Upcoming RPGs of 2015: Day One

After building a list of 100 games that would be arriving in 2014, the general consensus was that last year was going to be a pretty packed year what with the games already announced and those that had not yet been mentioned. Aside from some delays and unclear release dates that never came to pass, we still ended up getting a pretty good selection of titles to enjoy.

Well, forget all of that for right now, because this year, we are going to double that. That's right - I have 200 games on this list that I'm going to tell you a little about.

Now, the vast majority of these are dyed-in-the-wool RPGs, but there are a few visual novels and adventure games strewn about, but those are meant to appeal towards the broader audience that we have started tailoring our content towards since last year. Rest assured, though - there are only a few of those exceptions. 

There are also a fair number of Steam Early Access titles, but considering they label themselves as alpha or beta currently, we're looking at proper releases for the year. Some of these games are seeing ports to a different platform this year, but those are again also small in number.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at what has basically been an eye-opening experience for me in discovering these new titles and hopefully just as interesting for yourself. I'll make sure to post links to the sequential postings as will publish a new article every day this week. All release dates are obviously subject to change.

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A.N.N.E. (PC)


Developed by: Gamesbymo

Release Date: TBA

A hybrid between shoot-em-up and RPG with a big focus on exploration. You collect energy from fallen enemies to level up and upgrade your skills. This is looking pretty good, but the updates for this one are rather far between so it's not a total sell for this year, but we can remain hopeful.


After Reset (Windows/Mac/Linux)


Developed by: Black Cloud Studios

Release Date: March

A sci-fi, post-apocalyptic RPG that tries to capture the appeal of Computer RPGs of old like Baldur’s Gate and Fallout with deep character customization and a nonlinear story.


Alphadia Genesis (PC)


Developed by: Kemco

Release Date: January 12th

With a 16-bit art style in the world but battles that take place in 3D, Alphadia Genesis marks the first time Kemco has seen the light of day on Steam after making its way to mobile platforms last year. Kemco games are known for their surprising depth and array of game systems.


Armello (PC/Mac/Linux/Mobile)


Developed by: League of Geeks

Release Date: March

Playing out like a grand adventure in a tabletop board game design, players will navigate their way across the world in a turn-based format, all the while building up their parties through dynamic quest lines and participating in card-based battles.


Atelier Ayesha Plus (Vita)


Developed by: Gust Interactive

Release Date: January 13th (North America)

A remastered port of the original with all of the DLC from the PlayStation 3 version along with a harder difficulty level, new enemies and costumes, and rectifies an issue many fans had by including Dual Audio with English Japanese voice options.


Atelier Rorona 3DS (3DS)


Developed by: Gust

Release Date: TBA

Taking all of the best elements of the Atelier Rorona Plus release with some adjustments made for the Nintendo 3DS platform including a grid-based battle system and chibified character models similar to the original PS3 release. There's no official release, but Koei Tecmo has been really good about localizing these games and the 3DS has been making a killing in the West, so it wouldn't be surprising to see this game later in the year.


Atelier Shallie (PS3)


Developed by: Gust

Release Date: March 10th (NA), March 13th (EU)

The third game in the Dusk sub-series trilogy following Ayesha and Escha & Logy, the maps are a lot larger this time around and removes the time limit feature from previous games. Players can choose between either of the two female protagonists each with their own unique perspective of the story’s events. After enjoying the first two games, I am very excited to finish the arc, especially considering how drop-dead gorgeous this game looks.


Avernum II: Crystal Souls (PC/Mac)


Developed by: Spiderweb Software

Release Date: January 14th

A dungeon crawler with over 100 different towns and dungeons to explore, there is a lot of depth to be found here for people who are into exploring every corner of the game and engaging in the tactical combat that the series is known for.


Aviary Attorney (PC/Mac)


Developed by: Sketchy Logic

Release Date: June

An adventure title similar to Phoenix Wright, our protagonist is Jayjay Falcon, a lawyer defending the charming Lady Caterline Demiaou who is currently on trial for the charge of murder. The real appeal here is the 19th century art design sure to turn many heads.


Axiom Verge (PC/PS4/Vita)


Developed by: Tom Happ

Release Date: TBA

A 2D Metroidvania game in every sense of the word down to its all-too-familiar artstyle. There will be over 60 items and powerups to obtain.


Barkley 2 (PC/Mac)


Developed by: Tales of Game’s Studios

Release Date: TBA

The sequel to the better-than-it-should-have-been Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. Thanks to a very successful Kickstarter, the developers have a lot more money this time around to developer a game they’re billing as molding the best elements of JRPGs with the open-worldness of Western RPGs. Doubt we’ll see all the infringing content from the first game, though.


Below (XBO)


Developed by: Capybara Games

Release Date: TBA

A stunning adventure roguelike-like that pulls the camera way back from the player that can be a bit brutal but makes up for it with its brilliant creativity. Expect no hand-holding here.


