Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Type Chart

Practically Pokemon games are driven by the underpinning system of Pokemon Type Strengths and Weaknesses, and the same is true in the latest entries in the series, Scarlet & Violet. Which can only mean one thing: it's time for our RPG Site Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Type Chart - which will help you to make sure you're always super-effective!

Just as is series tradition, all moves and creatures in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are assigned a type. Moves are always strictly of just one type, while a Pokemon can be either one or two types. In the instance it's a dual-type Pokemon, that critter enjoys the strengths and weaknesses of both of its types. With types and dual-types considered, there's hundreds of combinations of Pokemon types - and that can make keeping track what is strong and weak in any given situation difficult. While Type isn't a total be-all, end-all, it will make your life a lot more difficult if you don't engage with the Type system fully.

This page features two key versions of the Type Chart, so you can choose your favorite way to view the information: 

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Type Chart

Our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Type Chart, which showcases all Strengths, Weaknesses, and Immunities for Pokemon battles.

The above Type Chart for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet actually has its roots in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but the truth is the Type Chart is identical across both games, and this visual representation of Pokemon Type strengths and weaknesses as presented in that game's tutorials is one of the best going. We've cleaned it up a bit from how it's seen in the tutorial, annotated, and now you can use it as a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Type Chart. Voila! In the interests of clarity:

  • Faded dot - Attack will land normally.
  • Red Target - Attack is super-effective; deals double damage.
  • Grey Triangle - Attack will be resisted, and be half as effective.
  • Cross - Move is ineffective on target Pokemon; pointless to use. 

To read this Pokemon Type Chart, you want to pick an axis, and then read across or down accordingly. Like so:

  • If attacking, start from the vertical left-hand column. Find your move’s type, and then trace right to the type of the Pokemon you’re facing to see how effective the move will be.
  • When Defending, start from the horizontal line on the top. Pick your Pokemon’s type(s), and trace down to the move/Pokemon type of your opponent to see how much damage they can do to you.

This Type Chart will prove particularly useful when tackling Gyms, Team Star Basis, and Titan Pokemon. If you're not sure what order to tackle those in, check out our Scarlet & Violet Gym Order & Progression guide, which tells you the order to take on the game's various challenges. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus Type Weakness & Strength List

A Pokemon Battle, where using the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Type Chart to understand type strengths and weaknesses can let you execute particularly powerful moves.

If the visual image chart isn’t your bag, this list below is how we on RPG Site have typically presented Pokemon types for past games. This is a simple list divided by type, listing each type’s strengths, weaknesses, and immunities, both for attacking and defending.

It’s a slightly different and simpler way of displaying the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Type Chart - just click, search or scroll until you hit the type you need to know about:

Normal   /   Fire   /   Water   /   Electric   /   Grass   
 Ice   /   Fighting   /   Poison   /   Ground   /   Flying   
Psychic   /   Bug   /   Rock   /   Ghost   /   Dragon   
Dark   /   Steel   /   Fairy

Normal type weaknesses and strengths

  • Normal weakness to: Fighting
  • Normal immune to: Ghost
  • Normal 'Not Very Effective' vs: Rock, Steel

Fire type weaknesses and strengths

  • Fire weakness to: Ground, Rock, Water
  • Fire resists: Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Fairy
  • Fire 'Not Very Effective' vs: Rock, Fire, Water, Dragon
  • Fire Super Effective vs: Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice

Water type weaknesses and strengths

  • Water weakness to: Grass, Electric
  • Water resists: Steel, Fire, Water, Ice
  • Water 'Not Very Effective' vs: Water, Grass, Dragon
  • Water Super Effective vs: Ground, Rock, Fire

Electric type weaknesses and strengths

  • Electric weakness to: Ground
  • Electric resists: Flying, Steel, Electric
  • Electric immune vs: Ground
  • Electric 'Not Very Effective' vs: Grass, Electric, Dragon
  • Electric Super Effective vs: Flying, Water

