Pokemon Legends Arceus: Snowpoint Temple Puzzle Solution

While there are no gyms in Pokemon Legends Arceus, classic Pokemon environmental puzzles still crop up here and there over the course of the game - and one of the most prominent is another Snowpoint Temple Puzzle - or three of them, to be precise!

This is appropriate, of course, because Snowpoint Temple was home to some devilish puzzles in the original games set in this region back in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In the Hisui age, the Snowpoint Temple puzzles are different, this time consisting of three sets of locked doors with panels you must press in a certain order. Basically, it's an ancient system of passwords, keys, and locks - and we've got the puzzle solution for you.

Snowpoint Temple Puzzle Answers in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To solve the Snowpoint Temple Puzzles in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you might press the buttons in the correct order.

Snowpoint Temple is one of the most prominent puzzle locations in the game, because unlike the riddle of The Sea's Legend, which is a side quest, or Uxie's question during the post-game, this puzzle takes place right during the main critical path of the story of Pokemon Legends Arceus. Specifically, you'll be heading to the temple as part of the main quest titled 'The Slumber Lord of the Tundra', where you'll have to work your way up to the top of the temple to catch Sabi and get yourself access to the rideable flying Pokemon, Hisuian Braviary. 

As you clamber the floors of Snowpoint Temple, you'll have to deal with Pokemon battles and also three locked doors - each of which has a specific solution. Here's the Snowpoint Temple answers, so you can unlock those doors fast:

Snowpoint Temple Door Puzzle #1 Solution

The first of the door puzzles will be encountered once you enter the temple and head up a floor. You'll encounter a door with three choices: Rock Panel, Ice Panel, and Steel Panel. The way you learn the actual solution for this puzzle is to go back down the corridors to the statues, and then trace back the statues from the door - reverse eyeline style. Each statue represents a Regi element. So the statue closest to and looking at the door is the last code, the statue looking at that statue is the second to last, and so on.

Alternatively, you can just use our guide to cheat right past it. To complete the Puzzle:

  1. Press the Rock Panel
  2. Press the Steel Panel
  3. Press the Ice Panel

The door will now open, and you can progress.

 Snowpoint Temple Door Puzzle #2 Solution

The same instructions apply to the second of the Snowpoint Temple puzzles, except now the order is a little more complicated and there are some red herring statues - remember, eyeline determines which statues are the ones you actually want, so pay attention to where the statues are looking. Alternatively, use our brilliant cheat once again - here's the puzzle answer, folks:

  1. Press the Ice Panel
  2. Press the Rock Panel
  3. Press the Steel Panel
  4. Press the Rock Panel
  5. Press the Ice Panel
The statues throughout Snowpoint Temple point you towards the correct puzzle answers.

 Snowpoint Temple Door Puzzle #3 Solution

And here we are - as quickly as it began, the Snowpoint Temple door and statue puzzles are coming to a close. This one is actually the most difficult, though, as the statues are sometimes behind walls and looking through windows to try to throw you off the correct order. The first statue is actually one in a little room all on its own, and you can trace from there - or go backwards from the one looking at the door.

Or... you know, you can look at our solution and skip all that. Cheating! What a concept! We don't judge:

  1. Press the Steel Panel
  2. Press the Ice Panel
  3. Press the Rock Panel
  4. Press the Ice Panel
  5. Press the Steel Panel
  6. Press the Rock Panel

And with that, you're done! Continue on into the deepest elements of Snowpoint Temple for some story scenes and to advance to the next stage of your adventure. If you've found this page helpful, consider hitting up our Pokemon Legends Arceus guides list, where there's plenty more helpful pages, including our extensive page of Request walkthroughs, a Type Strength and Weakness primer, Evolution methods, how to get more inventory space, and more.