Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2022: How to complete Flameplume Starflowers, Oceanic Defender, and more

Genshin Impact's Lantern Rite celebration, Fleeting Colors in Flight, is back for 2022, with all four challenges of the event series wrapping up on February 12. As of January 31, every section of the Lantern Rite is now open. 

Below, this guide will break down how to start the Lantern Rite festival, how it works, and what rewards you can expect. So, if you're having trouble unlocking the event, earning Talismans, or just really need to know how to get Ningguang's free skin - we've got you.

The key art for Genshin Impact's Lantern Rite 2022 event series.

 The Crane Returns on the Wind | Lantern Rite Requirements

Shenhe’s introductory quest chain must be completed before you can embark on the Lantern Rite 2022 event series. After finishing all of the requirements outlined below, the event menu becomes accessible. 

Accept The Crane Returns on the Wind from the story quests menu, and do the next four parts:

  • Jade Chamber Rising
  • Seagaze Sunset
  • Bygones Times LIke Dust Passing
  • Where the Heart Finds Rest

The events should take you through a domain, a few tasks to find materials, meeting Yun Jin, and a boss fight, before finally seeing Ningguang’s plan play out. Overall, it’s a bit over an hour and a half’s worth of content at a leisurely pace. 

Other requirements for the Lantern Rite 2022 include: 

  • Adventure Rank 28
  • Completion of Chapter I: Act III - A New Star Approaches

 Flameplume Starflowers | Smelting Fireworks

To begin the Lantern Rite’s fireworks production tasks, you’ll need to complete a series of three quests outlined below. Then, if that’s already taken care of, we’ll hit the highlights of smelting, along with links to more detailed breakdowns.


 How to Smelt Fireworks - Production Challenge

Smelting looks complicated, but it’s not too bad after a few tries. Essentially, there’s three areas to watch stats at, and the goal is to get the Quality Rating at perfect or as close to it as possible. 

The Parameters Overview bars on the left are controlled by the middle wheel and Smelting Techniques on the right. Adjust the Smelting Technique, select the Parameter in the middle wheel, and click Single Smelt at the bottom. Try to get every yellow bar within the orange goal range.

Watch your Endurance on the right; once that’s gone, the in-progress firework must be completed. We’ve got a full breakdown of those stats, smelting fireworks rotations, and more listed below.

 Unlocking Flameplume Starflowers

To begin Flameplume Starflowers, you’ll need to complete The Blazing Stars Ring in Fortune, Sky-Gazers, Land Walkers, and The Stars Inscribe the Year’s Wishes. That should give you access to all three sections of the Lantern Rite’s fireworks smelting event.

The Blazing Stars Ring in Fortune - Objectives

  • Speak to Ningguang at the Yujing Terrace
  • Go to the Liyue fireworks stall - Unlocks Launch Tube Gadget
  • Go to Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and look for Zhongli
  • Head to Third-Round Knockout

Sky-Gazers, Land Walkers - Objectives

  • Wait until the appointed time (8:00 - 12:00) the next day
  • Head to the designated location to look for Keqing
  • Go to Yujing Terrace to pay Madame Ping a visit
  • Go to Mt. Aocang to pay Cloud Retainer a visit
  • Go to Wangshu Inn to pay Xiao a visit
  • Talk to Qiqi
  • Talk to Verr Goldet
  • Go to the roof to check
  • Go to Qingce Village and ask about the situation
  • Go to the fireworks storage
  • Look for clues
  • Continue following the road to look for clues

The Stars Inscribe the Year’s Wishes - Objectives

  • Wait until the appointed time (8:00 - 12:00) the next day
  • Meet with Keqing
  • Go to the place that Keqing spoke of
  • Defeat the Treasure Hoarders
  • Return to Qingce Village
  • Follow the voice to its source
  • Head to Third-Round Knockout
  • Go to the Ministry of Civil Affairs and find Keqing

 The Great Gathering

To begin the Great Gathering in Genshin Impact’s 2022 Lantern Rite, you’ll first need to unlock the challenge through a quest. So, head to the Jade Chamber and begin Petal Lit Ships Fish for the Moon by speaking to Ningguang. If you're ready to start the actual challenge and collect Immaculate Talismans, we'll break it down below.

The Waverider out on the ocean salvaging during the Great Gathering quest.

 How to Complete the Great Gathering

This may look familiar to the first Lantern Rite event as the Waverider makes its return to Genshin Impact in 2022 - and it's a lot of what you remember. The Great Gathering is broken up into three sections, with the first two split into four smaller sets of challenges. They break down as described below.

Part I: 

  • Interrogation by Night
    • Three sets of enemies marked on the map are hoarding treasure. Clear the group out, making sure to hit the Elite opponent with nearby boxes of fireworks to make them take more damage. This also appears in part II. 
  • Curio Salvage
    • Set sail on the Waverider to salvage eight boxes of treasures. Use the bombs to destroy enemies as they spawn around your bounties. This tasks is another requirement in part II. 
  • Midpoint Interception: I
    • Jump in the Waverider and race to destroy the transport balloon in the shortest time possible, defeating enemies along the way. 
  • Midpoint Interception: II
    • Again, this tasks the Travlere with destroying the transport balloon, but down a different path this time. 

