Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Kestodon Husk Location: Where to find Kestodon and Kestodon Husk

Now that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has finally launched, players might be finding that Master Rank is a little bit tougher than they might've bargained for - so it stands to reason that players might start seeking out a new armor set to accompany them into the new expansion shortly after upgrading their Master Rank to MR2. The Orangaten set is a great option for the early game, for example, but there's one problem - where exactly do you find the Kestodon Husks necessary to the chest piece?

Gathering Kestodon Husk from a defeated monster.

While players might already understand that Kestodon Husks can, naturally, be carved from Kestodons, these small monsters can be deceptively tricky to actually find, even if you're aware of which maps they can spawn on. 

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Where to find Kestodon

The first step to acquiring Kestodon Husk, of course, requires you to understand where to find Kestodon in the first place. It's not simply enough to find a decorative corpse of one out in the field; you'll have to hunt one yourself in order to get the required material. 

A rough location for where you can find Kestodon.

Now, Kestodons can be found on both the Sandy Plains map, as well as the new Citadel. If you already have the subcamps for the Sandy Plains unlocked, then it's your best bet for gathering the materials. While Kestodon can be found across various areas of the map, we found that checking Area 5 was almost always a surefire bet, and came with the bonus of being quite close to the area's sub-camp 2.

Much like everything else when it comes to Monster Hunter, it's important to remember patience when attempting to gather the materials you need. While the drop rate for Kestodon Husks is very high, there's always the chance that it won't drop immediately for you. If that's the case, simply reset and try again, however many tries it takes. Most players will get their Husks on their first go at gathering them, but there's no telling for sure how long it might take you specifically.