Fire Emblem Engage: How to force Skirmishes to respawn to grind EXP, SP, Gold, and more

While some Fire Emblem titles are structured in a way don't allow for grinding, Fire Emblem Engage is actually totally grind-happy, and will let you earn as much EXP and Gold as you want. There's a few different methods that'll work to this end, too - but on this page, we're going to introduce you to a Skirmish farm method that we find to be particularly effective. 

Farming and grinding is particularly useful in Fire Emblem Engage due to how many different systems and areas there are to pump your resources. Many of these feed into each other, too: EXP will help you to level up each of the classes you've set on each character, while Gold is then vital for obtaining Master Seals or Second Seals to promote or change a maxed-out character.

Gold can also be used to make Kingdom Donations, unlocking better drops and rewards - and, of course, you'll want to buy various items to give to your friends on Somniel as per our Gift guide. There's a lot of places to spend each of the 'currencies' within Fire Emblem Engage, basically.

Skirmishes are a great way to farm in Fire Emblem Engage, but you'll need to force them to respawn after a fashion.

While we have a secondary method that's ideal for Level Grinding specfically, in general we recommend the method explained on this page, our Fire Emblem Engage Skirmish Farming method.

Skirmishes will start showing up after Chapter 6, 'The Stolen Ring'. While these additional battles are completely optional and don't move the story forward at all, you can fight as many of these as you desire to farm Gold, EXP, SP, Support ranks, Bond ranks, Bond Fragments, and other various rewards.

Another note, if you are playing on Maddening Mode, there are no Skrimishes.

There's a catch, of course - Skirmishes are unlimited, but they take time to respawn. However, you can manipulate the game to get Skirmishes to spawn more often, and even instantly. Allow us to explain...

How to Respawn Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage


Skirmishes are great for grinding and farming in Fire Emblem Engage, but as mentioned above, once you've fought several Skirmishes in a row and cleared the map, you'll find there are no more you can tackle. However, you can force the issue with the right know-how, which we're about to impart - allowing you to fight more Skirmish battles and continue your grinding spree.

Skirmishes primarily respawn after enough real-world time has passed. So if you wait long enough, more Skirmishes will appear, eventually. But what if you want to fight another Skirmish now?

The answer is simple. The easiest way to respawn skirmishes on the world map is to manually change your Nintendo Switch clock. You don't even have to close your game to do this.

Simply press the Home button on your Switch to return to the mains system menu, head to Settings->System->Date and Time, then manually set your clock an hour or two ahead of the current time, and jump back into the Fire Emblem Engage. The next time you enter the world map, more Skirmishes should show up immediately. Simply repeat this process whenever you need more Skirmishes to appear.

There are four types of skirmish battles that can show up at any time.

  • Skirmish: This is simply a regular skirmish battle that take place at most locations on the world map. You can gain EXP, SP, character Support ranks, and Emblem Bond rank during the battle. After battle you can earn Bond Fragments, adopt animals, and various ingredient items while exploring the battlefield.
  • Training: This is a slightly different type of Skirmish battle that takes place at select locations on the map, usually allied castle locations. These battles work nearly identically to regular skirmishes, except you'll earn a money reward after clearing the map, plus a bonus 50 EXP to every unit that participated in the battle.
  • Silver Corrupted: This is like a regular Skirmish battle, except some enemy units will be replaced with special 'Silver Corrupted' enemies, which reward more EXP when defeated.
  • Gold Corrupted: This is like a regular Skirmish battle, except some enemy units will be replaced with special 'Gold Corrupted' enemies, which drop money when defeated.