Elden Ring Stargazers’ Ruins Seal: How to help the Stargazer Jellyfish and solve the puzzle

Stargazers’ Ruins is an Elden Ring location that’s home to one of the many side quests found in The Lands Between. This one sees you helping out a mysterious disembodied voice - which is actually coming from a Jellyfish.

Stargazer’s Ruins is found in the Mountaintops of the Giants area, which you’ll have to pass through Royal Capital Leyndell and use the Lift of Rold to reach - though it only requires the Rold Medallion, not the Haligtree Secret Medallion, to get the lift to take you to that location. 

A map showing the location of Stargazers Ruins in Elden Ring, which is where you'll need to help the Jellyfish.

The ruins are found in the western chunk of the area, just below the river that divides the main part of the area from where Castle Sol is located. The quickest Site of Grace to reach it is the Snow Valley Ruins overlook; then use the bridges to cross south-west towards the ruins, as shown on the map above.

Once you’re at the ruins, look for an area where there’s a single Jellyfish and some steps down into a cellar. Don’t harm the Jellyfish! You need her to complete the Stargazer Ruins quest and break the seal:

How to break the Stargazers’ Ruins seal by helping the Jellyfish find her Sister

As you explore Stargazers’ Ruins, you’ll eventually hear a voice calling out to a friend - they’re clearly lonely, and wondering where this mysterious friend of theirs is. You’ll also notice a non-hostile Jellyfish. The Jellyfish is actually the source of the voice, and is looking for her sister - so don’t kill her! If you do, accidentally, resting at a site of grace will force her to respawn. 

Once the area is cleared of enemies, you’ll also notice that the Jellyfish is hanging out next to stairs to a cellar, but when you descend the cellar door has an arcane seal over it - magic that stops you from going any further. 

To break the Stargazers’ Ruins seal and access the cellar, you simply need to reunite the Jellyfish with her friend. This isn't a complex, multi-stage quest like the Sellen questline and what have you.

Summon your Jellyfish to reunite the sisters and break the seal at Stargazer's Ruins. Pictured, the Jellyfish pair meeting again.

To do that, simply summon the Spirit Jellyfish Summon, which you should’ve obtained from Roderika back in Limgrave’s Stormhill area (at the Stormhill Shack) when unlocking the full capabilities of the Spirit Ashes summoning system. If you did that right, you’ve likely had access to this summon all game. 

If you’ve paid attention to the item descriptions, you’ll know the lore of your Jellyfish summon: “Prone to tears, the jellyfish girl searches for her distant home. It seems her name is Aurelia.” Roderika also talks of the Jellyfish’s origins.

Summon the Jellyfish spirit next to the lonely Jellyfish and they will reunite, as sisters. There’ll be a little bit of dialogue, the pair animate, and then they disappear. At this point, the seal to the cellar breaks

Despite the fact that they disappear, this doesn’t impact your access to the Jellyfish summon - that remains as it was. 

As the pair disappear you’ll unlock the Fancy Spin gesture, which is cute but doesn’t have any utility unlike some such as Erudition. Down in the cellar you can open a chest to get the Primal Glintstone Blade, a powerful Talisman that makes spells consume less FP but reduces HP in return.