Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Quest Guide: All Quests and how to complete them

Quests form a huge part of the experience of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and in tried and true RPG tradition, much of the content in this huge game is actually attached to various optional side quest lines. This page is a complete quest walkthrough guide, featuring all quests in Xenoblade 3 and details on exactly how to complete each and every one of them.

This guide is now complete, meaning it features how to start and complete every quest in XC. As such, this guide will also contain minor spoilers, including around the identities of hero characters, as each hero has several quests connected to them. Sidequest names also occasionally allude to certain story events. We've tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but if you want to follow the guide and avoid spoilers, we advise against reading ahead.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Quests guide: Starting Pointers

Xenoblade 3 has many side quests, each of which will send you off exploring its world.

In truth, most quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are relatively straightforward. In most cases, you simply need to follow the on-screen markers, and more often than not you'll be able to complete any given quest without any issue.

Some quests might have hard choices to make, fiddly quest start methods, or hidden items to find, however - and this guide will help you with that, offering bare-bones walkthroughs for each of the quests, including how to start them.

In particular, with such a big world as in Xenoblade 3, it's sometimes hard to know when quests become available. For the most part, you can think of this guide a bit like a checklist, to make sure you've encountered all the quests you can in each chapter of the game - though it also features mini-walkthroughs on how to beat all quests in the game.

There is one thing we should note, which is about missable quests. Unlike some previous Xenoblade titles, there thankfully seem to be no quests that can be missed permanently due to story progression, so you are free to explore at your leisure and find quests at your own pace, without worry about missing anything.

Without further ado, the quests found in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can be found below, separated by chapter. If there are any questions, omissions, or mistakes, let us know in the comments!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Chapter 1 Quests

No time is wasted in Xenoblade 3 introducing side quests - it starts right from chapter 1.

Preparing for Battle

  • This is a tutorial quest you'll automatically earn partway after reaching Colony 9. You'll need 3x Chewy Radishes, 3x Clusterelles, and 2x Rich Fish Meat, and the quest markers will point you in the right direction where to find them. They are nearby Colony 9.

Supplies in the Wind

  • Talk to Pollux outside Colony 9. Go to the Supply Drop marked on your map. It's near a Landmark - Skyview Falls. You get some Gemstones and Rainbow Gloves.

Farewell Melody

  • Talk to Lenny in the middle of Yzana Plains south of Colony 9. Simply follow the marker for an event, then return to Lenny.

Friendly Support

  • Talk to Laurea west of Shark Jaw's Cape landmark south of Colony 9.
  • Travel south of Shark Jaw's Cape for a quirk skirmish.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Chapter 2 Quests

The story is still barely started, but Chapter 2 has a number of side quests to complete

The Hillside Hulk

  • Gained automatically in Chapter 2 in the southern part of Aetia Region. This is mostly a tutorial quest regarding the various Ferronis 'Hulks' you'll find in the game.
  • Head towards the marker to south and take out 5 Crustips. Then gather the Ether Channel.
  • Return to the Ferronis, activate the source, open the containers, and follow the sequences.

Nopon Register

This is a game-long quest that will require you to collect stones from several Nopon caravans found throughout the game. As far as I know, none of these are missable. The list below is the order I found them in. You won't be able to complete this quest until Chapter 6.
  • Obtained from Shillshill at the Hillside Ferronis Hulk after "The Hillside Hulk".
    • Kikinu in Bennel Cave in Fornis Region. They seem to move to Lake Rezzento camp in Fornis later in the game.
    • Miimo at Forward Post Camp in Aetia Region (Chapter 3)
    • Sherolo at Desert Ferronis Hulk in Fornis Region (Chapter 3)
    • Meemoo at Llyn Nyddwr Camp in Ribbi Flats in Fornis Region (Chapter 3)
    • Totutu at Selias Terrace Camp in South Ribbi Flats in Fornis Region (Chapter 3)
    • Redred at Tableland Ferronis Hulk in west Ribbi Flats in Fornis Region (Chapter 3)
    • Zoka at Ruins of Seebu Camp in Urayan Tunnels in Pentelas Region (Chapter 3)
    • Papana at Battlescar Ferronis Hulk in North Aetia Region (Chapter 3)
    • Aggroro at Cascade Ferronis Hulk in Pentelas Region (Chapter 4)
    • Loloka at Old Way Camp in Pentelas Region (Chapter 4)
    • Paporo at Engardo Pass Camp at the end of Pentelas Region (Chapter 4)
    • Memomemo at Clifftop Ferronis Hulk in Pentelas Region (Chapter 4)
    • Bitbit at Hovering Reef 2 Camp in Keves Castle Region (Chapter 4)
    • Dumdum at Atoll Ferronis Hulk in Cadensia Region (Chapter 4)
    • Hazidazi at Corne Island Camp in Cadensia Region (Chapter 5)
    • Tamtam at Sandbar Ferronis Hulk in Cadensia Region (Chapter 5)
    • Ruggyscruggy at Prison Camp during events at the end of Chapter 5. He reappears in Castle Agnus afterward.
      • See "Lost Stones" quest. I'm uncertain if the choice matters at all; it does not seem to.
    • Selfifi at Inlet Camp in north Erythia Sea (Chapter 6)
    • Momama at Tsang Camp in Captocorn Park in Upper Aetia Region (Chapter 6)
      • Momama does not have a stone to give, but you still must talk to them.
  • Talk to Shillshill at the Hillside Ferronis Hulk to finish the quest.

Collapsed Traderpon

  • Talk to Panepane south of Menno Arch landmark in Fornis Region.
  • Get used to this type of quest, as you'll see it a few times over. You have to give him some of the items shown on the list provided to quench his thirst. Rarer items will fill the bar more, but you can use anything that you have.
  • I already had enough items to fill his bar when I first met him. If you do need additional materials, you can get Dark Grapes from the Fabricator near the Hillside Ferronis Hulk in Aetia.

Riku and Manana

  • Automatic when you reach the oasis in Chapter 2. This is a simple quest that will teach you about cooking, gems, and Chain Attacks. Check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems guide for more information!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Chapter 3 Quests

Chapter 3 sees side quests ramp up, including your very first hero quest.

Helping Out

  • Automatically obtained in Colony 4. This quest is essentially a tutorial for the game's "Info" system, where you can easvedrop on NPC conversation, and then discuss it at a rest spot. Many quests in the game are obtained this way.
  • Simply head to the two markers to get information, then stop at the rest spot to talk about it.

No Want of Courage (Ethel Hero Quest)

Hero Quests are more-involved quests that will result in a new Hero unit joining your party. Some of these quests are required for main story progress, but many are optional. They are somewhat akin to Rare Blade quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, although no gacha elements this time.

Ethel's Hero Quest is a little different because, unlike most Heroes, she won't stay in your party for long whereas other Heroes can be in your line up whenever you want. You will, however, keep her class for your main six party members to use.
  • Obtained during "Helping Out". This is a required quest.
  • Simply head to Galhour's Menhir landmark and beat the Volffs. Then return to Colony 4.

Melody of Mourning

  • Obtain "Unsent Husks" information in Colony 4, then discuss.
  • Simply go to the new area located on your map.

Where the Heart Is (Zeon Hero Quest)

  • Listen to "Colony 9 Lately" info in Colony 4 after Ethel leaves the party, then discuss.
  • Head back to Colony 9. While this quest is somewhat long, simply keep following the quest markers for combat and scenes.

Lean Times in Colony 9

  • After "Where the Heart Is", listen to "Colony 9 Shortages" info in Colony 9, then discuss.
  • Go to Gura Flava Camp and Torchlight Hill to collect supplies. Return to colony 9 and talk to Camilla.

An Off-Seer's Anquish

  • After "Where the Heart Is", listen to "Colony 9's Off-seer" info in Colony 9, then discuss.
  • Follow the markers to gain "Url's Whereabouts" from various NPCs, then discuss.
  • When you talk with Url north of Kalmarris Highland landmark, you'll be given a choice, the first in the game.
    • "People Need Off-Seers" or "Why do you think that?"*
    • "You should tap into a different emotion"* or "You want to go back to who you were"
  • After testing, it seems like there is no difference in the choice made. It's worth nothing that some later quest choices do have some, if minor effects.
  • Return to Carrie to finish the quest.

Going Beyond Power (Teach Hero Quest)

  • Head to Colony Gamma in the west part of Melnath's Shoulder in Aetia Region. You can get there by heading north of Gura Flava Camp.
  • Talk to 3 marked NPC in Colony Gamma to get the "Colony Gamma Lately" discussion topic, then talk about it at a rest spot.
  • Talk to Teach at the HQ, then follow him through a new part of Upper Melnath. Along the way you'll learn your first Traversal Skill - Scree Walking. This lets you navigate up and down flowing sand.
  • Keep following the marker for events and battles to finish the quest.

Teach's Teachers

This is another game-long quest, comprised of several sub-quests. You'll only be able to do two to start, with the rest becoming available later in the game. You won't be able to complete this quest until Chapter 6, after you finish Teach's Ascension Quest.
  • After "Going Beyond Power", learn "Request from Teach" info in Colony Gamma, then discuss.
  • Go to the notice board in the center of the colony. There's a magnifying glass symbol.
  • For now, you can gain two info discussions: "Tutors: Sena & Eunie" and "Tutor: Taion". These lead to the quests "Live Combat Training" and "Theoretical Knowledge", respectively.
  • In Chapter 4 you can get "Tutor: Off-seer" info from the board for the quest "A Lesson in Off-seeing".
  • In Chapter 6 you can get "Tutor: Mio" info from the board for the quest "Extracurricular Lesson".
  • After finishing the above 4 quests in Chapter 6, you'll have to complete Teach's Ascension Quest "Shadow of Enmity". After that, you'll finally be able to clear this quest.

[Sub-Quest] Theoretical Knowledge

  • This quest is a part of "Teach's Teachers"
  • Save before doing this quest. You'll be asked a set of questions in a quiz competition with the cadets. The questions seem to be pulled from a random set. You *can win* the competition - just check the quest end card to be sure.
  • Talk to the cadets to start the quiz. You'll have to answer two sets of Taion's questions. [If any of the answers are incorrect or if any questions are missing, let me know!]
  • First Set of Questions
    • Which one of these is not a benefit of inflicting Daze? - All allies recover HP
    • Which of these combo routes is wrong? - ... Beguiling Charms
    • What name is given to class-specific techniques? - Talent Arts
    • Which Attacks weaken the enemy? - Debuffs
    • What happens to some enemies when they're in trouble? - They get enraged.
    • Whose Role is it to attact the enemy's attention - Defenders
    • What should an Attacker typically do if targeted by the enemy? - Pull Back..
    • What is the most important component of a Chain Attack? - The balance of roles...
  • Second Set of Questions
    • Who led their colony to victory over colonies simultaneously? - Silvercoat Ethel
    • Which statement about the Flame Clocks in the Iris is correct? - In Keves it's it the right eye, Agnus, the left
    • What's the highest rank in a colony - Consul
    • What equipment is exclusive to Kevesi Soldiers - Power Frame
    • What does Black Fog cause? - Annihilation event
    • What is the name of the desert is the Fornis region? - Dannagh Desert
    • What colony rank comes after Copper? - Iron
    • Where did Colony Sigma and Colony 9 fight? - Everblight Plain
    • What is the name of the jewel that can be mined in the Aetia region? - Delicate Bell

[Sub-Quest] Live Combat Training

  • This quest is a part of "Teach's Teachers"
  • Much simpler than the previous sub-quest. Just do some fights with Foots' teams.

