Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Rescuing Chumin in A Bottled Cry for Help

Hyrule is full of characters, and their troubles - such as the case with Chumin, a fisher from Lurelin Village that got stranded in a seaside cave after escaping the pirate attacks on the village, as part of a larger sidequest chain in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. At Hateno Beach, nearby Hateno Village, players can discover his last plea for help - a message in a bottle, and a trail of brightbloom seeds he set out to sea in hopes that it might lead whoever found the message to his rescue. But those seeds are hard to spot, especially if you're opting to search for Chumin in handheld mode. Here's where to pick up the quest, and where to find Chumin at Mapla Point Cave!

Where to find Chumin in A Bottled Cry for Help

Normally you would want to track the trail of brightbloom seeds around Mapla Point until you spotted the cave entrance, in which you would discover that the unnamed person who needed rescuing was in fact Chumin. Instead of tracking it manually, though, here's both where you can pick up the bottle initiating the quest, as well as the final destination where you'd ultimately rescue Chumin.

Where to find @ rescue Chumin

Upon reaching him, he'll thank you for removing the boulder that was keeping him stranded in the cave - as well as a silver rupee (100 rupees) he'd found on the floor. He also mentions he would love to sell you fish later on, but we've yet to find him in any towns; we'll update this page if we've found him elsewhere on the map. Either way, congrats on saving Chumin from his watery prison!