Grass type weaknesses and strengths

  • Grass weakness to: Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice
  • Grass resists: Ground, Water, Grass, Electric
  • Grass 'Not Very Effective' vs: Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Dragon
  • Grass Super Effective vs: Ground, Rock, Water

Ice type weaknesses and strengths

  • Ice weakness to: Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire
  • Ice resists: Ice
  • Ice 'Not Very Effective' vs: Steel, Fire, Water, Ice
  • Ice Super Effective vs: Flying, Ground, Grass, Dragon

Fighting type weaknesses and strengths

  • Fighting weakness to: Flying, Psychic, Fairy
  • Fighting resists: Rock, Bug, Dark
  • Fighting 'Not Very Effective' vs: Flying, Poison, Bug
  • Fighting immune vs: Ghost
  • Fighting Super Effective vs: Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark

Poison type weaknesses and strengths

  • Poison weakness vs: Ground, Psychic
  • Poison resists: Fighting, Poison, Bug, Grass, Fairy
  • Poison 'Not Very Effective' vs: Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost
  • Poison immune vs: Ghost
  • Poison Super Effective vs: Grass, Fairy

Ground type weaknesses and strengths

  • Ground weakness to: Water, Grass, Ice
  • Ground resists: Poison, Rock
  • Ground 'Not Very Effective' vs: Bug, Grass
  • Ground immune to: Electric
  • Ground immune vs: Flying
  • Ground Super Effective vs: Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire, Electric

Flying type weaknesses and strengths

  • Flying weakness to: Rock, Electric, Ice
  • Flying resists: Fighting, Bug, Grass
  • Flying immune to: Ground
  • Flying 'Not Very Effective' vs: Rock, Steel, Electric
  • Flying Super Effective vs: Fighting, Bug, Grass, Fairy

Psychic type weaknesses and strengths

  • Psychic weakness to: Bug, Ghost, Dark
  • Psychic resists: Fighting, Psychic
  • Psychic immune vs: Dark
  • Psychic 'Not Very Effective' vs: Steel, Psychic
  • Psychic Super Effective vs: Fighting, Poison

Bug type weaknesses and strengths

  • Bug weakness to: Flying, Rock, Fire
  • Bug resists: Fighting, Grass
  • Bug 'Not Very Effective' vs: Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Fairy
  • Bug Super Effective vs: Grass, Psychic, Dark

Rock type weaknesses and strengths

  • Rock weakness to: Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass
  • Rock resists: Normal, Flying, Poison, Fire
  • Rock 'Not Very Effective' vs: Fighting, Ground, Steel
  • Rock Super Effective vs: Flying, Bug, Fire, Ice

Ghost type weaknesses and strengths

  • Ghost weakness to: Ghost, Dark
  • Ghost resists: Poison, Bug
  • Ghost immune to: Normal, Fighting
  • Ghost 'Not Very Effective' vs: Dark
  • Ghost Super Effective vs: Ghost, Psychic

Dragon type weaknesses and strengths

  • Dragon weakness to: Ice, Dragon, Fairy
  • Dragon resists: Fire, Water, Grass, Electric
  • Dragon immune vs: Fairy
  • Dragon 'Not Very Effective' vs: Steel
  • Dragon Super Effective vs: Dragon

Dark type weaknesses and strengths

  • Dark weakness to: Fighting, Bug, Fairy
  • Dark resists: Ghost, Dark
  • Dark 'Not Very Effective' vs: Fighting, Dark, Fairy
  • Dark Super Effective vs: Ghost, Psychic

Steel type weaknesses and strengths

  • Steel weakness to: Fighting, Ground, Fire
  • Steel resists: Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy
  • Steel 'Not Very Effective' attack vs: Steel, Fire, Water, Electric
  • Steel Super Effective vs: Rock, Ice, Fairy

Fairy type weaknesses and strengths

  • Fairy weakness to: Poison, Steel
  • Fairy resists: Fighting, Dark
  • Fairy 'Not Very Effective' vs: Poison, Steel, Fire
  • Fairy Super Effective vs: Fighting, Dragon, Dark