Her Reasons (Alexandria Hero Quest)

This is actually one of the weirdest quests in the game, in terms of how you unlock the quest and how to proceed with it. This will require a bit of a lengthy description, so bear with me.

The very first part of the quest is an optional scene you'll see with Alexandria south of Colony 4, at a ? symbol on the map. You actually won't get the quest added to your log at this point, and not for quite a while.

Once you see this scene, you can continue heading west into the "Elaice Highway" area on the west side of Fornis. This is an area with level 40ish enemies, but if you've been exhausting the map in Chapter 3, you may end up being capable enough to take this area on. You'll find Colony Iota here, and a boss fight with Alexandria and her 4 subordinates - Fili, Chelle, Rhyza, and Sequoia. If you want, you can beat this fight right now, and finish the quest.

However, this quest also has some optional objectives you can complete before fighting Alex. There are four of these, one for each subordinate (Fili, Chelle, Rhyza, and Sequoia). After you've seen the initial scene with Alex, four more ? symbols appear on the map - 3 in Fornis and 1 in the Pentelas region. At each of these symbols, you can fight one of the sub-ordinates. If you beat them here, they'll be removed from the battle with Alex at Colony Iota, making that battle easier.

These optional battles are found at ? symbols in the following areas

  • Team Fili in the NW area of Dannagh Desert (Fornis Region, Chapter 3)
  • Team Chelle East of Conqueror's Peak (Fornis Region, Chapter 3)
  • Team Rhyza south of Selias Terrace Camp (Fornis Region, Chapter 3)
  • Team Sequoia in the Great Cotte Falls area (Pentelas Region, Chapter 4)
You'll notice that one of the optional battles, Sequoia, can only be done in Chapter 4 (very early in the chapter). So even if you are the type so exhaust optional content before moving on with the main story, you may want to consider leaving this quest until Chapter 4.

You may be wondering "is there a point to doing the optional fights?" and the answer seems to be "yes, barely". It seems completing the optional fights against the four subordinates will have a net positive effect on Colony Iota's affinity chart. In the long run, it's hard to say if this matters at all by the end of the game, but if you are the type hoping to have the best NPC interactions available on the Affinity Chart, it might be just best to wait. It's up to you.
  • Head west of Zem's Crossway landmark for a scene with Alexandria, which is south of Colony 4.
  • After this, there are four optional objectives you can complete, as described above.
    • Fight Team Fili in the NW area of Dannagh Desert. You get a discussion topic - "Information about Fili" (Optional)
    • Fight Team Chelle East of Conqueror's Peak - "Information about Chelle" (Optional)
    • Fight Team Rhyza south of Selias Terrace Camp - "Information about Rhyza" (Optional)
    • Fight with Team Seqouia in the falls area (Beginning of Chapter 4) - "Information about Sequoia" (Optional)
  • Now you have to head to Colony Iota on the Western side of Fornis in the Elaice Highway area. You'll fight a pair of boss fights.
  • Afterward, you'll unlock Alexandria as a hero, as well as a new ally colony in Colony Iota.

The Kind Right Hand (Valdi Hero Quest)

  • This is a story-required Hero Quest obtained automatically at the vines south of Ribbi Flats.
  • This is a pretty long quest, but simply keep following the markers for events and battles. On the way you'll ally with Colony 30, and you'll gain the Wall Climbing field skill.

Forgotten Supplies

  • After "The Kind Right Hand", learn "Colony 9 's Situation" info in Colony 9, then discuss.
  • Go to the marker, which is in the climbing area in SE Aetia.
  • You'll be asked if you want to "Discuss the Matter" or "Hand it over". It seems "Discuss the Matter" leads to some better affinity chart links, so select that option. It'll lead to a fight. Then return to Colony 9

Charity and Hypocrisy

  • I'm not sure if this quest becomes available after Ethel's Hero Quest or Valdi's Hero quest.
  • Listen to "Herding Monsters" information in Colony 4, then discuss.
  • A simple quest. Go to the spot on the map in the the Barren Knoll in the Eagus Wasteland. Fight some How.

Big Friendly Friend

While "Big Friendly Friend" itself is not a game -long quest, it is the start of a game-long quest chain involving Colony 30. To proceed through this quest-line, you'll have to give items to the Nopon Repapa at several different points throughout the game.
  • After doing "The Kind Right Hand", listen to "Yuzet's Reputation" information in Colony 30. Then discuss.
  • Talk to Yuzet in Colony 30. You'll have to collect items.
  • Talk to Repapa and turn in items to fill the bar to %100.
  • After the quest is finished, you'll be able to give more items to Repapa, but you won't have these yet. I'll let you know a good opportunity to turn these in for the next quest.

Wish Upon a Clover

  • After doing "The Kind Right Hand", listen to "Widespread Caution" information in Colony 30. Then discuss.
  • Talk to Ven in Colony 30.
  • Head to Shikashasa Mesa. Find two fortune clovers (they will be marked).
  • Return to Ven

Serene Melody

  • After doing "The Kind Right Hand", listen to "Colony 30's Off-Seer" information in Colony 30. Then discuss.
  • Talk to See-Mee-Mee in Colony 30. Then talk to Zooza and Ven. Then talk to Ritz.
  • Then head to the marker, which is in the Rae-bel Tableland (a later area in Chapter 3).

Dorin and Bambam

Dorin and Bambam have their own little quest line throughout the game. This is the first one in their set. Yay.
  • After doing "The Kind Right Hand", listen to "Colony 4 Nopon" information in Colony 4. Then discuss.
  • Talk to Dinzel in Colony 4. Then Talk to Dorin.
  • Talk to Bambam at Llyd Nyddwr Camp in the Ribbi Flats. You'll have a quick fight.
  • Defeat 3 Arduns for meat. You can find some if you fast travel to the Saffronia Tea landmark in the south part of the Fornis Region.
  • Return to the camp for the scenes. Then return to Colony 4.
  • Talk to Dinzel outside of town.

The Missing Squad

  • After doing "The Kind Right Hand", listen to "Expeditionary Mission" information in Colony 30. Then discuss.
    • Note: If you can't find the Info bubbles, complete other Colony 30 quests first, especially "Wish Upon a Clover".
  • Go to the marker in Dannagh Desert, north side. There are choices to be made here.
    • "The Flame Clock is broken" or "Listen to Valdi"
    • "You just have to trust us" or "Check your Iris"
  • The choices made seem to have no effect.

Exhausted Supplies

  • After doing "The Kind Right Hand", listen to "Irritation" information in Colony 4. Then discuss.
  • Talk to Solon. Then talk to Mikoko and give supplies to fill her meter. Talk to Brunella and do the same. Then follow Brunella for another scene.
  • Then talk to Solon.

Tactical Eradication

  • After doing "The Kind Right Hand", listen to "Tacticians Plan" information in Colony 4. Then discuss.
    • You may have to complete some other Colony 4 quests first.
  • Talk to Maxie in Colony 4. You get another three quests. Finish these three new sub-quests to complete this quest.
    • Yorde's Request
    • Fla'ran's Request
    • Jeremy's Request

[Sub-Quest] Yorde's Request

  • This quest is a part of "Tactical Eradication"
  • Talk to Yorde. Defeat a Volff marked on the map north of the colony.

[Sub-Quest] Fla'ran's Request

  • This quest is a part of "Tactical Eradication"
  • Talk to Fla'ran. Fight and Arachno Horde near Raptor Perch in Dannagh Desert.

[Sub-Quest] Jeremy's Request

  • This quest is a part of "Tactical Eradication"
  • Talk to Jeremy. Then fight Towaris Taos in the valley south of the colony.

The Thrill of the Hunt

  • Speak with Burrburr in Sage's Domicile in Dannagh Desert.
    • To get here, head through the Milio Trick Caverns near Raptor Perch landmark
  • Deliver 15 Nopon Silver Coins. This quest is essentially a tutorial for this Nopon Coin trading capability.
  • Talk to Seekseek and redeem one reward. Then talk to Burrburr again.

A Gray Matter (Gray Hero Quest)

  • After getting the Wall Climb field skill, climb up the vines near Kamos Guidepost in Aetia Region and head to the ? symbol
  • Like other Hero quests, this quest is more lengthy than standard quests, but just keep following the marker and events until you unlock Gray.

Fear of the Unknown

This is the 2nd quest in the Dorin and Bambam saga. Woo.
  • This quest is obtained at Seilas Terrace Camp near the end of Fornis Region.
    • You must have completed "Dorin and Bambam".
  • Head the marker just above where you are. It's a glowing supply chest.
  • Gather 4 Serenity Jets and return (I believe you can find these around Forerunner's Tower secret landmark). Then fight an easy battle.

A Nopon's Counsel (Riku/Manana Hero Quest)

  • This is a story-required Hero quest soon gained after entering the third major region, Pentelas.
  • As usual with Hero quests, just keep following the markers for events and battles. It is very straightforward.

    Harvest Day

    • Obtained from a question mark icon in Colony Iota after completion of "Her Reasons".
      • As described in the section for "Her Reasons", you may want to hold off on this quest until Chapter 4.
    • An easy quest. Talk to Misaka at the Colony Iota barracks. Then return to Chickadee

    Enemies and Allies

    • Listen to a pair of "Colony Iota Goods" info in Colony Iota, then discuss.
      • As described in the section for "Her Reasons", you may want to hold off on this quest until Chapter 4.
    • Meet Rhysa near Purus Palecolumn Landmark at the very top of the Elaice Higwhway.
    • Head to the end of the Torus Road Cave.
    • Send the Collectopaedia Card to Ethel in Colony 4 using the Collectopaedia Card.
      • Note: Chelle will mention that you have to decide carefully who to send Colony Iota Goods to with the Collectopaedia Card system. Don't fret over this, just send to whoever. You'll unlock more Colony Iota quests later to earn more Colony Iota Goods to send elsewhere. Make sure you do this, since some quests later will require it!

    Finite Time

    • After Her Reasons, leave Colony Iota area and return. You should see a Supply Drop nearby to the east.
      • You may need to leave the region and return for the ? symbol to appear.
    • There are two choices to be made here
      • "He wants to challenge his potential" or "He wants to have fun"
      • West or East supply drop
    • After testing, it seems the choices here do not make a difference.

    The Desert Hulk

    • Obtained while exploring the Dannagh Desert in eastern Fornis Region
    • Need to defeat several level ~35 enemies. There's another camp here.

    The Tableland Hulk

    • Obtained while running through the Rae-bel Tableland in southern Fornis Region
    • Need to defeat level 23ish enemies.

