Persona 3 Portable Part Time Jobs: All Job Unlocks, Requirements, & Rewards

While it’s smaller than in previous games, the Persona 3 Portable Part Time Jobs list is still bigger than in other versions of the game - as the part time work the protagonist can take on was actually a late addition specifically for the PSP title, and now finds its way to modern platforms in P3P’s HD Remaster.

As in the other Persona titles, the concept is simple. The balance of Persona is always choosing exactly how to spend your time - and one of your options is to take on part-time work in exchange for pay and other benefits. 

There’s only three part time jobs in Persona 3 Portable, which is significantly lower than the number of part-time job distractions in Persona 4 and Persona 5. That makes it more managable - and it's even more so with this page, which will help you to unlock them all, and inform you of the benefits of each. 

Persona 3 Portable Part Time Jobs guide

Each Persona 3 Portable part-time job can be accessed by simply heading to the place of work at the right time and choosing to work there.

For the Persona 3 Portable Part Time Jobs, things are actually significantly more simple than in Persona 4 or Persona 5. There’s only three Part Time jobs available in P3P, which is significantly less than in the other games. 

Each job exists to both earn you money and to raise one or more of the Persona 3 Portable social stats - which are covered in detail in another guide, linked just now. Both the male and female protagonists can work the same trio of jobs.

Working a job will be a use of your limited in-game time and cause time to move forward, so think carefully before spending time doing it. Here’s the jobs in full, plus everything you need to know about them.

Screen Shot Cinema Part Time Job

The protagonist can work selling tickets at the Screen Shot cinema in Port Island Station. You’ll be paid 5000 Yen per shift worked.

You can undertake this job during the daytime on days when school isn’t running. Working at the Screen Shot cinema increases your Charm and Courage social stats.

Chagall Cafe Part Time Job

You can work in the Cafe in Paulownia Mall on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, working as a waiter or waitress. The pay is 3500 Yen per shift.

Working the waitstaff job and dealing with the demanding customers will appropriately raise your Charm and Courage social stats. 

Be Blue V Part Time Job

Paulownia Mall store Be Blue V has been retooled for Persona 3 Portable, and where it sold you accessories in the previous versions of Persona 3, in this game it’s the location of a part-time job, among other things.

You can work at Be Blue V on any weekday during the daytime. You’ll be paid 4500 Yen, and each shift will raise your Charm and Academics Social Stats.