat, it's back to the Aftcastle teleport and speak to Tora Bugyo again. He'll give you 10 Magicked Prism (Advent Cakes), and that's all there is to this chain. 

 FFXIV Heavensturn Event Rewards

The 2022 Heavensturn rewards are all of course completely tiger-themed. So pay tribute to Byakko, and get your new glamour headpieces, housing items, and achievement. This event does not offer any mount or minion rewards. 


Tangle with a Tora: 

Once you complete the first quest, you'll receive: 

  • Golden Tora Kabuto or Silver Tora Kabuto
  • 10 Heavensturn of the Tiger Tickets
  • Feline Fun Achievement

The second quest, Let Them Eat Cake, can be completed as many times as you like for 10 Magicked Prism (Advent Cakes).

Festival Supplier

Exchange your 10 Heavensturn of the Tiger Tickets for the following: 

  • Golden Tora Kabuto - 5 Tickets (Glamour)
  • Silver Tora Kabuto - 5 Tickets (Glamour)
  • The White Tiger - 3 Tickets (Housing Furnishing)
  • (10) Zoni - 1 Ticket
  • (10) Magicked Prism (Advent Cakes)  - 1 Ticket

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