    Champion of the Nopon (Ino Hero Quest)

    • Expansion Pass required.
    • Head to the marker in Fornis. You’ll fight a battle with level 19 enemies.
    • After the scene, follow the marker to the Ether Sphere. Fight a few more enemies. The game will then introduce HD Ether Cylinder+ and Inoswap mechanics
      • Ether Spheres show up on the map like Ether Channels, but require defeating nearby enemies.
      • Ether Spheres recharge over time.
      • Spend HD Ether Cylinders+ in the Inoswap menu to power up Ino's Arts and Skills.

    Going Full HD

    • Expansion Pass required.
    • Acquired automatically after completing Champion of the Nopon.
    • Head to Namba Mound Camp in Fornis. Give Sunny’s Sampler Set to Totoma to finish the quest and upgrade the HD Ether Cylinder+ to Ver. 2.0
    • Unlocks the ability to give Totoma additional materials to fully upgrade the HD Ether Cylinders+. The max rank is Ver. 5.0

    Challenge Battles!

    • Expansion Pass required.
    • Head to the marker near Llyn Nyddwe Camp. This will start a cutscene introducing the Land of Challenge and Challenge Battles. 
    • Viewing the cutscene will finish the quest. Completing the Challenge Battles will unlock new cosmetics and equipment in exchange for A or S ranks or for trading in Red Noponstones.

    More Challenge Battles!

    • Expansion Pass required.
    • Talk to the Nopon Archsage to unlock the Archsage's Gauntlet.
    • Completing the Gauntlets can unlock Throwback A outfits for the party.
    • Completing on higher difficulties will earn more Blue Noponstones, which can be exchanged for new equipment and cosmetics.

    The Battlescar Hulk

    • Obtained while exploring the NW of the Everblight Plain (Level 40-60 area)
    • Need to defeat several level 60 enemies. There's another camp here.
      • I'm placing this quest in the Chapter 3 section because it can technically be done at this point, although there's no harm in waiting. 

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Chapter 4 Quests

    Quests not only hold rewards, but will also reveal more about the characters and world.
    As a general note, it's probably worth mentioning that quests from Chapter 4 on may require quests from previous chapters in the same region in order to be available. For example, the next quest in the list - "A Difficult Transition" - will obviously have required you to have recruited Zeon into your party, and perhaps other Colony 9 follow-up quests.

    So, if you see a quest in the list below but you cannot find it yourself, first try completing other quests you might have in the same location.

    A Difficult Transition

    • Listen to "Colony 9 Food issues" info in Colony 9, then discuss.
    • Speak with Camilla, then the next marker. Meet Fox near Gura Flava Camp in Melnath's Shoulder.
    • You'll have a series of choices here. In this case, there actually seems to be a best option to choose, for affinity reasons.
      • Select the option "What are you doing here?"
      • Select the option "This is a Dangerous Place"
      • Select the option "To help Camilla out?"

    [Sub-Quest] A Lesson in Offseeing

    • Available in Colony Gamma as a part of "Teach's Teachers". Check the board for "Tutor: Off-Seer", then discuss it.
    • Head to Cooley Pool, marked on the map. Send the three bodies with a scene each.

    Shared Secret

    • Listen to "Lenny and Eastman's Row" Info in Colony 9, then discuss.
    • An easy quest, just follow the markers.

    The Ouroboros Experiment

    • Listen to "Ouroboros Research" info in Colony Iota, then go to the question mark by the gate. You'll be sent to the desert.
      • This info is obtained by speaking to Caspar near the canteen.
    • Head towards the marker to fight a boss.

    Unwavering Resolve (Isurd Hero Quest)

    • Talk to Isurd in Colony Lambda
    • As usual with Hero Quests, it is pretty straightforward. Just follow the markers for events and battles.
      • If you're having difficulty navigating the cave, using the "Show Quest Route" option (Default ZL+Y)can help make the path a lot more clear. 

    Lambda's Problem

    • Listen to "Colony Lambda's Canteen" info in Colony Lambda, then discuss.
    • This quest just has you following markers to talk to NPCs.

    The Lost Off-Seer

    • Listen to "Missing Off-Seer" info in Colony Lambda, then discuss.
    • Head back to the Fornis Region, near the Pentelas Entrance. Talk to Moraine.
    • Travel to Zem's Crosswar in the Eagus Wilderness and talk to Shijima.
    • Head back to Moraine. Fight some enemies. Talk to Moraine again.


    • Listen to "Auto-Lev Situation" info in Colony Lambda, then discuss.
      • This quest may require other Colony Lambda quests to be completed first.
    • After talking to Kitty, you'll head back into the Urayan Tunnels to an area you couldn't reach before. After a fight, talk to Kitty again.

    Securing Supplies

    • After "Restart", head to a nearby ? in Colony Lambda
    • Head to Elsayer Cape in the very SE of the Fornis Region. Fight some enemies (level 40ish). That's it.

    The Cascade Hulk

    • Found while exploring the upper levels of the Great Cotte Falls area. Defeat level 30ish enemies

    A More Balanced Recipe

    This is is the third quest featuring Dorin and Bambam. Wow.
    • Automatically at Old Way Camp past the Great Cotte Falls. Requires "Fear of the Unknown".
    • Trade in 5 Bubblesia (I already had plenty, but you can get these in the upper Great Cotte Falls area)
    • Go to the marked nearby tree for a fight, then head back to the campsite.

    Natural Selection (Juniper Hero Quest)

    • This is a story-required Hero Quest obtained in the High Maktha Wildwood area of the Pentelas Region.
    • As usual, just follow the markers for scenes and battles. This is a shorter Hero quest, and will also reward you with the Rope Sliding field skill.

    Tau-Tirkin Alliance

    • Listen to "Food for Tau" info in Colony Tau, then discuss.
    • Talk to Rowland in Colony Tau. You are basically initiating a peace treat with Tirkin that live nearby.
    • I went ahead and collected the items you need for the treaty, which is quite a lot.
    • This actually isn't as hard or tedious as it first comes across. You can get 10 of each material from Rowland in Colony Tau (marked with Question Mark) and 20 of each from Graziana (unmarked). So you only need to gather 20 on your own. Each material can also be found at a Fabricator in the region.
      • 50 Green Nectarines - more common in the Low Maktha Wildwood Area
      • 50 Tirkingrass - Tirkin Area
      • 50 Shiny Rose - Water in Pentelas Area
        • Green Nectarines, Tirkingrass, and Shiny Rose are all available from the Cascade Hulk Fabricator.
      • 50 Glare Aubergines -  Also common in the Low Maktha Wildwood Area.
        • You can get this from the Clifftop Hulk Fabricator later in the region as well.
    • Once you (finally) get to the Tirkins, you can choose 5 or 500. If you are trying to be nice, don't lie to them, say 5.
    • I'll admit I'm not sure what happens if you just beat them up. There's no follow-up quest or anything, though obviously the affinity chart will change a bit. Maybe save and try it out.

      The Hunter

      • Listen to "Raine's Departure" info in Colony Tau, then discuss.
      • Talk to Geum outside Colony Tau.
      • Head to Raine a bit deeper into the Wildwood
      • Follow the tracks quite a ways, into the lower wildwood. (You'll have to pass a number of cutscenes for the story first if you haven't already).
      • Head back to Raine in Colony Tau.

      The Harvest

      • Listen to "Harvest Time" info in Colony Tau, then discuss.
        • This info is given from Geum. If's you've started The Hunter above, Geum will need to be talked to outside of the colony beforehand. 
      • Head to the garden in Colony Tau. Collect the plants.
      • Then head out the Colony nearby to fight some Anloods, Skwarors and Quadwings. Return to Carson in the garden area.

      Off-Seeing Customs

      • Listen to "Colony Tau's Off-See" info in Colony Tau, then discuss.
      • Head to the marker in the Wildwood. An easy quest.

      Imminent Illusion

      This is the first quest in the 'Mysterious Raiders' questline. Hmm.
      • This quest is earned and completely automatically in the Maktha Wildwood
      • Fight the battle. That's it. For now.

      Stolen Provisions

      • This is a story-required quest that takes place in the Maktha Wildwood.
      • Just follow the markers for some story scenes and fights.

      The Wildwood Life

      • From Gingin in Lower Maktha Wildwood
      • Despite being deep in a high-level area, this is an easy quest. Just follow the tracks a bunch.

      Severed Connection

      This is the second quest in the 'Mysterious Raiders' questline. Hmm.
      • A ? symbol appears near Colony 4, seemingly after meeting Bolearis in Wildwood. Perhaps right after "Imminent Illusion". Other Colony 4 quests are also required.
      • Go to Murmur Rise (the climb area in Aetia where you first met Grey). Fight 3 Mystery raiders and then a stronger raider.
      • Send the Husks

      Missing Parts

      • Fill out Repapa's second item request list in Colony 30 (I believe he calls it "Phase 3"). You should be at a point you can get these pieces by now.
      • Talk to three NPCs to get 3 pieces of "Parts Gone Missing" information, then discuss.
      • Head to the three regions in Fornis marked on your map. Then return to Repapa in Colony 30
      • Talk to Dinkidinki and Widgewidge, marked on your map. Then talk with Yuzet.

      Clifftop Hulk

      • Found exploring the Urayan Trail area near the end of the Pentelas Region.
      • Defeat the enemies as usual (level 48ish)

      The Wrath of Ashera (Ashera Hero Quest)

      • This is obtained early in Keves Castle Region. Fight the intro battle, then follow Ashera.
      • Basically, keep doing a series of battles, fight the boss, then talk to Ashera once more.
      • You'll unlock Colony 11 and a series of quests.

      Three Ravens at War

      • After "The Wrath of Ashera", listen to "Colony 11's Future" info in Colony 11, then discuss.
      • After discussing, go around Colony 11 and get three more infos. This leads to three more quests.
        • "Easel's Unit" info for the quest "Rules of the Hunt"
        • "Clad's Unit" info for the quest "Indomitable"
        • "Zoren's Unit" info for the quest  "A Warrior's Pride"
      • After completing the sub-quests, there's one last fight with all three at once.

      [Sub-Quest] A Warriors' Pride

      • This is a part of the quest "Three Ravens at War"
      • See a scene near the colony entrance, then head on over to the falls area in front of Colony Lambda.
      • After the scene, head to the marker closest to Myma Gate to find Widow.
      • Head back to the center of the Cotte Falls area to fight a bunch of Keves units (level 40ish)

      [Sub-Quest] Indomitable

      • This is a part of the quest "Three Ravens at War"
      • Beat the two level 49 Equites in the center of the colony. Then Fight Clad.

      [Sub-Quest] Rules of the Hunt

      • This is a part of the quest "Three Ravens at War"
      • Get 10 Monstrum Mango and 10 Obsidian Berries for Hexen. Then head to the marker in Fornis region.
      • Here, follow the trail to a boss. Then return to the canteen.

