The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide: From the Ground Up Quest - How to Unlock Tarrey Town

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a number of big old towns available, but one of the coolest quests in the game involves a blank spot of land in Akkala, just north of Zora's Domain. Here - if you know how to get started - you can start your very own town and watch it grow, Tarrey Town.

The steps to do this are numerous, but this is one of the most rewarding side quests in the game. It'd be a shame to miss it, so we're going to guide you through how to get the quest started and then, if you want, how to complete it, step-by-step.

So... let's get started. Minor spoilers beyond this point, of course.


The Road to Tarrey Town - the Hylian Homeowner Sidequest

The first step to getting Tarrey Town built is to track down the guys from Bolson Construction, Hyrule's premier construction company. One wonders if they're related to the builders from Ocarina of Time...

Anyway, if you look in Hateno Village you'll notice some decidedly modern-looking houses. A sign even declares them model homes for the construction company. These houses are found on the South-Western side of the village, just south of the General Store on the map - or to your immediate left if you warp to the nearby Myahm Agana Shrine

Head south past these houses and over a bridge - here you will find an old house in disrepair. Around the back of the house you'll find Bolson.

Chat to Bolson - he explains the house is due to be demolished, and you can then offer to buy it. He'll talk about insane costs, but keep telling him you want to buy and he'll eventually offer it to you for 3000 rupees and 30 bundles of wood.

Getting your rupees and wood

  • The fastest way to grind for rupees is to sell gemstones or to cook unwanted food into meals and then sell those meals at a profit at stores. Gather 3000 rupees as quickly as you can. If you want gemstones, consider searching the lower areas of Hyrule Castle (but be careful), Death Mountain or better still consider killing Stone Talus bosses, since they drop a lot of gemstones.
  • The fastest way to gather wood is to go to a forested area and use either an axe or bombs to fell trees. The old man's hut on the great Plateau is a strong place to do this for a start, and an axe even spawns there. Most stables have some free wood laying around, and most are also surrounded by trees to chop down.

Buying Link a House - and storing your weapons there

When you have the necessary matrerials and cash, head back to Bolson at Hateno Village. Pay him his rupees and wood, and he'll then sell you the home. You now have a house all your own!

From here the Hylian Homeowner quest isn't complete, but if you want you can now move on to the From the Ground Up quest. To complete Hylian Homeowner, you need to continue talking to Bolson - he'll be willing to sell you a number of extra items for your house including 2 additional weapon mounts, 3 shield mounts, 3 bow mounts, a bed, lighting, a front door and a sign, trees and flowers for the front garden.

Each of these costs 100 rupees, making the total cost to complete the project 1400 rupees. Once you've fully upgraded your home the quest is marked as complete.

Ths house is actually very useful - you can sleep there free of charge any time you like, and the 3 mounts each for swords, shields and bows act as a place where you can safely store gear you want to keep without carrying it on you - the only place you can do this in the game.


From the Ground Up Sidequest - building Tarrey Town

Once you've bought your house in Hateno village, the construction compant is at a loss. Chat to Bolson and then chat to Hudson. Hudson will eventually depart - he tells you he's going to the Akkala area of Hyrule, past Zora's Domain and to the North. Once he leaves, you need to follow.

Head to the Akkala region now - teleport to the Dah Hesho Shrine if you have it. If you don't, teleport to the Akkala Tower and look east - there's Lake Akkala in plain sight, and in the middle of it a raised circular island with a small path leading out from the mainland. This is where Tarrey Town will be built, as shown on the map above. Head there.

When you get there, Hudson will be there. Chat to him - he needs 10 bundles of wood. Oblige again here - and if you don't have the wood, refer to our notes above for where to gather it. 

This quest will now play out in phases: each time Hudson requires something and someone new, and you have to find it. If you don't want to go hunting yourselves, we can tell you exactly where to go.


