Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order: Best Progression for each Gym, Base, and Titan

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet feature a big change for the series - being completely open world, which means you can choose the order you battle gyms, plus similar open-ended design for Titan Pokemon and Team Star Bases, the other two main story progression routes.

Since you can go anywhere from very early on, the purpose of this page is simple: it’ll offer up a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order  for the Victory Road challenge meaning a suggested order in which you travel around the world and topple the Pokemon Gyms on the way to becoming Champion. We also feature optimum orders for Starfall Street and Path of Legends, the other two parts of the main progression where you take on Team Star bases and hunt Titan Pokemon.

As well as listing an optimum order for the Victory Road Gym Challenge, we also offer a Starfall Street order and Path of Legends order, detailing the best order to take on Team Star bases and hunt Titan Pokemon. You can also pair it with our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Type Chart to strategize before taking each challenge on.

With this Gym, Team Star Base, & Titan Pokemon progression guide, you should be able to figure out what to do first, and then from there what to do then, with our handy guide listing what level the opposition you face will be in a general, spoiler-free way.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order: best Victory Road sequence

This image shows off the best Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym order, showing what sequence you should challenge the gyms in.

Despite being scattered around the map in a relatively random-feeling fashion, there is an obvious Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order baked into the game’s design - with the eight gyms having a gentle, manageable difficulty and progression curve more like that in traditional Pokemon games - if you know the right order to tackle them in!

Each gym is themed after a Pokemon type, as ever. Here’s the best Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order to take them on - use our list, or the image above!

  • First Gym - Cortonodo Bug-type: Recommended Level: 12+
    • Katy, the Gym Leader here, has the lowest level Pokemon you’ll find in Gym Encounters, with the highest-level Pokemon you’ll face just Level 15.
    • Katy and the first of the gyms in our Gym Order list is found in the south-west of the map, in Area 2’s South Province.
    • As a bug-type gym leader, Katy’s Pokemon are particularly weak to Fire, Flying, and Rock-type Pokemon.
  • Second Gym - Artazon Grass-type: Recommended Level 15+
    • Brassius fields three Pokemon, and the highest level Pokemon you’ll face here is Level 17.
    • Artazon Gym is in the south-east of the Paldea region map, in the town found in Area 1’s East Province.
    • To annihilate Brassius’ team, try bringing Fire, Bug, Ice, Flying, or Poison-type Pokemon.
  • Third Gym - Levincia Electric-type: Recommended Level 21+
    • Gym leader Iono uses four Pokemon, the highest level of which is Level 24. 
    • Find the Electric gym at Levincia, a town on the mid-east of the map, in Area 3’s East Province.
    • Bring along Rock or Ground-type Pokemon to really give Iono’s team a hard time - but beware of the initial typing of her final Pokemon, which is a natural ghost-type. 
    • To unlock the gym battle, you'll need to play hide-and-seek. We've got the Electric Gym Test Mr. Walksabout puzzle solutions if you need 'em.
  • Fourth Gym - Cascarrafa Water-type: Recommended Level 27+
    • Water gym leader Kofu uses three Pokemon. The strongest is Level 30. 
    • Find Cascarrafa town, and the gym, on the mid-west of the map, nestled near the borders of Area 1 and Area 2 of the West Province.
    • Naturally, Electric and Grass-type Pokemon will be particularly good against the Water-types, but watch out for the Fighting and Ice type final Pokemon.
  • Fifth Gym - Medali Normal-type: Recommended Level 33+
    • The normal-type gym leader is an average chap called Larry - and he has 3 Pokemon, the strongest of which is Level 36.
    • To get to Medali, head just north-east of Gym 4, into the Area 3 West Province.
    • Normal-type Pokemon get absolutely crushed by Fighting-types, but have a backup for Larry’s final Pokemon, which is a Flying-type, which can trip up fighters fast.
    • We've got a guide to discovering the Secret Menu Item for the Normal Gym Test, if you need it.
  • Sixth Gym - Montenevera Ghost-type: Recommended Level 40+
    • Ghost-type gym leader Ryme uses 4 different Pokemon, the strongest being Level 42.
    • To reach Montenevera and the 6th stop on our Gym Order list, find it in the north, icy area of the map, south of area 3’s North Province.
    • Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon will be the best here, but a rock or ground-type will be useful for the very last Pokemon.
  • Seventh Gym - Alfornada Psychic-type: Recommended Level 42+
    • Stop 7 in our Gym Order sees you face off against Tulip and her Psyshic Pokemon. The strongest of them is Level 45. 
    • Tulip’s gym can be found in the south-west corner of Paldea, in Area 6’s South Province. 
    • Bug and Dark-type Pokemon are particularly good here, but Ghost, Poison, and Steel types will exploit the type weakness too.
  • Eighth Gym - Glaseado Ice-type: Recommended Level 45+
    • The 8th and final recommendation in our gym order is Glaseado Gym, where Grusha faces you with 4 ice-type Pokemon that are, at their highest, level 48.
    • Glaseado and its gym is just south of Gym 6, up in the icy mountains in the north middle of the map.
    • Fire-type Pokemon are king here, but Fighting, Rock, and Steel will also make this gym more of a breeze. Not the icy kind of breeze, either.