      Merciless Pursuit

      • After "Three Ravens at War", go to the ? symbol in Colony 11.
      • Go back to Engardo Pass near the end of the Pentelas Region. Then follow the tracks leading to a boss fight.

      Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Chapter 5 Quests

      An image of one of the many side quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

      Research Procedures

      • Talk to Namuki in Colony Gamma in Chapter 5 and discuss her info.
      • Talk to Namuki, follow him, then participate in the lengthy battle.

      For Colony 9

      • Listen to "Kite Gone Missing" info in Colony 9, then discuss.
        • This is given from someone near the Canteen. If you don't see it, try closing and reloading the game. 
      • Talk to Fox in Colony 9. Then head to the marker east of Hillside Ferronis Hulk. Make sure Zeon is in your party.
      • Fight some enemies. That's it.

      Reasons to Evolve (Zeon Ascension Quest)

      Each Hero has a second quest with a yellow symbol known as an 'Ascension Quest'. These are what allows that Hero's class rank cap to raise from 10 to 20.

      It seems that for several Ascension Quests, you need the classes's main inheritor to get the class level to 10, before the quest will appear. So in the case of Zeon, requires Noah at rank 10 with Guardian Commander.
      • After "For Colony 9". Talk to Kite in Colony 9.
        • This is actually one of the more tedious quests in the game.
      • Gather 4 Info pieces for "The Fields" around Colony 9, then discuss.
      • Talk to Kite, then head to Colony Tai and talk to Juniper.
      • You have to keep following the markers, some in Colony Tau, collecting items, and attempting to plant Spongy Spuds. There are multiple parts to the quest, but writing down every individual step would be a little unnecessary.
      • At times, you'll need to 'wait for rain'. To speed things up, you can talk to the Nopon Splishsplash marked on the map and pay 10,000 for rain.

      Lost Friend

      • Listen to "Where's Imogen" info in Colony Tau in Chapter 5, then discuss
      • Go to Colony 4, grab the 4 "Imogen at Colony 4" infos, then discuss.
      • Talk with Imogen south of Colony 4.

      Cultural Exchange

      • Listen to "The Nopon are Here" info in Colony Tau in Chapter 5, then discuss
      • Talk to Honorine in Colony Tau. Then bring parts to the Sadadan Bros, which can be gotten from various robo enemies. All the parts are worth 5% of the meter, so just use what you have the most of.
      • Interact with the smoker and put in a meat item. It s doesn't seem to matter which you pick.

      Rousing Bolearis

      • Head to the ? icon near the Colony 4 Council Room in Chapter 5.
      • Talk with Bolearis near Colony 4 Command.
      • Head to the Engardo Pass area for a battle. Then return to the Colony 4 Council Room.

      A Burning Curiosity

      • Head to the ? in the Colony 4 hangar area after "Rousing Bolearis"
      • You have to give Ymeer rare Agnus Levnis items.
      • I farmed for these in the Urayan Trail area (Bushwhacker Farrit is a good Unique to farm)

      Scant Supplies 

      • Listen to "Goods in Storage" pair of infos in Colony Iota, then discuss.
      • Talk to Chelle in the Torus Hollow
      • You'll have to pick one of the squads to assist first. The choice in this quest does not matter.


      • Listen to "Collectopaedia Abuse" info in Colony Iota, then discuss it.
        • Not 100% certain when this quest becomes available but it can be done before the prison infiltration.
      • Talk to Sequoia. Head to the tunnels in early Pentelas area and save Sif from behind the boulder. Return to Sequoia.

      Inescapable Past (Alexandria Ascension Quest)

      Some of the later quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 have a somewhat annoying requirement in order to unlock, and this quest is the first example. In order to activate "Inescapable Past", you have to have Alexandria in your party, and then a ? symbol will appear in Colony Iota. If she's not in your party, you will not see that symbol. That means there are a handful of quests that are hard to find, because that require you to have a certain hero, at a certain time, in a certain spot.

      As far as this guide goes, I'll list out the quests that require you to have a certain Hero in your party in order to see the quest on your map, but it's worth keeping this strange requirement in mind.
      • Head to the ? in Colony Iota when Alex is in the party.
        • This quest may also require other Colony Iota and Colony 30 quests to be available.
        • Requires Taion at Rank 10 with Incursor.
      • Go to Colony 30, then follow Valdi until a boss fight.
      • Then, you'll have to follow a LONG set of trails.
      • Fight another boss. Then return to Colony 30.

      The True Culprit

      • Listen to "The Real Perpetrator" info in Colony 30, then discuss.
        • This may require Inescapable Past to trigger.
      • Talk to Pulipuli, then follow the tracks to find him.
      • Talk to Yuzet.

      Castle Access

      • This required quest is gained automatically after the War Room meeting in the City.
      • You can now head further north in South Cadensia, finally. Talk to Samon.
      • Return to City and talk to Timna, marked on the map. Then talk to Miyori near the Material Storage Warehouse landmark.
      • There's a Choice here 'Help her' or 'Stay put' but it doesn't seem to matter.
      • You'll unlock the Boundary and the vast Erythia Sea area o_o

      The Castle Beckons

      • This required quest is gained automatically after City events after the above quest.
      • Head to Vinisoh Holm in Erythia Sea. Collect Intel at the Thurbin and Corne Islands.


      • Find "Someone's Sheet Music" info in the City, it will appear as a collectable marked with a question mark icon near the Drahaga Store, then discuss.
      • Talk to people around town to find the music owner.
      • Eventually you'll follow an NPC named Boomer. He's pretty old and slow, unfortunately.

      The Scavenger Force

      • Listen to "Scavenging" info in the City, near the Drahaga Store, then discuss.
      • Head to the marker in S Cadensia region. Talk to Mizuki, and then S to Kabata.
      • Head W to pick up the part. Then return.

      Writer's Block

      • Listen to "A 'Novel' Book" info in City, near the Drahaga Store, then discuss,
      • Talk to Wellwell in City and buy the book he sells. Then talk to Leeanne,  marked on your map.
      • You need to collect items from Distant Fingertip, Dannagh Desert, Ruins of Seebu, Old Cliffside Way, Eternal Canopy.
        • Distant Fingertip: Secret Area in the Fornis Region, fight two Mysterious Raiders. Pick up the Sinister Faceplate.
        • Dannagh Desert, near the Quicksand Basin Landmark in the Fornis Region. Pick up the Rusted Pressure Helm.
        • South of the Ruins of Seebu Camp in the Pentelas Region. Pick up the Shiny Hexagonal Chip.
        • Southwest of the Vista of Rhonnar Landmark in the Pentelas Region. You'll fight two Mysterious Raiders here as well. Then pick up the Grimy Identifcation.
        • Eternal Canopy is found on Daedal Isle near the center of Erythia Sea. You'll fight two Mysterious Raiders here as well. Then pick up the Leathery Wing Fossil.
      • Talk to Leeanne again.

          Unsolved Riddle

          • This quest starts near the SW most section of city after the War Room scene.
            • If you try to head directly to the marker, the door will be locked. In order to access the area, you'll want to use a ladder in the far NW of the City. Then hug the west wall while following it south.
          • The correct light source is the one found near the Michiba Canteen, use the ladder in the back to reach the roof.
          • Then head back to the SW corner, then head to the residential quarter marked on the map, then to the main square and buy a torpedo wrap.
          • Make your way to the canteen area.

          Romero and Joulietta

          • Obtained in City near the North-top level, seemingly available once you get access to the Erythia Sea area.
          • Head to the NE part of the big island in the Erythia Sea, marked on the map. Fight a battle, then head back to the City canteen.

          Side Story: Eunie

          Instead of Ascension Quests, each of the six main characters has a "Side Story" quest, which will result in a class rank unlock for their respective starting class.
          • Listen to "Fourtune Clovers" info in City, in the south part of the area in the Caelum Residential Quarter, then discuss.
          • Head to the marker in the Urayan Trail in the Pentelas region,
          • Head through the Loska's Cavern. After some events and scenes, fight the boss.

          Side Story: Lanz

          • Listen to info in Great Sword's Base (Cadensia Region, where you entered City for the first time. There's a landmark here for Elevator Landing) for "Curious About Training", then discuss.
          • Head to the Training Ground in City for a scene. Then head to the shop marked on the map for another scene. Then head to the War Room for another.
          • Head to Morrack Inlet landmark in the Erythia Sea area, located to the SW of the area. After the scene, follow the path for another. Keep going until you arrive at the cradles. Fight some bosses.

          Vandham's Heir (Monica Hero Quest)

          • After the War Room scene, listen to "Guernica Vandham" info in City near the elevator leading to the War Room, then discuss.
          • Talk to Monica in the War Room.
          • Collect 3 items near where Guernica showed up in Aetia region.
          • Return to City for a scene.


          • After getting access to the Boundary and Erythia Sea area. Listen to "Gray's Autonomy" info in City, then discuss.
          • Go to the marker in the city and talk with Rozana. Follow her.
          • Afterwards, you'll have to collect 5 Medica Pippito Claws from the Great Sword's Hilt. Then return to City and speak with Hollis. Then go back to Rozana to finish the quest.

          Payback for Treason (Gray Ascension Quest)

          • You can get this quest right after "Lovebirds". Simply head to the west of Memorial Hall towards the question mark icon.
            • Requires Eunie at Rank 10 with Full Metal Jaguar.
          • Head to Daedal Isle, and head for the marker for a fight.
          • Head back to Astelle Harbor in City. Then gather 3 "Rozana's Whereabouts" info pieces and discuss. Then Head to Great Sword Passage in Cadensia for a fight.

              Unspeakable Being

              • Obtained at a ? on the East side of Erythia Sea,
              • Despite Riku's warnings, donate items, then fight a level 58 boss.

              The Atoll Hulk

              • Found in Erythia Sea, near the SW side,
              • Defeat enemies as usual (level 50ish),

              Transparent Dreams (Fiona Hero Quest)

              • Obtained at the ? symbol on West side of Erythia Sea, near the Conchroach Beach Landmark.
              • Like most Hero Quests, just follow the markers for events and battles. You'll recruit Fiona and unlock Colony Mu and its questlines.


              • After "Transparent Dreams", listen to "Colony Mu's Future" info in Colony Mu, then discuss.
              • Talk to Tallow, and then the other characters marked on the map, then go to the viewing deck.
              • After the scene, you need to collect 5x Aromatic Krodlax Meat, 3x To-Quality Moglum Liver, 1x Rich Serprond Collar-Cut. These are quest specific.

              To Face Forward

              • After "Unease", listen to "Tallow's Reputation" info (two parts) in Colony Mu, then discuss.
              • Go to the canteen for a scene. You have to do various tasks
                • Nico - give her the requested items
                • Ayase - say "Confide in someone" (though this doesnt seem to matter)
                • Lotus - Talk to her at the beach. Then pick up a shoe on the beach east of the colony.
                • Pick up a broken pendant somewhat close to Tallow. Then give it to Mikaela near the gate.
                • Talk to Tussore who wants you beat up Aligos on the beach.
                • Talk to Hildemarie - Choice "Not at all" or "No, it's what makes *her* great." (again, doesn't seem to matter)
                • Defeat Gulkins near Kanata east of the Colony
              • After all the above, talk to Tallow, then Shu,

              Distress Signal

              • After "To Face Forward", get the "What Washed Ashore" info from Lotus in Colony Mu, search the the hidden beach on the north end of the colony, then discuss
              • Head to Twinpalm Isle and talk to Niranira
              • Then head to the NE sandbar isand. Follow Niranira. He'll end up at the Sandbar Hulk (See next quest)
              • Then head back to Colony Mu.

