Nioh Guide: Kodama Locations for "Deep in the Shadows"

Continuing on from our previous walkthrough on how to find the shrine kodama in "Isle of Demons", we move on to the second stage! This is going to very important as collecting the kodama here will help you grind at a fantastic leveling spot early in the game. With that, follow our steps to find all 9 kodama for the "Deep in the Shadows" mission!

If you want more Kodama-locating goodness, don't miss our previous page on the Kodama locations in the first level of the game, the Isle of Demons. Note: On this page I forgot to take a shot of the kodama in a few of the locations, but I did my best to angle the camera towards the specific spot they would be. Hope that helps!

Nioh Kodama Locations Guide: Deep in the Shadows


From the shrine, keep running forward for a while, past the precarious cliff and into an open room with the ramp. Head directly right into a room with a big chest. Turn right again, and you should see a kodama next to an already-open chest.


Turn around and run back to the open room. This time, turn immediately right and head through an opening surrounded by wooden planks. Ignore the door to the right and continue on. Keep following this path all the way to the bottom. Turn left, and turn left at the fork to head up the ramp (right takes you to a hot spring). Take the third left into a room with a big chest. Beside that chest is another kodama!


Run back to the cliff area. Follow that same left path, but this time, continue to the very end, avoiding those annoying bats. Head inside, and you should see a shrine. Run into the lit area and run forward until you reach an area with glow-in-the-dark plants. Straight ahead, hiding behind some of those plants, is another kodama!


Turn right and drop down to the room below. After dispatching the large yokai, face left. You should see two black circles on the wall. Hit it a few times and it will summon a giant wall enemy. He's kind of a pushover (just avoid his boulder throws). After killing the thing, run to the small space behind it and loot the corpse for a boss key. Run all the way back to the open room with the ramp. Run up that ramp and open the door at the end with the key. After killing the "boss", you’ll find a little kodama sitting there all scared in the far corner.


Head back to the second shrine, go into the lit area and run straight forward. On your left, you should see a small room with some boxes. Avoid another group of dumb bats, and look left and down. There should be an enemy laying there (if you haven’t already killed it), so be sure to do a falling attack. Run a little forward, and on the left wall you should find a kodama!


Continue onwards, dropping down and dispatching two other yokai. Don’t make any turns, and you’ll enter a large cavern. On your left, there’s a ladder. There’s a patrolling yokai, but there’s another one hiding just behind the bottom of the ladder so be extra careful. Once you’ve defeated it, proceed onward to the very end where you’ll find another kodama!


Go back up the ladder and now head down the other side of the cavern. Defeat the yokai blocking your way, and turn right just before the large yokai just ahead (if you walk slowly, it won’t notice you). Follow this path to the very bottom (beware of a patrolling large yokai). Hug the right wall. You’ll come across another large yokai that you can avoid by simply guarding and staying against the wall. Make your way to the path on the right, just behind the yokai. At the top of the path, you’ll find a big chest - right before it against the right wall, another kodama!


Make your way back to the original ramp you followed to the bottom. Continue along this sidewalk of sorts around the left side of a giant rock near the wall. Stay near this wall and turn left when you can. You will encounter a Kappa; you can defeat it to earn some rare equipment. At the very end of this tunnel is the final kodama for the stage. Congratulations!

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