Part II: 

  • Interrogation by Night
  • Curio Salvage
  • Return to Safe Harbor: I
    • Begin the timed trial by interacting with the marker, then race against the clock to collect treasure, defeat enemies, and make it to the end of the race. 
  • Return to Safe Harbor: II
    • Just like before, collect the treasure, defeat enemies, and race to the end, but this one takes place on a new map. 

Part II: 

  • The Key Catch
    • The Key Catch challenge prompts a fight with a wave of bandits. Pick up the fireworks to hit all of the Elites, making them vulnerable to more damage. There's several boxes around, so don't let the status effect buffing them pop back up. 

 Unlocking The Great Gathering

Petal Lit Ships Fish for the Moon - Objectives

  • Speak to Ningguang in the Jade Chamber
  • Go to the Alcor, speak to Beidou
  • Head to board your Waverider near Guyun Domain
  • Go to the waters near Guyun forest to begin salvaging
  • Defeat the Treasure Hoarders on their nearby rafts, claim the loot
  • Talk to Beidou again on the Alcor
  • Pursue the Treasure Hoards at the nearby island
  • Continue your salvaging operations at the three marked locations
  • Follow the Treasure Hoarders again
  • Speak to Ningguang again at the Jade Chamber

 Wondrous Shadows

Coming Soon

 Oceanic Defender | How to Get Conquest Talismans

This section of the Lantern Rite assigns you five challenges, three of which reward Conquest Talismans you can use in the event shop. Those aren’t very hard to finish, but the tasks rewarding Hero’s Wit and Mora can be a bit more difficult.

Fighting Beisht in Genshin Impact for the Lantern Rite festival.

The Oceanic Defender boss is Beisht, who you just fought in the 2.4 Archon Quest. Defeat her six times to earn all of the available event tokens - the other two are optional and unnecessary for Ningguang’s free skin. Below is a full list of the challenges and their rewards. 

Oceanic Defender | Beisht Challenges and Rewards

  • Complete the challenge 1 time in total
    • 60 Primogems
    • 30,0000 Mora
    • 420 Conquest Talismans
  • Complete the challenge 3 times in total
    • 60 Primogems
    • 30,0000 Mora
    • 600 Conquest Talismans
  • Complete the challenge 6 times in total
    • 60 Primogems
    • 30,0000 Mora
    • 1,200 Conquest Talismans
  • Defeat Beisht before she can dive 4 times
    • 30,0000 Mora
    • 3 Hero’s Wit
  • Defeat Beisht without being hit by her Jetstream attack
    • 30,0000 Mora
    • 3 Hero’s Wit

 Lantern Rite Rewards Shop | Primogems, Mora, and Skins

Completing all of the aforementioned challenges will reward you with Affluence, Immaculate, and Conquest Talismans to spend in the event shop. Finishing every part of the Lantern Rite 2022 should make everything here available for purchase. Remember, inviting a free character to your Genshin Impact team and Ningguang's outfit don't actually cost any event currency. Just claim the reward after reaching the requirement. 

The main event page for Genshin Impact's Lantern Rite festival.

 Event Shop

  • Afterglow Market Stage 1
    • Sparkly Shiny Dodoco!
    • Fame and Fortune For a Season
    • Unyielding Spirit
    • Festival Spotlight
    • Wanmin Feast
    • Mischievous Villosas
    • Agnidus Agate Fragment
    • Varunda Lazurite Fragment
    • Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
    • Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
    • Shivada Jade Fragment
    • Prithiva Topaz Fragment
    • Hero’s Wit
  • Afterglow Market Stage 2
    • Festive Fragance: Goods Piled High
    • Festive Fragance: Of Gold and Jade
    • Rainbow Lights: Lovely Night View
    • Fine Stall: Splash of Color
    • Rainbow Stall: Ultramarine
    • Rainbow Stall: Ruby Red
    • Rainbow Cloud Flying Satin Pole
    • Blooming Candle: Pure as a Lotus
    • Rainbow Lights: At Dawn We Celebrate
  • Afterglow Market Stage 3
    • Crown of Insight
    • Guide to Prosperity
    • Philosophies of Prosperity
    • Guide to Diligence
    • Philosophies of Diligence
    • Guide to Gold
    • Philosophies of Gold
The Liyue characters available in the Lantern Rite Prosperous Partnership rewards.

 Prosperous Partnerships | How to Get a Free Four-Star Character

Rewards for Liyue four-star characters come from 1,000 Affluence Talismans or Conquest Talismans (Oceanic Defender). You can only invite one free four-star character to join you, so choose wisely. 

  • Available Free Liyue Four-Star-Characters
    • Xiangling
    • Beidou
    • Xingqiu
    • Ningguang
    • Chongyun
    • Xinyan
    • Yun Jin
    • Yanfei
Ningguang's gown in a Genshin Impact cutscene for the Lantern Rite.

 The Moon's Comely Brow | Ningguang's Skin, Orchid's Evening Gown

Obtaining Ningguang's free Lantern Rite skin, Orchid's Evening Gown, comes gradually as you complete all of the challenges. The Talisman requirements won't make you spend these (they're for keeping and spending in the event shop), but you do have to hit these milestones in order to claim the outfit. You'll need to finish up all of the Lantern Rite's events that reward talismans to get Ningguang's festival gown.

  • Requirements for Ningguang's Orchid Gown
    • Obtain 2400 Affluence Talismans
    • Obtain 2200 Immaculate Talismans
    • Obtain 1800 Conquest Talismans

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