                The Sandbar Hulk

                • Found on the big Sandbar Island.
                • As usual, you'll need to defeat enemies to unlock it (level 60ish).

                    Doing It My Way (Triton Hero Quest)

                    • Starts from the ? symbol on Ishan Isle in Erythia Sea, you won't get the quest in your log yet.
                    • After this, a new question mark appears to the east at Hargan Point Camp.
                    • After some scenes, you'll officially start the quest. There are three challenges:
                      • Ishan Isle - speak with Ronja. Defeat 4 Delit Gyaarks and return to Ronja.
                      • Go to First Pillar Remnant on Daedal Isle and speak with Lhukavu. You'll get the info Booty?. After discussing it, you'll need to grab the three items on the island at the markers. Have to choose an item:
                        • Pick either the Millenial Tree Amber or Ancient Taos Fossil. The coconut seems to lead to a draw instead.:
                      • Go to Cascade Crossroads landmark on the west side of Cape Arcaphor on the SE side of the sea, speak with Kio. There are two sets of tracks.
                        • The Left leads to a Level 47 Arcaphor Gogol. Right leads to Saoru and then a level 47 Arcaphor Gogol. I'm honestly not sure the difference or if it matters which path you do. The right route seems more correct.
                    • After this, return to the quest marker near Hargan Point for a boss fight.
                    • Afterward, the quest will end and you'll recruit Triton. Triton has a unique class that interacts in an important way with the Unique Monsters you can defeat.

                    Surplus Supply

                    • Listen to "Bountiful Ether" Infos (two parts) in Colony Lambda and discuss.
                      • I'm not 100% certain when this quest becomes available.
                    • Talk to Koji. There's a choice here, but the choices don't matter as they'll reject the options they don't like anyway. Just work your way through the options.
                    • Talk to the Lambda Traderpon. Then talk to Zoka at Ruins of Seebu. Then return to Koji at Colony Lambda.

                    Korresia Finds Her Calling

                    • Listen to "Korresia's Return" infos (two parts) in Colony Tau, then discuss.
                      • This quest seems to be available after Colony Mu is available.
                      • One of the Infos is from Glory, the other from Graziana.
                    • Talk to Korresia.
                    • This quest is kinda strange. To fulfill her request, I just bought ten Vibrant Armrings at Colony Gamma and gave them to her.
                    • Talk to Korresia again at Colony Mu.
                    • After completing the quest, you'll unlock her shop at Colony Mu. She has some unique equipment to buy.

                    Missing Luggage

                    This is the 4th quest in the Dorin and Bambam saga. Yippee.
                    • Obtained Automatically at Anu Shoals Camp, which will be initially marked by a Question Mark icon east of Thurbin Harbor.
                      • Requires completion of "A More Balanced Recipe"
                    • The correct answer for identifying the tracks is Merignas.
                    • Follow the tracks, then defeat all of the marked enemies.

                      The Mysterious White Fog

                      • After "The Castle Beckons" head into the ? fog area in East Erythia Sea. Get "White Fog on Erythia Sea" info 1/2.
                      • The 2nd piece of info can be found in the City on the NE side, up the stairs. Follow the path east of the Traderpon and Shop and follow the eastern wall to the NE corner.
                      • Talk with Kisame at Vinisog. Then follow the marker in the fog a few times until you fight a battle. Return to Kisame.

                             Young Noble's Request

                            • Put Triton in your party, then head to a ? In City.
                            • Go to the marker near Cascade Crossroad landmark in Erythia Sea for a fight. Then head to the War Room in the City.
                            • After this quest, you'll be able to fight the 4 Blades in the Dark near the Hargan Point Camp.

                            The Hope of Noponkind (Ino Ascension Quest)

                            • Expansion Pass required.
                              • Requires Noah at Rank 10 with Noponic Champion
                              • Completing "Going Full HD" is potentially required.
                              • Since I was at end game when undertaking this quest, I am not 100% sure of any other requirements.
                            • Head to the question mark icon at Namba Mound Camp for a scene.
                            • Head to the marker at Engardo Pass Camp in Pentelas. Then to the marker near Clifftop Ferronis Hulk. Fight the boss.
                            • Head back to Engardo Pass Camp. Hand over items to Sunny. I used 5x Black Iris.
                            • Head to the marker near Seaside Lookout in Erythia Sea for one final fight.

                            Lapidarist Extraordinaire (Masha Hero Quest)

                            • Expansion Pass required.
                            • Head to Serene Square in the City to see a few scenes.
                            • Head to Zem's Crossway, then Interact with the next marker to earn 4x Enigmatter.
                            • Return to the City.
                              • Masha can craft accessories at rest spots using Enigmatter and Gold.
                                • Materials can be traded from Land of Challenge for Noponstone.
                                • Crafted accessories can be tiered up to Item Grade V using additional materials.
                              • Crafted accessories have random special effects and stat boosts. 
                              • Only one can be crafted per character
                              • Dismantle unwanted accessories to earn back some Enigmatter.
                            • Follow the prompts to craft and enhance an Enigmatter Ring to finish the quest.

                            For the Sake of Keepsakes (Masha Ascension Quest)

                            • Expansion Pass required.
                              • Requires Mio at Rank 10 with Lapidarist
                              • Since I was at end game when undertaking this quest, I am not 100% sure of any other requirements.
                            • Head to a question mark icon near City Camp in the City.
                            • Gather three "Jake and Tessa" info fragments, then Discuss.
                            • Go to the specified location in the Cadensia region to obtain Red Schorl.
                            • Go to the specified location in the Pentelas region and fight level 51 Argent Ropl to obtain Argencium.
                            • Return back to City Camp to obtain Contract Bracelets key item, then head to the marker to finish the quest.
                              • Unlocks the ability to craft Enigmatter Tiara.
                            These last 4 quests in Chapter 5 take place during an end-chapter sequence of events, after you begin the infiltration of the prison. Don't look for these quests until you've done everything else you've wanted to do in Chapter 5 first.

                            Lost Stones

                            • This quest is a part of the "Nopon Register" questline.
                            • Obtained from Ruggyscruggy in the Prison Camp
                            • Once you have access to the Perimeter Woodland in the Prison area, head to the marker.
                              • You have a choice to take Red, Blue, or Yellow Nopon Pebbles. You can also choose to take all. If you take all, he gives you the blue one. I'm not certain if this choice affects anything.
                              • After the quest, you'll be able to buy accessories from the nearby trader.

                              First Day of Prison

                              • This is a story-required sidequest during the Prison Camp events at the end of Chapter 5.
                              • Collect 4x20 collectable items. You can talk to the ? spots on the map for some freebies.

                              Second Day of Prison

                              • This is a story-required sidequest during the Prison Camp events at the end of Chapter 5.
                              • Head to the marker and defeat a level 47 Basreek Feris. Then follow the tracks and fight it again, for real. Just follow the markers for a bit.

                              Third Day of Prison

                              • This is a story-required sidequest during the Prison Camp events at the end of Chapter 5.
                              • Defeat three Kaalm Garaffa.

                              Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Chapter 6 Quests

                              A screenshot of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, depicting a Chapter 6 side quest.
                              A lot of stuff happens at the end of Chapter 5, huh? In any case, we suggest continuing with story scenes until you step foot into the Upper Aetia region and receive 'Side Story: Mio', then you should start seeking out quests.

                              I'll also mention again that many of these quests are follow-ups from previous quests in their respective regions, and probably require those quests to be completed first. If you've been following this guide, you should be good.

                              Side Story: Taion

                              • Listen to Info in Agnus Castle for "The Sea", then discuss at Camp Inlet. Requires Riku & Manana in the party.
                              • Head to Colony Lambda to watch a scene and get "Isurd's Request" info. Discuss it.
                              • Talk to Isurd to some more scenes, then head to Hermit Inlet in the NE of the Erythia Sea area. Follow the path in this new area for a boss fight.
                              • At this point, keep following the markers until you get to Lost Colony. Keep following the markers/scenes until you need to collect parts.
                              • Collect Fluid Crankers, Monochromagnetitie, Cube Chip (quest only, from Armadillo mechs earlier in the area), and hand over 9 Ether Cylinders. Return to the Ferronis.
                              • Head back to Farlaine Underpass and fight a boss.

                              Going Home

                              • Speak with Seeker in Agnus Castle area. Then speak with Darnie at the docks. Then operate the floodgates.
                              • Then you have to head to Farview Cape and defeat the enemies.
                              • This gives you access to the City again, so is a pre-requisite for future quests from there.

                              The Three Fiends

                              • After completing Going Home, Listen to "Castle Prisoners" infos (two parts) in Castle Agnus at the Ascension Grounds, then discuss.
                              • Meet with Soona at the  Ascension Grounds.
                              • You have two options to clear this quest. One is to simply fight the trio by talking to Soona, and the other option is to complete the three subquests, which involve finding info on each prisoner.
                              • You get more rewards for completing the three subquests instead of fighting.
                              • Sub-Quests
                                • Three Fiends: Tohma - collect "Tohma's Situation" info x3, then discuss, then speak to Tohma and choose to tell Soona.
                                • Three Fiends: Xera - collect "Xera's Situation" info x4, then discuss, then speak to Xera and choose to tell Soona.
                                • Three Fiends: Jhodor - collect "Jhodor's Situation" info x4, then discuss, then speak to Tohma Jhodor choose to tell Soona.
                                • All of the infos are found either at the  Ascension Grounds or elsewhere around Angus Castle and Prison.

                              Seeker's True Intent

                              • After completing Going Home, Listen to "Seeker's Rumors" information (two parts) infos in Castle Agnus at the Ascension Grounds, then discuss.
                              • Collect "Seeker's Identity" infos (four parts) in the Agnus port region of Cadensia, then discuss. Then talk to Seeker in Agnus Castle area. 
                              • Talk to Darnie at the port, give her items, then return to Seeker.

                              Shock to the System

                              • Obtained at a ? symbol in the City.
                              • Head to the hospital for a scene.
                              • You need to collect three items:
                                • Roccodori Root is a quest-specific collectable obtained at Sandbar Isle.
                                • Egg Seed - I believe these can be obtained in the area east of the Agnus docks, near the Arduns found east of the Mulus Depot landmark.
                                • Heavy Pomegranate - These are somewhat rare. These can be obtained in the area east of the Agnus docks near the Levnis Workyard Entrance Landmark, at the Colony Mu flowerfield, near the Prison Camp, Freight Gate landmark, and the Pioneer's Inlet landmark.
                              • Return to Hollis.

