Nioh Guide: Kodama Locations for "The Spirit Stone Slumbers"


In our third guide detailing the locations of the kodama spirits, we get to the most important stage. In total, there are 25 important kodama to collect in each region of the game, and after doing so, you will have maxed out the drop percentage (25%) the kodama blessings give you at the shrine. There are 150 in all as of the time of this article, so we'll help you get a strong start on your journey.

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Nioh Kodama Locations Guide: The Spirit Stone Slumbers


From the first shrine, run down the path and take a left. Cross both bridges. On the left side on top of a fallen tree is your first kodama!


After picking the little buddy up, turn around and run forward past the small shrine. Turn left at the fork past the rock. Hug the right wall, and behind the house under a tree is another kodama!


Stay against this wall (and watch out for ninjas). You’ll come across a house, and along the left side of the house is your next kodama!


Facing the house, turn left and run forward until you reach a long stone pathway that leads up to the entrance of a big door. There may be two patrolling large yokai, so be prepared. Run towards the big door and turn left right before you get to it. Follow this pathway, then take the path between the two wooden fences. At the very end of this path you should see another kodama! At this point, you may want to turn left and run all the way forward to open up the shortcut to the first shrine if you haven’t already.


Make your way back to that big door at the end of the stone pathway. When you’re ready, open it to fight a boss. Once they’re defeated, go into the shrine door. Once you calm the familiar down and enter another door, to the right near the box that controls the elevator, you’ll find another kodama!


Once you reached the bottom and activated the shrine, while facing it, take the left path. Follow the one path you can take as far as you can before you have to take a right down a hallway. Here, turn left, then right down the ramp. After running forward for a ways, you’ll see a small cave in surrounded by pots. Behind the rocks is another kodama!


Keep on heading the same direction. Beware the yokai with the bow. After dispatching them, climb up to where they were and follow this path. Once you reach the large room, turn left and head down the stairs. At the foot of the stairs, turn right then turn left. Beware of the statue enemy thing. Just beyond, a yokai is sitting all alone!


Turn right and head up the steps, turn left and down another set of stairs. Turn right and follow the path you see. Turn right and head all the way down and up those stairs. Turn left and follow the path until you reach a room with a set of stairs. Take the path right in front of you. Run towards the area where the fire arrow trap is. Turn right and run forward to the path with the lit-up vines. Head up the stairs and run to the very end. Turn right, then turn left. Behind some stone rubble in front of you (aside from the yoka) is a little path to the final kodama of this mission!

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