Black Desert Online (PC)


Developed by: Pearl Abyss

Release Date: TBA

An open-world MMORPG that is completely seamless; there are no loading screens, no transitions from field to town - the world is gigantic, all built on a proprietary engine that looks beautiful. There will be large-scale siege battles, player housing with neighbors who will visit you, guilds, a dynamic weather, and a heavy climate system that changes based on what region of the world the player is located in and will have to learn to adapt to. There are also talks of a PS4 version.


Blackfaun (PC)


Developed by: Wild Guess Software

Release Date: TBA

An Action RPG with procedurally-generated dungeons, the developers are aiming for a unique experience with each playthrough, which means a lot of work has gone into replayability.


Blackguards 2 (PC/Mac)


Developed by: Daedalic Entertainment

Release Date: January 20th

The sequel to last year’s methodical turn-based Strategy RPG, there seemed to be a lot of missed potential with the original that the developers are promising to fix with this next iteration. From what we’ve been hearing, they’ve at least accomplished that.


Bladestorm: Nightmare (PS4/XBO/PS3)


Developed by: Omega Force

Release Date: March 17th (NA), March 20th (EU)

A remake of Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War that introduces a new fantasy world filled with goblins and wizards that can be controlled as the player’s army, and will also include evil versions of the Hundred Years’ War characters, but retains the interesting mix of strategy and RPG elements, allowing you to level up different classes of troops. Online cooperative play is also introduced to let two players tackle the Story Mode together or take on different missions.


Bless Online (PC)


Developed by: Neowiz

Release Date: TBA

Bless is a large-scale MMORPG will have 10 different races that are divided into two opposing realms – Hierapolis and Cosmopolis. The developers are promising a very rich, heavily detailed world that allows players plenty of freedom to enjoy the game on their own terms. No official announcement on a releae yet but the developers have expressed strong interest.


Block Legend DX (PC/Mac/Linux)


Developed by: dotwarriorgames

Release Date: Q1

A bright and colorful old-school title that weaves JRPG elements into a puzzle game a la Puzzle Quest. The DX version provides upgraded music, new game modes, and Steam Achievements. This one looks incredibly addictive.


Blood Alloy (PC/Mac/Linux)


Developed by: Suppressive Fire Games

Release Date: TBA

A 2D urban sci-fi Metroidvania that marries the combat of Dark Souls with the speed of Vanquish. It includes a branching storyline with an expansive world to explore.


Bloodborne (PS4)


Developed by: From Software

Release Date: March 24th (NA), March 25th (EU)

Similar in atmosphere to its predecessors Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne presents a different approach especially when it comes to combat, doing away with the ability block and instead putting emphasis on an offensive approach, letting players dash and roll around enemies to avoid what is sure to be life-threatening attacks. The gothic art design with the Victorian setting is arguably its greatest appeal. This is definitely one of our most anticipated titles of the year.


Bombshell (PC)


Developed by: Interceptor Entertainment

Release Date: Q2

A top-down Action RPG from the Danish development studio Interceptor who has partnered with 3D Realms of Duke Nukem fame. The main character, Shelly Harrison, has a bionic arm that can be upgraded through nine different tech trees, acting as the core of the gameplay. A few months ago the developers stated that they were re-evaluating the game after the original concept announced in May was scrapped, and is so far been announced for PC and consoles, but no specifics on exactly which consoles they would be.


Brandish (PSP/Vita)


Developed by: Nihon Falcom

Release Date: January 13th (NA), TBA (EU)

After a long period of silence as to whether the PSP remake would ever see light on this side of the ocean (considering the series only showed its face here once for the Super Nintendo), publisher XSEED has done the right thing and localized the challenging dungeon crawler for us. This 3D update features online cooperative multiplayer and even a level editor.


Bravely Second (3DS)


Developed by: Silicon Studio

Release Date: TBA

It seems like a given that Square Enix will eventually bring this one over considering how incredibly successful the original was, outselling Lightning Returns last year in the United States. With the sequel, the story events will take place several years after the original and will feature four new protagonists while retaining the job system. The biggest change is that ryo from Supercell will take Revo's spot as composer. With all the excitement surrounding the series, this needs a localization, and I'm pretty confident Square Enix is very aware of that.


Bullet Age (PC)


Developed by: Halfbot

Release Date: TBA

A 2D action platformer RPG that takes after classics from the genre like Zelda and Metroid with a nice clean look to the art.


C-Wars (PC/Mac/Linux/Mobile


Developed by: Onipunks Studio

Release Date: Q1

A roguelike with a Cyberpunk apocalypse setting with a unique combat system that throws in tactical elements. The developers are billing this as “Mega Man Battle Network” meets “Knights of the Round”, all with some amazing pixel art that the developers have clearly spent a lot of working on.


Castle in the Darkness (PC)


Developed by: Matt Kap

Release Date: February 5th

A challenging platformer RPG that provides an open-ended world to venture around in. While originally slated for release last year, the developer does continue to provide updates so we may see its proper release this year.


Catacomb Kids (PC)


Developed by: FourbitFriday

Release Date: TBA

A procedurally-generated roguelike with plenty of options for character growth and randomly-generated equipment, along with different character classes to unlock.


Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge (PC)


Developed by: White Guardian Studios

Release Date: March

A throwback to the JRPGs of old set in a sci-fi world where players can use the environment inside of battle to help them. The game features a day/night cycle that affects the skills both players and enemies have, along with NPCs that have their own routines. The game will be made up of five chapters, with the first set to be released this March.


Chaos Reborn (PC/Mac/Linux)


Developed by: Gollop Games

Release Date: May 2015

The next title from the creator of XCOM, Julian Gollop, Chaos Reborn is a turn-based strategy game with a heavy RPG influence with a single player campaign and a 2-6 person multiplayer arena mode, and even includes extensive cooperative player options. The game serves as a follow-up to the classic 1985 ZX Spectrum game Chaos: The Battle of Wizards.


Chasm (PC/Mac/Linux/PS4)


Developed by: Discord

Release Date: TBA

A Metroidvania-style action RPG featuring procedurally-generated dungeons, this game features a ton of equipment to pick up, boss battles to test your mettle, a fair amount of secrets to uncover, and different difficulty levels to keep players coming back for more. Near the top of my most anticipated list, for sure.


Citizens of Earth (PS4/Vita/Wii U/3DS)


Developed by: Eden Industries

Release Date: January 20th

A game that’s apparently influenced by the likes of EarthBound, players control the Vice President of Earth who runs around recruiting citizens to help fight battles for him that each inhabit a unique set of abilities with a focus on customization and world evolution. There’s even an online versus mode.


Code Name S.T.E.A.M. (3DS)


Developed by: Intelligent Systems

Release Date: March 13th (NA), May (EU)

A turn-based tactics game from the creators of Fire Emblem, Intelligent Systems, set in a nineteenth-century steampunk version of Earth, the game will also weave in third-person shooter elements similar to Valkyria Chronicles. The game will support the Fire Emblem series of amiibo figures for Ike, Marth, Robin, and Lucina to let players fight as them in battle.


Collectems (PC/Mac/Linux/PS4/Vita)


Developed by: The Layabouts

Release Date: TBA

A monster collecting game that heavily takes after Pokemon Red and Blue especially in terms of aesthetic along with some modern mechanics necessary to enjoy the games in this day and age. The devs want to create a highly replayable experience where each playthrough is randomized and a variety of difficulty options are available like the inclusion of permanent death to raise the stakes.


Corpse Party: Blood Drive (Vita)


Developed by: Team GrisGris

Release Date: 2015

The continuation of the final chapter for the first adventure game, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, Blood Drive looks to wrap up the story of the Heavenly Host Elementary School and the fate of the original cast of characters. XSEED will also be bringing the original Corpse Party to PC sometime this year.


Cosmic Star Heroine (PC/Mac/Linux/PS4/Vita)


Developed by: Zeboyd Games

Release Date: TBA

The story revolves around a legendary spy who has been exposed by her own government after discovering a dark secret . While trying to save the world, she has to avoid her many enemies and her adoring fandom that now know her identity in this sci-fi RPG. The game will also allow players to create and build their very own spy headquarters similar to the base-building mechanics of Suikoden.


Creepy Castle (PC/Mac/Linux)


Developed by: dopterra

Release Date: Q1

Featuring a sharp GameBoy Color-looking art palette with its bright reds and yellows, this exploratory sidescroller RPG featuring multiple scenarios each with their own beginning, middle, and end. The combat itself takes place in turn-based Duels but done in a more kinetic fashion, letting players dish out multiple hits to get the jump on the enemy.


Criminal Girls: Invite Only (Vita)


Developed by: Imageepoch

Release Date: February 3rd (NA), February 6th (EU)

A dungeon crawler, Criminal Girls tells the story of seven diferent delinquents who each are guilty of seven different sins. The player has been entrusted with the care of a crew of girls, each with their own unique histories, whose sins have damned their souls to Hell and an eternity of punishment, and you must guide them to a path of redemption.


Crystal Catacombs (PC/Mac/Linux)


Developed by: Crescent Moon Games

Release Date: January 15th

It has been almost three years since Crystal Catacombs was successfully Kickstarted, and the roguelike that puts a large focus on platforming finally was released earlier this month on Steam. The retro Metroidvania features procedurally generated maps, item locations, and enemy spawn spots, promising a different experience each time.


Cube and Me (PC)


Developed by: Yui Jegnan

Release Date: TBA

This is the first time I have found a title calling itself a roguelite pet simulator, but here we are. An alien life form known as “Cubes” have invaded earth and you must raise them while trying to discover the meaning behind their appearance. When you’re not raising them at home, you have to travel to different randomized dungeons to scavenge gold and treasure to find new equipment for the Cubes to use in battle. Loving the art.


Dark Drive (PC)


Developed by: Rambutaan

Release Date: TBA

Pulling from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Dark Drive is a sidescroller Action RPG featuring various scenarios, upgradeable weapons, and a large map for players to explore. Things are looking a little iffy as to whether this one will be out this year due to a failed Kickstarter from a couple months ago, but let’s cross our fingers for the developers.


Check back tomorrow for Day Two of our coverage!

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