                              Life in the City

                              • Listen to "The Colony 15 Folk" info in City, then discuss.
                              • Head to the three locations marked on the map. You'll soon be asked to go to the marker on Daedal Isle.
                              • There's a choice here: "Hand over Torto" or "Protect Torto" - but it doesn't matter which you pick.
                              • Head back to the marker in the city. You'll soon fight some level 50ish enemies.

                              Joulietta and Romero

                              • Listen to two infos in City for "Joulietta's Attitude", then discuss
                              • You can talk to either Joulietta or Romero. Joulietta is optional, so talk to her first.
                              • Go to the port. Then you can choose to join the vanguard or rearguard. It seems choosing rearguard leads to a slightly better affinity outcome.


                              • Listen to two infos in City for "City Discontent", then discuss
                              • Talk to Travis in War Room. Then travel to Vinisog Holm in Erythia Sea. Fight a battle, then a scene.

                              New Developments

                              • Listen to Info in Colony Lambda for "Colony Lambda Defenses", then discuss
                              • Talk to Varen in Colony Lanbda. Then head to Old Way Camp.
                              • After a scene, head west of Myma Gate.
                              • Head to the Great Cotte Falls. Then head back to Old Way Camp.
                              • Talk to Varen at Colony Lambda.


                              • Listen to "Moraine and Shijima" info in Colony Lambda, then discuss. Likely requires completion of "The Lost Off-Seer".
                              • An easy quest. Follow the markers. You'll fight an Agnus assault team near the Colony.
                              • Continue to follow the markers in the Colony. You'll fight another Agnus assault team around Titan Rock Camp.
                              • Speak to Isurd back at Colony Lambda.

                              Effervescent Heart (Isurd Ascension Quest)

                              • Obtained at a ? In Colony Lambda after completing "New Developments". Isurd is required.
                                • Requires Taion at Rank 10 with Tactician
                              • Collect 3 info in City "Natural Spas", then discuss. Talk to Kotan, marked on the map neat the cafe in City. You'll have to climb up the ladder behind the Michiba Canteen.
                              • You have to head to the Geothermal Belt area in Cadensia. You'll fight some enemies once you reach the spa.

                              Culinary Repertoire (Riku/Manana Ascension Quest)

                              • Obtained at a ? in Inlet Camp in Erythia Sea. Requires Manana/Riku in the party.
                                • Requires Sena at Rank 10 with Yumsmith
                              • Head to Fifth Pillar Remnant landmark on Daedal Isle. Fight some Crustips.
                              • You have to prepare a meal. I picked 'Cerise-Caprice Acqua Pazza'.
                              • Follow Tempapa.
                              • You'll have to collect Lagoonite, Wyrdstone, Acid Resistant Quarmu Shell (Quest only), and Samon's Thing.
                                • Go to Samon in City to get his quest item.
                                • Quarmu can be fought in the south part of Erythia Sea for their quest items.
                                • If you need more, I found Lagoonite on the landmass with the Cascade Crossroads landmark, and Wyrdstone near Hargan Point Camp
                              • Return to Tempapa on Daedal Isle.

                              [Sub-Quest] Extracurricular Lesson

                              • This is a part of the "Teach's Teachers" quest you started way back in Chapter 3.
                              • Check the teaching board in Colony Gamme for "Tutor: Mio", then discuss
                              • Head to the marker in Colony Gamma. Follow Kyrie.
                              • There's a choice here: "Hesitate to go that way." or "Go and take a look."
                              • These choices lead to different affinity chart outcomes, but neither seems to be preferable to the other.  The first (hesitate) causes Foots to be upset with Kyrie, the second (taking a look) causes Foots to be upset with Zakir.
                              • Follow Kyrie to a fight. 
                              • Watch a scene and then follow Kyrie to another fight. Then follow her again for a final scene.

                              Shadow of Enmity (Teach Ascension Quest)

                              • ? in Colony Gamma after "Extracurricular Lesson". Teach required for ? to show up.
                                • Requires Mio at Rank 10 with Thaumaturge
                              • Head to Everblight Plain. Head to the three containers and then fight a group at each.
                              • After some scenes, you'll fight another boss.
                              • After finishing this quest, you can finally head back to Colony Gamma to complete Teach's Teachers.

                              Beyond Mercy and Revenge

                              • Listen to info in Colony 4 for "Colony 4 Revitalized", then discuss
                              • Talk to Laszlo in Colony 4. Then Oleshandra, then Bolearis.
                              • Collect 3 infos for "The Poisoner" around the colony, then discuss.
                              • The true culprit is
                                • Jeremy, from the tactician squad.
                              • Talk to Laszlo, then Maxie, then head to the desert. Follow the tracks then fight a boss.

                              A Burning Curiosity, Part 2

                              • After completing "Beyond Mercy and Revenge", head to the ? in Colony 4 Hangar
                              • Head to the marker on the Lavi Sandbar. Fight a boss, then head back to Colony 4.

                              My Memories (Triton Ascension Quest)

                              • Put Triton in the party, and cook Manana's Battle Soup with Manana at any campsite.
                                • I'm not certain if there are other requirements for this. Likely other quests involving Colony 15 characters in City.
                                • Requires Lanz at Rank 10 with Soulhacker
                              • Get the info "Manana's Cooking", then discuss.
                              • Head the spots near Colony Gamma, near Colony Lambda, and at the hovering reefs.

                              Alexandria's Birthday

                              • Listen to two "Alexandria's Birthday" rumors in Colony Iota, then discuss. Alexandria is required.
                              • Talk to the 3 characters in Colony Iota, plus Chelle in the Hidden Stash area of Torus Hollow, to get "Chickadee's Location" info. Discuss.
                              • Head to the marker near Purus Palecolumn and defeat the Feris.

                              I'm a Mechanic (Valdi Ascension Quest)

                              • Fill out Repapa's "Phase 4" and "Phase 5" item collection requests ("The True Culprit" required). Put Valdi in your party and talk to Yuzet.
                                • Requires Lanz at Rank 10 with War Medic
                              • Talk to Isurd in Colony Lambda.
                              • Go to the marker in the Great Cotte Falls to defeat the enemies. Then talk to Isurd again. Then Yuzet in Colony 30. Then Solon in Colony 4.
                              • Go to the marker in the desert area. Fight some enemies, then return to Colony 30.

                               There's No Ether!!!

                              • Fill out Repapa's "Phase 6" item collection ("I'm a Mechanic" required).
                              • Hear "Ether Shortage" info in Colony 30. Discuss (Valdi required), then talk to the three Nopon.
                              • After talking to Repapa, you'll have to send out the Nopon to various Colonies. It really doesn't matter which you pick, as you can always send them out for more cylinders if needed. The amounts you receive are below.
                                • Colony Tau(150), Colony 9*(250), or Colony Gamma(100)
                                • Colony Lambda*(1000), or Colony 11(200) 
                                • The City(400), Colony Iota*(450), or Colony Mu(150)
                                • Colony 4(100) or Agnus Castle*(1000)
                                • Apparently, if you do this quest a bit later in the game, you'll also be able to send Repapa to Fort O’Virbus for 1100 cylinders
                              • After fetching one of the Nopon, you'll count your total back at Colony 30.

                              Dorrick is Online!

                              • After "There's No Ether!!!", fill out Repapa's 'Phase 7' and 'Phase 8' lists. You'll get this quest right after filling the later.
                              • Meet with Repapa in the wasteland west of Colony 30. Get the info "Buddy Blaster Blunder". Discuss it (Valdi required).
                              • Talk to Salazar in Colony Iota, Varen in Colony Lambda, then Samon in City.
                              • Talk to Shinon. Head to Dorrick in the wasteland again and once again hand over items.
                              • You will need to hand over EVEN MORE items after this. Many can be found in the Keves Castle areas.

                              A Farewell Reset (Fiona Ascension Quest)

                              • Obtained at a ? in Colony Mu when Fiona is in party.
                                • Like other Ascension Quests, this will require previous quests in the Hero's colony, in this case Colony Mu
                                • Requires Lanz at Rank 10 with Signifer
                              • After the scene in the flower field, head to Erythia Relay Base.
                              • After some fights and a scene, head to the marker on the Sea left of Inlet Camp. After another scene, return to Colony Mu.

                              The Future I Want To Spin

                              • Listen to info in Colony Mu after "A Farewell Reset" for "Changes Afoot in Colony Mu" (two parts), then discuss
                              • Talk to Tussore. Then go to the City.
                              • Buy two books from Wellwell, then return to Tussore. Then give her food.
                              • You'll be asked to select the first pair Armus. After, go make rain, then return.
                                • You can pay Pitapata 10,000 gold to make it rain.
                              • After finishing the quest, you'll unlock the Colony Mu, Respite Ranch Landmark and Ardun Breeding.

                                Ardun / Armu Breeding

                                This isn't listed as a quest in the log, but is somewhat treated like one. You'll be expected to alternate between feeding the Armus in three stages, followed by selecting a pair of them to breed together.

                                For the three stages of feeding Arduns/Armus, I believe these are the best foods to use, based on availability.

                                1st stage: Pulpgrass gives 25%, you can buy in Colony Tau
                                2nd stage: Cracker Nut gives you 20%, can buy in Colony 9
                                3rd stage: I believe you can only buy the 2% items here, which sucks
                                Dish Philodendron, buy in Castle Agnus
                                Frangible Yam, buy in Castle Keves (you haven't been here yet if you are following this guide sequentially.)
                                Plumage Peach is found pretty commonly throughout the Cadensia region.


                                To solve this quest as efficiently as possible, use the following pairs. There seems to be a little RNG for which pairs can be selected from the start.

                                Greedy and Indulgent
                                Dainty and Adamant
                                Naughty and Considerate
                                Gourmet and Excitable
                                Naughty and Brawny

                                Or the following:
                                Timid and Easygoing
                                Naughty and Considerate
                                Gourmet and Excitable
                                Naughty and Brawny

                                You'll have to make it rain (or wait) between selections. Pitapata can be found at a question mark icon in the Cadensia Region, near the Seaspray Lookout Landmark.

                                Once you finish the Naught/Brawny pair, you'll fight a Moramora. You'll be rewarded some Gold Nopon Coins and the Ranch will now be self-sufficient.

                                Thanks to commenter Xereseo for this!

                                Colony Mu's Resolve

                                • After "The Future I Want to Spin", listen to info for "Lively Colony Mu", then discuss. Requires Fiona.
                                • Talk to Ayase. Then talk to Nico at the outskirt of town. Then there's a sequence of battles throughout Colony Mu.

                                Learning from Lambda

                                • Obtained at a ? in Colony Tau, requires Juniper in party.
                                • Talk to Selin in High Maktha Wildwood. Then fight some Skwarors.
                                • Now you have to head to the marker in the lower wildwood (the Level 70ish area). Fight some Ageshus and Quadwings.
                                • Return to Selin in Colony Tau.

