Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Secret Menu Item Answers & Clues for Medali Gym

As well as battling the Gym Leader, every of the gyms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet features a Gym Challenge - and for the normal-type gym in the town of Medali, the challenge has a unique food-based twist where you have to discover a Secret Menu Item in a local restaurant. 

This is essentially a small puzzle outside the gym that takes place throughout the town of Medali. It's simple enough to solve - but it's also easy enough to sort of skip through the steps quickly. if you know the answers. That's what this page, our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Secret Menu Item solution guide, is for.

How to Order the Secret Menu Item for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's Medali Gym

The salaried gym leader of the Medali Gym requires you to find the Secret Menu Item before he'll battle you.

When you first enter the Medali Gym Building, the man behind the desk will give you your instructions that'll help you to kick off the Gym Test titled "Order the secret menu item!" What you'll need to do is find clues across the town, and use these clues to figure out what the Secret Menu Item is.

You get a clue, and three Pokemon Trainers scattered around the town will also give up another clue after you defeat them in battle. You can use our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Type Chart to exploit the weaknesses of these trainers' teams - and then get them to give up their clue by chatting to them.

Each of the clue points you to a location in the town which, when interacted with, gives you up part of the Secret Menu Item ingredients. Put them together and place an order for that exact item to be challenged by the Normal Gym Leader. The clues & answers you require are as follows:

Secret Menu Item Clues

Trainer #1: "A dark spot surrounded by stairs" - Fire Blast

  • Trainer #2: "Listen really closely to the Blue Bird Pokemon" - Meedyum / Medium
  • Trainer #3: "The odd-one-out at one of the Ice Cream stands" - Grilled Rice Balls
  • Your Clue: "How the regulars season their dishes" - A nice squeeze of Lemon

Normal Gym Test Solutions: The Secret Menu Item revealed

The correct Secret Menu Item Order in full for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Medali Gym Test.

This, ultimately, gives you your answer. You want to order in exactly this manner when the game gives you the necessary prompts:

  1. Grilled Rice Balls
  2. Medium Serving
  3. Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  4. Lemon Garnish

With this done, the Gym Leader will agree to battle you - right there and then, in the middle of the restaurant! In terms of difficulty, this battle slots into the middle of our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order, with the leader having Pokemon around Level 35/36. Beat the leader to get another badge! It seems the food isn't bad either.

If you haven't tackled the electric-type Gym yet, consider heading there next - we've even got another guide to assist you with the Hide-and-Seek Test of Levincia Gym, should you need it.