Pokemon Legends Arceus Voltorb Location & how to evolve to Hisuian Electrode

Voltorb and Electrode have always been interesting Pokemon - a pair of species that mimic the form of a Pokeball. In Pokemon Legends Arceus, however, we're shown what the duo looked like back when Pokeball were still an organic affair, when they were much more commonly made out of the shells of apricorns.

Its wooden nature means that Hisuian Voltorb and Hisuian Electrode feature a dual Grass/Electric typing, which is an interesting one - not shared with many other Pokemon. Though there is another Pokemon that can technically have this typing, it's Rotom - which will require you to find a Mechanical Circular Saw item to change its form. 

Of course, Hisuian Electrode is also represented as one of the game's Lords - factoring into the story - complete with its own boss fight. You can't catch the Lord Pokemon, but you can evolve and get your very own version of it. On this page, we'll explain how - and if you want your own versions of the other lords, we've got guides on how to get Kleavor and how to evolve to Lilligant, too.

Where to find Hisuian Voltorb

Hisuian Voltorb's location, as shown on the in-game map
An Hisuian Voltorb, in its natural habitat

Unlike some of our guides on where to find and catch certain Pokemon, which get quite complicated, Hisuian Voltorb keeps things fairly straightforward and simple.

You'll be able to find this new form of Voltorb quite in the Coronet Highlands map - specifically, close to the Summit Camp, just a little ways off to the East. If you haven't unlocked the Summit Camp - you can also reach it's spawn location from the West of the Celestica Ruins on the map.

For the record, the original, old-school form of Voltorb isn't in Pokemon Legends Arceus; it's just this neat new Hisui form.

How to evolve Hisuian Voltorb into Hisuian Electrode

An Hisuian Electrode

Unlike normal Voltorb, Hisuian Voltorb does not simply evolve from leveling up. In the old games, you could rely on Voltorb changing into Electrode at Level 30 - but that's not the case for the Pokemon Legends Arceus version. 

Instead, you'll require a Leaf Stone - making it one of the game's many item-based evolutions. That means you have to go through the annoyance of tracking down a Leaf Stone.

You can find them in rock formations that you break apart with your Pokemon, in the Item Exchange for MP, as a reward for completing Request #73 Which is the Real Burmy?, and as a potential spawn in Space-Time Distortions. Needless to say - you've got plenty of options. Keep in mind you might want two Leaf Stones for completionism's sake, as one can also be used to Evolve Eevee to Leafeon.

Regardless of how you end up finding your Leaf Stone, simply use it on your Hisuian Voltorb to have it evolve. Congrats on your new Pokemon!