                                Survivors (Juniper Ascension Quest)

                                • ? in Colony Tau after "Learning from Lambda", requires Juniper.
                                  • Requires Noah at Rank 10 with Stalker
                                • Head to the marker in eastern Pentelas region to collect Twineturf. Return to Colony Tau and fight some Rhinons.
                                • Then you'll fight a boss.

                                Water of Rhonnar

                                • Listen to "Strength-Giving Water" info in Colony Tau after "Learning from Lambda", then discuss (Juniper required).
                                  • Juniper will be temporarily unavailable if Survivors is active.
                                • Talk to Nootka in Old Cliffside way in Pentelas region. Follow Nootka then talk to them again.

                                The Hunt of Plenty

                                • Listen to "Raine" info (two parts) in Colony Tau after "Water of Rhonnar", then discuss.
                                  • One part is from Cardamine, the other from Glory.
                                • Talk to Raine in Colony Tau. Then talk to Nootka
                                • Go to the marker Lower Maktha Wildwood. Then head to the Tirkin area in Pentelas.
                                  • If you did not keep the alliance during "Tau-Tirkin Alliance, you may have to fight the Tirkin here.

                                Side Story: Mio

                                • This is a required Side Story needed to complete the main quest. It is gained automatically when you enter Captocorn Peak/Pass.
                                • As usual, follow the markers for scenes, events, and battles.
                                • Once you meet Momama at Tsang Camp, you'll finally have had the chance to meet all the Nopon required to finish the 'Nopon Register' quest.

                                A Twist of Fate (Cammuravi Hero Quest)

                                • Return to Colony Omega after "Side Story: Mio"
                                • After the scene, talk to the Armory Pilot to go to City.
                                • After the scene, head to the Module Warehouse. Follow the tracks.
                                • After the scene, head to the main street. Then the war room after the scene.

                                A Chance Encounter

                                • After completing A Twist of Fate, listen to "News of Eilis" infos (two parts) in Colony 9, then discuss.
                                • Head to the Prison Camp Gate. Head to the markers then return. Easy.

                                The Illusion Returns

                                The third quest in the 'Mysterious Raiders' quest line. :O
                                • Obtained at a ? spot S of Colony Omega after "Side Story: Mio"
                                • Fight the Mysterious Raiders. Leads to the next quest "Inhumanity"
                                  • This quest likely requires "Severed Connection"
                                  • According to RPG Site comment Night Stalker, the quest "Writer's Block" is also needed.

                                Inhumanity (Segiri Hero Quest)

                                • Obtained Immediately after "The Illusion Returns".
                                • Head to the Doctor in City, then the aide in a nearby apartment. After the scene, get info "No.7". Discuss.
                                • Head to Colony Lambda to get a key item, then head back to the city's canteen to cook Onigiri.
                                • Return to No.7. After a few scenes, talk to Segiri to head to Colony 0.
                                • Head back to where this quest began to get the Ferron. You'll gain the Hazard Neutralization field skill. Head through the nearby Nocclia Mire.
                                • In Colony 0, see a few more scenes. Fight a battle.

                                In Search of a Home

                                • After Inhumanity, discuss "Colony 0's Future"
                                • Speak with Ghondor at Agnus Castle. Head to Perimeter Outlet at the very north of Cadensia for a scene. Then warp to Vent Entrance and follow the path into the prison.
                                • Beat up the Warden.

                                Prison Refurbishment

                                • After 'In Search of a Home' in the prison, get info "Life in Li Garte Prison" (two parts found inside the prison), then discuss.
                                • Talk to No. 6. Head to Vista of Rhonnar landmark in Pentelas region. Use the map to find Wheelideeli.
                                • Head to the marker in the lower wildwood. Defeat the level 55 Staahl Gogol. Return to Wheelideeli.
                                • Head back to the prison. You can then refurbish. You should have plenty of money by this point.
                                • This will also unlock Wheelideeli as a vendor. 
                                  • Refurbishment Level 1: 50,000 gold, adds Fabricator near the Perimeter Outlet Landmark
                                  • Refurbishment Level 2: 70,000 gold
                                  • Refurbishment Level 3: 100,000 gold
                                  • Refurbishment Level 4: 130,000 gold
                                  • Refurbishment Level 5: 150,000 gold
                                    • Each level will also add a container to loot.

                                Prison Spring Clean

                                • After reaching Refurbishment Level 1, listen to "Prison Problems" x2, then discuss.
                                  • One of these info bubbles is easier to find if you set the time to 15:00.
                                • Head to the central cell in the prison. Then fight the three battles in the nearby perimeter area. Then head back to the central cell.


                                • After "Prison Spring Clean", examine the Ferron with a magnifying glass icon. Twice. You'll get  "Mystery Ferron" info x2. Then discuss (Segiri required).
                                • Speak with No. 15. 
                                • You have to defeat 2 Mhamamia Antols, 3 Gerran Amoneys, and 4 Eclipse Marrins. Return to the prison.

                                            The Big Unseen Monster

                                            The 5th quest in the Dorin and Bambam cinematic universe. Cool.
                                            • Obtained at a ? at Ladras Camp in Captocorn Peak. Requires "Missing Luggage".
                                            • Go to the marker. Then get 2x Ories Shanks from the nearby Ories enemies. Stop by the Ladras campsite then return to the marker.
                                            • Fight a battle. This leads to next quest "So Much More to See"

                                            So Much More to See

                                            The final tale of Dorin and Bambam.
                                            • Immediately after "The Big Unseen Monster"
                                            • Go to Colony 4. Then head to the hovering isles in Keves Castle region, to the marker.
                                            • Fight the Level 58 Invaiss Vollgull. Return to Colony 4.

                                              Happiness (Miyabi Ascension Quest)

                                              • ? in City Canteen with Miyabi in the party.
                                                • Requires Mio at rank 10 with Troubadour
                                              • Talk to the markers to get "Cooking Contest" info.
                                              • A choice is given between Manana or Miyabi, but you have to do both anyway.
                                                • Miyabi will have you get common items and talk to Boxy
                                                • Manana will have you get rarer (quest-specific) items.

                                              Cammuravi and Ethel Ascension Quest

                                              • This is not a named quest, but take Cammuravi to Colony Omega Lab to unlock his and Ethel's class ascension. Taion needs to be Rank 10 with his class.

                                              Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Chapter 7 Quests

                                              Two characters interact during chapter 7 quests of Xenoblade 3.
                                              So that might be a familiar face for many of you. While some quests become available as soon as you can fast travel in Chapter 7, we recommend following the main story until you receive the required quest 'The Ultimate Vessel'. Then you can catch up with other quests before undertaking it.

                                              I'll also mention one final time that many of these quests are follow-ups from previous quests in their respective regions, and probably require those quests to be completed first. If you've been following this guide, you should be good.

                                              Side Story: Sena

                                              • Listen to "Ghondor's Grumbling" info in City, then discuss (Requires Ghondor).
                                              • Head to Material Storage Warehouse in Swordmarch, and fight the designated enemies
                                              • Follow the markers for a bunch of scenes and fight a boss.
                                                • Note that during this quest, the City will be a little bit more difficult to traverse. 

                                              Colony 15 Soldiers Missing

                                              • Listen to info in City "The Colony 15 Folk", then discuss (Requires Triton).
                                                • There is another set of info also called "The Colony 15 Folk" that lead to an earlier quest "Life in the City." I guess they are just reusing the Info name.
                                              • Head to the canteen in the city with Triton in the party.
                                              • Head to Sentridge Harbor. Then head to Pioneer's Inlet landmark in Cadensia. Head through the trick cave to find the treasure.
                                              • Head back to the harbor.

                                              The Kids' Aspiration

                                              • Find three info parts for "City Children" in the City.
                                              • This quest appears as a question mark icon in SW of the City after discussing the "City Children" infos.
                                              • Go to the four markers on the map. Then return to the SW.

                                              Promise to the Future (Monica Ascension Quest)

                                              • Obtained at a ? in south City with Monica in the party.
                                                • Requires Eunie at Rank 10 with Lost Vanguard
                                              • Stop by the City canteen. Then head to the marker. Then head to the marker on Corne Island.
                                              • After a fight and some scenes, you're done.

                                              The Key to a New Home

                                              • Listen to "Homecoming Rite" informations (two parts) in City, discuss
                                                • Requires "Promise to the Future"
                                              • Go to the Markers to get info "Homecoming Preparations". Then discuss. Then talk to Travis.
                                              • Head to the marker in Cadensia to collect 20x Sophora's Leaf. Then return to Travis.
                                              • Talk to Kryto in the main street. Collect 5 Perfume Herbs, 5 Thinskins, 5 Whisper Tomato. Then talk to Travis again. Then head to the Memorial Hall.
                                              • Head to Michiba Canteen to finish. Get "Homecomer's Key".
                                                • If you take this key to the barracks in the lower SW part of the CIty, this leads to a Thank You Card key item in the Dorms, which seems to be just for flavor and no functional use.

                                              Crusader for Spuds

                                              • Listen to "Spongy Spud Eval" in Colony 9, then discuss (Zeon required).
                                                • Requires Reasons to Evolve.
                                              • Head to Colony 9 Command. You have to choose Choose Colony 4 or Colony Mu. The quest is only minimally different depending on what you choose, and functional outcome of the quest is the same either way.
                                                • Colony Mu leads to "Colony Mu's Food Plight" info, and then "Tau's Potatos" info.
                                                • Colony 4 leads to "Colony 4's Food Plight" info, and then "Tau's Potatos" info.
                                                • Colony Mu - Pon Fried Croquettes - Enemy Gold Boost 40% for 1800g
                                                • Colony 4 - Ta-da-to Surprise - Enemy Gold Boost 40% for 1800g

                                              Special Instructors

                                              • Obtained at a ? in Colony Gamma. Gain Ysorra's Request info, then discuss (requires Teach).
                                              • Talk to characters at the markers in Colony 4, then return to Colony Gamma.

                                              Bearing Fruit

                                              • Listen to "Collectopaedia 2.0" info in Colony Iota, then discuss (requires Alexandria).
                                                • This may require Alex and Valdi Ascension quests
                                              • Talk to Sequoia. Then head to Colony Tau. Complete the Collecopaedia card, then head to the Tau Canteen.
                                              • Return to Colony Iota for a fight.

                                              Past and Present

                                              • "Situation in Colony Lambda" info, then discuss (requires Isurd).
                                                • Requires "Duty" and/or Isurd's ascension quest.
                                              • Go to the Marker in Colony Lambda, then head to the marker in the wildwood. Follow the tracks, then head to the lower wildwood for a fight.
                                              • Finish back at Colony Lambda.

                                              Treasured Memory

                                              • Listen to "New Gate" info in Colony Mu, then discuss (Requires Fiona).
                                              • Talk to Mikaela in Colony Mu. After the scene, follow Triton for a while. Then go to the two markers on the map. Then return to Colony Mu.
                                              • Then, head to the Sandbar for another marker. Then return to Colony Mu again.

