Pokemon Legends Arceus: Finding the Three Leaf Pokemon for The Search for Bitter Leaves

One common theme of side quests in Pokemon Legends Arceus are what we've come to call Pokemon Puzzle quests - which is when you're told a characteristic or description of a Pokemon by one of the NPCs populating Jubilife Village and you have to figure out what Pokemon that is and bring it to them. One of these quests asks for a Three Leaf Pokemon.

On this page, we explain which Pokemon you need to bring to Shinon to complete this side quest, which is Request #29, 'The Search for Bitter Leaves'. We'll reveal the identity of the Three Leaf Pokemon, and where to catch yourself one. Read on...

The Three Leaf Pokemon for The Search of Bitter Leaves Quest

This side quest, The Search of Bitter Leaves, unlocks after you've had your encounter with the noble Pokemon Kleavor. It gives you a pretty simple task - to bring a Pokemon whose leaves might be used to create medicine to help out the Galaxy Expedition's Medical Corps. With the vauge description of the fact that the Pokemon in question has "Three leaves". It's up to you to figure out the rest.

Here's the quest descriptions as featured in-game: "Shinon wants to make some medicine and asks you to collect the materials needed. Apparently Anise of the Medical Corps can tell you what you need to find. Anise of the Medical Corps filled you in on what you need to find to make medicine. Seems you can find the materials in the Crimson Mirelands, but..."

Spoilers! If you don't want to figure out the answer for yourself, here it is: the Three Leaf Pokemon is Petilil, number #93 in the Hisui Pokedex that you're filling out in this game.

The Three Leaf Pokemon as described in the quest is Petilil, which has three Bitter Leaves on its head.

Petilil evolves into a new Hisuian form of Lilligant with the use of an evolution stone, though you'll also be meeting a Liligant as part of the main story. Petilil's Pokedex entry even hints at the fact that it fits the bill, noting that "the leaves on its head are highly valued for medicinal purposes. Dry the leaves in the sun, boil them, and then drink the bitter decoction for remarkably effective relief from fatigue." So that's what Anise is up to...

As the quest text suggests, you can find Petilil in the Crimson Mirelands. Specifically, find Petilil in the Cottonsedge Prairie on the eastern side of the zone and the Holm of Trials area to the very south of the Mirelands.

Once you have a Petilil in your Pokemon collection, hand it over to Anise to complete the quest, getting 2x Fine Remedy and 2x Hopo Berry in return. 

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