How to evolve Cetoddle into Cetitan in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pure ice-type Pokemon are relatively rare, but Pokemon Scarlet & Violet address thisd with the addition of Cetoddle and Cetitan, a new evolutionary line of ice-type Pokemon that are basically like giant, icy whales. As a new Pokemon, players are only just learning about it, including how to evolve Cetoddle into Cetitan.

You'll be able to catch a Cetoddle, the more manageable and childish form of this new Pokemon, up in the Glaseado Mountains in both Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. The higher up the mountain you are, the more of these it seems will spawn - higher up the mountain, they're practically impossible to avoid. They also show up in 3-Star Tera Raid Battles, if you'd prefer to catch one that way.

The ones up in the mountains start at around Level 33, which means that if you're up there on your way to the Glaseado Gym as recommended in our Gym Levels & Order guide, you'll already be more than powerful enough to take these critters on. Once you've caught one, however, you then have to figure out how to evolve it...

How to evolve Cetoddle into Cetitan

Cetoddle become increasingly common, even roaming in packs, the higher up the mountains you go.

Once you've caught a Cetoddle, the next job is to evolve it into its adult form, the powerful Cetitan. Unfortunately, however, this isn't a Pokemon that just evolves by virtue of leveling it up: no, Cetoddle to Cetitan is one of those pesky item-based evolutions. Given this Pokemon's type, you can probably guess where this is going, right?

To evolve Cetoddle into Cetitan, you'll need an Ice Stone

As with other Pokemon that require an Ice Stone to evolve in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (such as Eevee, which can evolve into Glaceon), all you need to do is obtain an Ice Stone and then use it on the Cetoddle - it'll then immediately and instantly evolve into Cetitan.

To evolve Cetoddle to Cetitan, you'll need to find one of the few Ice Stones in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

The Ice Stone is available as a loot drop throughout the Glaseado Mountain area, though the easiest place to get one is in the Dalipaza Passage. There's a Poke Center and fast travel point at the passage - closest to the northern edge of the great crater in the middle of Paldea. There's an Ice Stone sitting on a ledge here, within view of the Pokecenter. Just head up and into the passage to grab it.