Finding someone strong - a Goron

First off, Hudson needs somebody strong to help him smash the rocks around the area that will become Tarrey Town. A Goron is a natural choice. Head to the Southern Mine (pictured above) - you'll find him sitting by the cooking pot in the middle of the area at night

Tell Greyson the Goron all about Tarrey Town and not only will he choose to go there, he'll take his cute little Goron son with him! Warp back to Tarrey Town via either Akkala Tower or the Dah Hesho Shrine - you'll find the town has grown, and Greyson's son is now manning a store that sells gemstones.


Find a tailor - a Gerudo

Hudson will now request 20 more bundles of wood. This is going to be a pattern, so collect as much wood as you can - you're going to be asked for more a few more times.

Once you've provided the wood he also asks that you find someone who will be able to act as a tailor. Head to Kara Kara Bazaar out in the Gerudo Desert. There, under a canopy, you'll find Rhondson. Make sure you talk to her while not dressed as a Gerudo woman or you won't be able to talk to her about Tarrey Town. Tell her about your fledgling cityu and she'll be willing to join.

Once again return to Tarrey Town - now Rhondson has opened a clothes store and is selling a unique line of armor - Gerudo clothes, but actually designed for men, a nice counterpart to the set you get in the main Gerudo quest.


Find a merchant - a Rito

Hudson will now ask for 30 bundles of wood - he's getting more greedy, and the town requires even more infrastructure. Do as you're asked, and once you do he'll ask you to find a Rito Merchant.

Warp to the Rito Village either by warping to Vah Medoh or the Akh Va'quot Shrine. Look for a blue-feathered Rito sitting down on the decking - he's towards the bottom of the village. He's complaining about his parents, and this is the perfect chance to get away. Once you tell Fyson about Tarrey Town he's excited and quickly heads there.

When you head back to Tarrey Town it'll be bigger still, and Fyson has a general store open that should become your one-stop-shop for cheap arrows going forwards.


It's time for a wedding - find a Zora priest

While you've been off doing the hard work of recruiting townsfolk and chopping wood, Hudson has been getting busy flirting with Rhondson, the Gerudo you recruited. The two are now getting married. First off Hudson needs 50 more bundles of wood, and then he asks you to track down a priest for him.

Thankfully, there's an old priest eager to get back into the marrying game in Zora's Domain. Warp there by heading to the Ne'ez Yohma Shrine, then use the winding paths to get to the area directly above the shrine. There, looking pensive, is a hunched over elderly-looking Zora who is actually an ex-priest. Tell him about what's going on and he'll jump at the chance.

Inviting the guests and attending the wedding

Once the priest is on his way to Tarrey Town warp back there and chat to Hudson, who is now found over by Rhondson's shop. He asks you to go invite his old boss - Bolson and Karson, the guys who built your house. Head back to Hateno village and chat to them to invite them.

Once they've left for Tarrey Town, warp back there yourself. You have to wait a day (stay the night free of charge at the new inn, which priest Kapson is now manning) and then go attend the wedding.

Chat to Hudson after the wedding is over to get one last reward - three diamonds. Your real reward is Tarrey Town itself, however - a new bustling settlement with some very reasonable shops and an inn that's always free to stay at. Nice! There's one final bonus, too...


Grante, the best end-game merchant

Once Tarrey Town is completely open for business and Hudson and Rhondson have been wed, Gante will appear on top of one of the buildings in Tarrey Town - the building to the left of the exit out of town. Gante is the son of Robbie, the Akkala Ancient Tech scientist, but he's actually a merchjant.

Grante's deal is that he sells items that you can only get once but that can be lost. If you get some rare armor from a shrine and then accidentally sell or lose it, Grante is where you'll be able to buy it. If you destroy or lose the one-of-a-kind and nearly indestructable Hylian Shield, Grante will sell another - but he'll only sell these items after you've found them in the first place, and in the Hylian Shield's case after it's lost or broken.