Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How to complete Zelda's Golden Horse at Snowfield Stable

Have you heard the rumors of Princess Zelda's golden horse? Well, at Snowfield Stable in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players can start the Side Adventure for Zelda's Golden Horse - assuming you've started your journey at the Lucky Clover Gazette near Rito Village. Apparently, Zelda had raised a Golden Horse; and according to the stablehand, it had made a start when a vision of Princess Zelda appeared, and ran off to the north of the stable - they'd go out to bring it back home, but with the Gleeok patrolling the nearby skies, they're understandably hesitant to do so.

Where to find Zelda's Golden Horse

Thankfully, this Side Adventure is fairly straightforward - all you need to do is find the Golden Horse. Where do you find it? North Tabantha Snowfield; specifically, right below this triangle-like symbol in the picture below. You'll find the horse in question standing around among a group of other horses - while you'll need to catch up to it to hitch a ride, it won't actually make too much of an effort to run away from you. Once you've tamed it, bring it back to Snowfield Stable - take care to avoid a confrontation with the Gleeok - and you'll be thanked for your effort by receiving the horse in question. You'll also be gifted the horse's royal bridle and saddle, which you can use at your leisure.

Notes about Zelda's Golden Horse

Much like the Giant Horse you can find in South Hyrule, Zelda's Golden Horse comes with considerably stronger stats than the average horse - however, it's even better in some crucial ways. For one, you can equip a towing harness to it, allowing you to use it for activities such as the Great Fairy sidequest chain.  Additionally, you can actually upgrade its stats at the Horse God, Malanya! It's expensive, but this does mean you can get the Golden Horse's stats to the max available with enough time and effort. Finally, the Golden Horse will automatically come with the max Bond. Considering how Link and Zelda are implied to have been living together before the events of the game, it would make sense if Link was already familiar with Zelda's horse. Regardless of the reason, Zelda's horse will be a more than welcome companion for Link's search for Princess Zelda. Good luck with the rest of the game!