South Park: The Fractured But Whole Memberberry Locations guide

'Member video game collectibles? Well, South Park: The Fractured But Whole has them in droves... and some of them take the form of memberberries, of course. Others take the form of missing cats. These little berries help you 'member the good times, and they really do help to keep grown adults who are slowly losing their minds sane. Or they might be an evil influence; it's difficult to say...

Anyway, memberberries are hidden throughout the world of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, but tracking down all of the memberberries can be a bit of a nightmare - they're small and easy to miss. For your reward, you'll get the title "Master Memberer", and each memberberry will also spit out a few fun lines of dialogue about something you should 'member when you first find them, too. Here's where to find all of them.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole - all memberberries located

Keep in mind that while we've numbered these they don't really correspond to the order in which you grab them - it's just the order we found them in. Some of the memberberries require you to have completed a story mission to access the area they're in, and where that's the case we've listed as such.

Memberberry 1: Inside the Church

Head to the town church for this first of the memberberries. While there's no specific order to grab them, for our purposes we're going to call this the first. If you look to the far left of the church you'll see a jar near the confessional booth and resting against the back of the church pews. Hit that jar to grab the memberberries. 

Memberberry 2: In Skeeter's Wine Bar's Back Room

This one is nice and easy - just head to Skeeter's Wine Bar in South Park, on the far top-left of the town map. Inside the wine bar head to the door in the back left of the building, just past the bar. This is a back door to a store room, and inside you'll find another set of memberberries. 

Memberberry 3: At Stark's Pond

Head to Stark's Pond for a little bit of wildlife. We don't actually want to be in the pond itself, but rather in the muddy, forested area to the West of the pond. You're looking for a ruined red boat that's full of trash - but among that trash, there is treasure. That's right - another little jar of memberberries. Grab them!

Memberberry 4: Inside Token's House

Pay a visit to Token's house - you can only do this after finishing the Operation Blind Justice mission. It's difficult to miss on the map, as it's one of the larger houses that's surrounded by an enormous wall so that Token's folks don't have to interact with South Park's worst. It's above Main Street. Inside, a whole basket of memberberries are just chilling out on top of the kitchen counter.

Memberberry 5: Inside Bebe's House

Since we're already invading kids houses in search of these things, let's go to Bebe's House, which is just south of City Hall. Once again you'll find a basket of ready-to-use memberberries on the kitchen counter - it's only the right thing for you to do to take them away. Confiscate them.

Memberberry 6: Peppermint Hippo's Management Room

For your fifth memberberry, head to the Peppermint Hippo club, something you can only do after the mission 'The Chaos Gambit'. This place is home to some story shenanigans, but we're here for the berries, not a dance. Head into the dressing rooms - they're hidden near the main stage. You want to head through the management doors, and then inside into the management room. This pimped out room has a sweet-looking purple couch, and the memberberries are in a jar atop this very couch.

Memberberry 7: At Mephesto's Genetics Lab

The genetics lab is hidden up in the forested areas outside of town, but it's also pretty hard to miss what with being a creepy-looking lab and all. Once you pass through the gates, head to the far left and keep an eye out for another jar of memberberries just waiting for you in  a bush. Grab them to further your progress. This area is only accessible after completing the mission 'The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto'. 

Memberberry 8: Outside Raisins and near Medicinal Fried Chicken

Head to Raisins in South Park, but then walk right past it. We want to look to the right of the actual restaurant, where there's a bit of road before a parking area where some of the Raisins girls often hand out. There's a log here. If you pass through the gap in the log you'll be able to reach the memberberries in the green area behind it.

Memberberry 9: Outside South Park Senior Center

This is a nice easy one - just head to the South Park Senior Center  and look at the bench right outside the building, just to the right of the entrance. The memberberries are just sitting there out on a bench, there for the taking.

Memberberry 10: Inside Kevin Stoley's House

It's time to break and enter another kid's house! You know, the good stuff. Kevin Stoley's house is a little east of Bebe's, but is harder to enter. You'll need to use the Professor Chaos power to open the garage door, then clumb up to the roof and into the house through the window. The memberberry is on a table inside, near the main door to the house.

Memberberry 11: At the Post Office

South Park Post Office is your next destination, and you'll actually need to head inside to get these. Look for the sign to the right of the counter that says U.S. Postal Packing Supplies - the memberberries are on the bottom shelf of this display. Since the berries definitely aren't packing supplies, it only seems fair to take them. Do so.

Memberberry 12: In the Ruins of Steed

Head past Kenny's house and north to reach the ruins of SoDoSoPa, South Park's ill-fated development project. Head to the very back corner of the area and up to the upper level. In the back right of this upper area you'll find a jar of memberberries just waiting for your attention, so oblige them.

Memberberry 13: Bijou Theater Seating

Head to South Park's movie theatre, the Bijou Theatre. It's pretty dirty inside and is in thorough need of a clean, but that's to your advantage - somebody left their mid-movie memberberries behind. They're on the seat closest to the screen on the left hand side.

Memberberry 14: Hillvale Farm and the Canadian Border

Once you've completed the Medicinal Fried Fiasco quest you'll have access to the Timefart Pause skill; use it to pass the man at the farm you find in the top right corner of South Park. You need to shift the crate to trap the men and then you can head on into the forest. Near the sign pointing into Canada inside the forest you'll find your final memberbery jar.

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