After you finish all eight gyms, there's of course a final component of this storyline. It's totally possible to continue straight on to this right after finishing the eighth gym - or you can tackle other activities first. Progression-wise, it'll be doable either way.

Starfall Street: Team Star Base Order for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

A map showcasing the best Team Star base order for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Starfall Street is the name of the storyline that sees you take on the nefarious forces of Team Star, which is the enemy team of Pokemon Trainers in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - a bunch of drop-outs from your school.

Each Team Star boss is hiding in a base, and you can tackle the bases in any order you like - but the following is the optimum Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Team Star Base order, based on the level of Pokemon you'll fight at each base:

  1. The Dark Crew: The combat encounters here will feature Pokemon around Level 21, which makes it the lowest-level Team Star Base to clear out. Find the base in the West Province, near the town of Cascarrafa, where the Water gym is.
  2. The Fire Crew: Battles with The Fire Crew and their leader Mela will involve Pokemon around Level 27, making it our second pick in the Team Star Base order. The base is in Area 3’s East Province.
  3. The Poison Crew: Pokemon around Level 33 will be your opponents here, including the boss fight against Team Star leader Atticus. The base is in the East Province, Area 3.
  4. The Fairy Crew: Found in the far north of Paldea, the Fairy Crew has powerful Pokemon, around Level 51
  5. The Fighting Crew: The final and most powerful and therefore the last in our Team Star Base Order, Eri’s fighting type crew have Pokemon with a maximum strength of Level 56. The base is in north-eastern Paldea.

Each Team Star Base defeated will net you a bunch of LP - and the more bases you take down, the more LP you'll get. In addition, you'll enjoy a free TM from each boss, themed after the type of Pokemon they use.

After completing the core five bases, there are two further Team Star battles to be fought - and you can tackle these either right away, or save them for later. Their difficulty is in line with the final main base, so you can choose how urgently you want to see the end of this particular storyline. 

Path of Legends: Titan Pokemon Order for Scarlet & Violet

You have a choice of what order to do the Path of Legends storyline in, where you challenge Titan Pokemon.

In the Path of Legends mission strand, you'll be tracking down and battling Titan Pokemon alongside Arven, a friendly NPC. As you go, you'll unlock new abilities for your legendary Pokemon that'll make traversal around Paldea easier - making this one of the sets of tasks many players will likely want to prioritize. You'll also learn more about Arven, his Pokemon, who he is, and his intriguing story.

Here's what we suggest for a Path of Legends Titan Pokemon order:

  1. Stony Cliff Titan - Klawf, Level 20
  2. Lurking Steel Titan - Orthworm, Level 36
  3. Open Sky Titan - Bombardier, Level 42
  4. Quaking Earth Titan - Great Tusk/Iron Treads (Donphan forms)
  5. False Dragon Titan - Tatsugiri/Donodozo

Once all of these tasks are complete, there's again a final stage of this storyline. If you were able to complete the final task without issue, feel free to go ahead and tackle that final challenge - or you can save it 'til later. Your choice!

Full Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Content Order Walkthrough

Here's an ideal content order for all of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, start to finish.

If the above is still too vague for you, you presumably came here from our page on What to do first in Scarlet & Violet and really want an in-depth, step-by-step guide. That's what this section is, by the way. Huzzah!

So, yes - in this section we merge all of that knowledge from the above together to provide a handy step-by-step checklist of the order in which you should take on all of the main content in the game. When you finish all of the main content, of course, you'll have... a few other things to do. But we won't get into that here.

Naturally, treat this Pokemon Scarlet & Violet order as a guideline. This isn't even exactly the order we ourselves played the game in first time through - but in raw, on-paper terms, this is the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym order, plus Titans and Bases, based on the level of the Pokemon you'll be fighting in battles at each story objective:

  1. Cortondo Bug-type Gym, Level 14+ / South Province
  2. Artazon Grass-type Gym, Level 16+ / East Province
  3. Dark Crew Base, Level 20+ / West Province
  4. Stony Cliff Titan, Level 20+ / South Province
  5. Levincia Electric-type Gym, Level 23+ / East Province
  6. Fire Crew Base, Level 26+ / East Province
  7. Cascarrafa Water-type Gym, Level 29+ / West Province
  8. Poison Crew Base, Level 32+ / East Province
  9. Medali Normal-type Gym, Level 35+ / West Province
  10. Lurking Steel Titan, Level 36+ / East Province
  11. Montenevera Ghost-type Gym, Level 41+ / Glaseado Mountains
  12. Open Sky Titan, Level 42+ / West Province
  13. Alfornada Psychic-type Gym, Level 44+ / South Province
  14. Quaking Earth Titan, Level 46+ / Asado Desert
  15. Glaseado Ice-type Gym, Level 47+ / Glaseado Mountains
  16. False Dragon Titan, Level 48+ / Cassseroya Lake
  17. Fairy Crew Base, Level 50+ / North Province
  18. Fighting Crew Base, Level 55+ / North Province