                                              Future Trajectory

                                              • Listen to "The New Mu" info in Colony Mu, then discuss (requires Fiona). You''ll see a cutscene back at the Colony if you're not already there.
                                              • Head to the markers on the ocean as part of your patrol. You'll find Mikaela and Ayase at one of them.
                                              • Head to the markers around Colony Mu. You'll find Shu and Kanat at one of them.
                                              • Return back to colony, then to the marker new the flower fields, then back to the canteen.

                                              Knowing Your Family (Ghondor Ascension Quest)

                                              • Go to the question mark at Agnus Castle with Ghondor in your party.
                                                • Requires Sena at Rank 10 with Martial Artist
                                              • Head to the marker in Fornis Region. Then head to the next marker west to a battle.
                                              • Follow the Tirkin Tracks. Then grab the Springroots (quest-specific) at the markers, as well as Juicy Broccoli and Zapcaps.
                                                • Zapcaps can be found north of Tirkin HQ  or near Igna Conglomerate, Juicy Broccoli in climb areas in Rae-bel Tableland.
                                              • Then head to the marker for a fight.

                                              Why So Busy?

                                              • Listen to "Peak Busyness" info in Castle Agnus, then discuss.
                                              • Talk to Seeker at Castle Agnus. Go to the three markers in the Agnus area of Cadensia.
                                                • Kaye has you collect items to the west. Then defeat some Gulkins to access a supply drop.
                                                • Grover has you head east for a fight.
                                                • Darnie tells you to give 10 ether cylinders to Dana.
                                              • Return to Seeker. Leads to the quest "Missing in Action"

                                              Missing in Action

                                              • Automatically after "Why So Busy?"
                                              • Go to Corne Island Camp and fight a battle.
                                                • Note - this quest line doesn't get resolved until the post-game.

                                              The Ultimate Vessel

                                              • This quest is gained automatically in Chapter 7 in City.
                                              • Get the Origin metal from Cloudkeep.
                                              • Head to Welkin Falls and Everblight plain to pick up two more Origin Metal.
                                              • Then two more in the Lower Wildwood and western Fornis Region.
                                                • You'll have to fight in the Lower Wildwood.
                                                • In Fornis you'll have to dig around. different spots while using Manana's hints.
                                              • The last part of this quest will require you to complete "Side Story: Noah".

                                              Side Story: Noah

                                              • This quest is obtained automatically during "The Ultimate Vessel".
                                              • Head to the Keves Castle Area. Like other side story and ascension quests, just follow the markers for scenes and a few boss fights.

                                              The New Inspector

                                              • Head to the ? In Keves Castle after Side Story: Noah.
                                              • Talk to Kite in Colony 9. Then talk to Ulrich. Then head to Colony Gamma for a scene.
                                              • Then head to Agnus Castle.

                                              An Artist

                                              • Listen to "Curious Picture" infos (two parts) in Keves Castle, then discuss.
                                              • Talk to Stefaan at the marker. Then talk to Wellwell in City. Return to Stefaan.
                                              • Put Fiona in the party and talk to Stefaan again.
                                                • You can sell the Portrait of K to Wellwell in the City for 200,000 gold.

                                              Leaders in Training

                                              • Listen to "Leaders-in-Training" info in Keves Castle from Heath, then discuss.
                                              • Head to the marker in the training yard, then you have to defeat 10 Designated Owja Ropls.

                                              The Castle Guard

                                              • Listen to info "Captain of the Guard" in Keves Castle after "Leaders in Training", discuss it.
                                              • Talk to Sigrun. Then talk to Heath. Then you'll have a large handful of fights in order to clear the quest.

                                              A Dark Cloud

                                              • Listen to "Rumblings at the Mine" info after "The Castle Guard" in Keves Castle (two parts, from Heath and Wynonna), then discuss.
                                              • Head to the marker in the reefs areas. Talk to Gustav.
                                              • Get "Ether Mine Check" info at the markers. Discuss, then return to Gustav.
                                              • As you finish the quest you get one of two "Rumblings at the Fort" infos.

                                              The True Inspector

                                              • After "A Dark Cloud", listen to a second "Rumblings at the Fort" info in Keves Castle, then discuss.
                                                • The exact conditions to spawn the 2nd info bubble to activate this quest are not 100% clear. The 2nd info can be heard near the entrance to the thin alleyway in the west-center of the fort after changing the time to around noon. The quests "The New Inspector" and "Missing in Action" seem to be required.
                                              • Head to the marker. After the fight, head to Agnus Castle for a scene, then the Agnus Harbor in Cadensia.
                                              • You'll have to fight a large number of enemies at the harbor and a boss to finish the quest.

                                              The Final Cog

                                              • After "Side Story: Noah", listen to "Dorrick Complete" info in Colony 30 after "Dorrick is Online", then discuss.
                                              • Head to the Marker for a fight.

                                              Contrary Emotions

                                              • "Side Story: Noah", run to the ? in the Prison, get "Sena and No. 9" info. Then Discuss.
                                              • Head to the marker. Then the next. Then head to where Colony 0 used to be in Upper Aetia.
                                              • Talk to Giddygiddy in Keves Castle area. Collect 3 Harmony Ebony and return. Then talk to No. 9 in the prison.

                                              Acknowledging Feelings

                                              • Listen to "Colony 0 Duties" info (two parts) in Prison after "Contrary Emotions", then discuss.
                                                • One of these is an interaction between No. 9 and Wheelideeli near a ? icon.
                                              • Talk to No. 8. Follow and then talk to him again. Then head to No. 10 in City.
                                              • Follow No. 10 for a while. Head to the Markers in Cadensia Region and lower Wildwood.
                                              • Return to Leeanne in the City. Then return to No. 8 in the prison.

                                              Invisible Bond (Segiri Ascension Quest)

                                              • After "Acknowledging Feelings", put Segiri in your party and head to the Prison.
                                                • Requires Sena at Rank 10 with Machine Assassin
                                              • Talk to No. 6. Then head to the marker in Colony Lambda. Follow the marker for a few scenes. Then head to Colony 4.
                                              • Head to the marker in the Dannagh Desert. Then follow the trail. Keep following for a scene.
                                              • Fight a battle, then a few more scenes and you are done.

                                              New Names

                                              • Obtained at a ? in prison after "Invisible Bond", get "The Name "Segiri"" info, then discuss.
                                              • Head to the 3 points marked on the map. Then the two more to get 5/5 info for "A Need for Names". Then discuss.

                                              A Deep-Seated Scar (Ashera Ascension Quest)

                                              • After "Side Story: Noah", put Ashera in your party and head to a ? symbol on Old Kana Battlefied in the south part of the Fornis Region.
                                                • Requires Eunie at Rank 10 with Lone Exile
                                              • Head to the area where you first met Ashera. Fight through until you get to Colony 11. Follow the markers for a few scenes.
                                              • Head to the marker, which is a new island. After a scene, you'll be in a fight, and then another scene.

                                              Festival of War

                                              • ? in Colony 11 after "A Deep-Seated Scar"
                                              • After the initial scene, put Teach in your party and return to Colony 11. You'll then do a series of battles.


                                              • After "Festival of War", ? in Colony 11.
                                                • May have needed to do "The Castle Guard" first
                                              • Talk to Zoren in Colony 11. Then talk to Sigrun in Fort O'Virbus. Twice.
                                              • Go to the markers in Keves Castle for a variety of fights and scenes. One of the objectives will have you going back to the Keves Fort area temporarily.
                                              • Return to Sigrun.

                                              Uniting the Seven Nopon

                                              • After "The Ultimate Vessel", head to the ? in Sentridge Harbor.
                                              • You have to find the Nopon with hammers on their back. They are:
                                                • Tempapa on the north side of Daedal Isle (north of Fifth Pillar Remnant landmark; I assume you have to have completed Riku and Manana's Ascension quest "Culinary Repertoire". It's the island with the big kaiju-like monsters.)
                                                • Gingin in his treehouse in Lower Wildwood
                                                • Burrburr in Sage's Domicile (the Nopon Coin Trade Place)
                                                • Panepane at Hillside Ferronis Hulk
                                                • Fixifixi in Li Garte Prison Camp. You need to have done the Segiri Hero Quest and moved the Colony 0 residents into this area. You need Valdi in your party in order to speak with him.
                                              • Then head to Colony 9, and return to Samon in the City.
                                              • You'll unlock the ability to update your weapons using the Origin shards you've found throughout the game. 

                                              Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Post-Game Quests

                                              Once the story is over, a handful of quests unlock. Below here will be spoilers for those final quests - and if you want to just read about what happens at the end-game, check our New Game Plus and Post Game Content guide. Otherwise, keep scrolling...
                                              A spoiler warning buffer image for Xenoblade 3.
                                              Double spoiler warning, just in case people don't get it.
                                              A final image that serves to warn fans that spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 side quests lay beyond this point.

                                              Nia and Melia Hero Quest

                                              • This is not a named quest but you can now recruit Nia and Melia as your final two Heroes.
                                                • Find Melia at Keves Castle 1F
                                                • Find Nia at Cloudkeep.

                                              The Path I Forge

                                              • Listen to "Tension in the City" infos (two parts) in Agnus Castle, then discuss (Ghondor required).
                                              • Talk to Seeker in Agnus Castle. Then head to the marker in the Cadensia region (where you can shuttle to City).
                                              • Follow Seeker in City. After a scene, pick up the ring and return it to Coralie. After a little more walking, you're done.


                                              • Head to the ? in City near the canteen with Triton in your party.
                                              • Head to the marker in the high wildwood. Then head to the low wildwood and head to the magnifying glass on the south side. Head back to Michiba's.
                                              • After the scene, head to the Remembrance Stones.

                                              Nia Events

                                              • This is not a named quest, but once recruited, Nia has 4 events around the world, each marked with a question mark, leading to a scene and a bit of info.
                                                • Founder Shrine in City
                                                • Agnus Castle
                                                • Saffronia Tree at Fornis Region
                                                • Tower Camp in Pentelas Region

                                              Grasping My Future (Nia Ascension Quest)

                                              • After witnessing the 4 Nia scenes, discuss with Nia.
                                                • When you first get the ability to discuss this at a campsite, Nia and the party may just decide to "just think it over", and not proceed with the Ascension quest. According to a tip by @Yumedayou, Mio needs to be at Rank 10 in Nia's Lifesage class in order for the quest to proceed from here.
                                              • Head to Cavity for a scene.

                                              From Atop Her Throne (Melia Ascension Quest)

                                              • Head to the Keves Throne Room with Melia.
                                                • The requirement for this quest is simply be to get Noah at Rank 10 with Melia's Royal Summoner Class (thanks @Yumedayou!)
                                                • You also seem to have to have recruited all other heroes.
                                              • You have to complete three subquests:
                                                • Colony 9's Backup -  head to the marker in Colony 9. Then head to the markers in the region to the South, then return.
                                                • Friction With Agnus - head to the marker in Castle Agnus. Then head to the markers for a fight.
                                                • The City Pep Talk - Head to the War Room in City. Then follow the markers. The choice does not seem to matter. Then head back to Keves Castle 4F
                                              • As a final aside, with Melia in your party, you can now access the room past the Keves Castle 4F throne room.