Crisis Core Gold Rolling Pin, Gold Shard, Coffin Key & Tissues explained

Most of the items in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII have an obvious and straightforward usage - things like Materia, Fusion materials, potions, and so on. But then there's a handful of random loot items with less clear uses including the Gold Rolling Pin and Tissue, to name a few.

On this page, we explain how some of these items in Crisis Core are obtained, what they're used for, and when they can be safely sold:

Gold Rolling Pin

The Crisis Core Gold Rolling Pin is simply this game's loot item designed to be sold for cash.

The Gold Rolling Pin is the Crisis Core FF7 equivalent of the solid gold items that can be sold to shops for a large amount of money - an RPG staple that always makes me first and foremost think of the Nugget items in the Pokemon series. In Crisis Core the Gold Rolling Pin can be sold for 50,000 Gil.

Aside from this primary purpose of being sold for Gil, you can also use a Gold Rolling Pin in Materia Fusion, where it impacts the Luck Stat of the resulting Materia by +1 for each Gold Rolling Pin used.

However, there's better ways to get that Luck stat up including the LCK Mako Stone, Luck Stone, and even Gysahl Greens - so, honestly, you should sell this item. It's especially coveted if you're going to the path of using Gil Toss, which we picked as one of our picks for the Best Materia in Crisis Core.

Gold Rolling Pins are the reward or in treasure chests across a handful of missions including Mission 6-6-4, 4-4-1 and 8-6-1. You should pick up a few of these - enough to pick up a couple thousand Gil - naturally as you complete missions.

If you want to farm Gold Rolling Pins, your best bet is to battle the special Holy Tonberry enemy found in mission 9-6-2. You'll want to equip the Mog Amulet accessory to boost Steal Chance, and then Steal/Mug the Tonberry. It's an extremely powerful enemy, but this is the best late-game spot to farm for Gold Rolling Pin drops - especially if your strategy for the super bosses involves using Gil Toss.

And, why is the primo sell-for-cash item specifically a Gold Rolling Pin in Crisis Core? This is a good question, and we couldn't tell you...

Gold Shard

The Gold Shard drops as part of a specific quest in Crisis Core FF7.

The Gold Shard and Coffin Key could be grouped together, as they're actually slightly related.

First up, let's talk about the Gold Shard. Despite also being Gold, this item is not made for selling, and in fact is only worth a paltry 5 gil. The item description describes it as "A shining shard of gold dropped by a bomb", and that's your clue of where it comes from.

If that hasn't already jogged your memory, this is from the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim side quest, where for one of the wonders you need to defeat a group of Bombs in a specific way. When you do, this Gold Shard drops, and is key to the wonder. After turning in the wonders side quest, you can sell the Gold Shard - enjoy that 5 gil. 

Coffin Key

The Coffin Keys unlock the coffins in Nibelheim, but any excess can be sold.

As you might expect, the Coffin Key is similar - another item required for one of the Wonders. It's very easy to get more of these than required, as every Sahagin enemy in the basement of Shinra Manor drops these keys, and the drop rate is pretty much 100%. You only need a maximum of four (and depending on your luck, as few as one) to complete the quest, which means afterwards you can be left with a few after it's done.

You can sell Coffin Keys for 5 Gil, which is barely worth the effort, or you can use it in Materia Fusion to get +1 ATK for each Coffin Key used. Either way, there's no need to hold on to Coffin Keys after your visit to Nibelheim is over.


The Tissue is another key item in Crisis Core that you might look in your inventory at and be confused about how you got it. Well, here's your answer: The Tissue is given out as a consolation prize for losing the Number Guessing Game in the Sector 5 Slums, which you first encounter when hanging out with Aerith and during the time where you're Building a Flower Wagon.

In fact, you can participate in this mini-game, like the Squatting game and Wutai Spies quest, right up until you leave Midgar.

Tissue is arguably one of the most useless items in the game. It only sells for 1 Gil, and can be used in Materia Fusion but only offers up +10% HP for every 99 used. There's no other special effect of it. In short, it's useless: don't worry about it.