Zelda: Breath of the Wild Royal Guard Armor - completing the EX Royal Guard Rumors quest

The new Champions' Ballad DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a couple new armor pieces for Link to collect, and one of the trickier ones to find is the Royal Guard set of armor. Once you accept the quest EX Royal Guard Rumors, you'll be on your way to finding this new equipment.

The first part of the quest is easy, finding the clues. Accept the quest from the menu and follow the marker on your map to Riverside Stable to find a Rumor Mill book. You'll hear about three pieces of Royal Guard armor stashed away in Hyrule Castle with the following location clues:

  • near the Dining Room
  • in the Guard's Chamber
  • on the Second Floor

Two of those clues seem good enough, although the last one is considerably more vague. We're here to help point out where you can find these chests. Warp to Saas Ko'sah Shrine at Hyrule Castle and let's get started.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad - Royal Guard Uniform location in Hyrule Castle Dining Hall

The Royal Guard Uniform is located in a chest not quite in the Dining Hall, but in a hidden room nearby it. The Dining Hall is a big room that's pretty easy to get to about halfway up the castle, and can be reached from both the outside and inside.

The Dining Hall from the outside

The Dining Hall is full of Moblins, and while they might not pose a threat to you if you are late in the game, there's no real use in taking them on. Where you want to go is the hallway next to the Dining Hall, where you can find a short dead-end path with a couple of bomb-able walls. The Royal Guard Uniform is located in the last nook on the left.

Location of the Royal Guard Uniform (yellow arrow)
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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad - Royal Guard Boots location in Hyrule Castle Guard's Chamber

The Royal Guard Boots are found in the Guard's Chamber, which also about halfway up the castle. The are several ways to get to the Guard's Chamber, we got there by going through the Lockdown and climbing upwards into the hall, but check the map below to see where you should be heading.

Location of the Royal Guard Boots (yellow arrow)

If you are late in the game, you might find a moblin and silver lizalfos in here guarding the chest. You can make things easier for yourself by shooting fire arrows at the platform supports holding up explosive barrels conveniently right above the baddies.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad - Royal Guard Cap location in Hyrule Castle Second Floor

The Royal Guard Cap has the least useful clue of the three pieces of armor. "Second Floor" doesn't give us much to go on. However, it's probably the easiest piece to point to. Just keep climbing Hyrule Castle until you get to where Calamity Ganon is waiting at the Sanctum at top. You don't want to enter the sanctum, mind, else you'll head to the ending events of the game. Instead, keep climbing. Where you want to go is above the sanctum chamber.


If in doubt, just keep climbing, as you really can't go 'too high' and there are multiple entrances to the room where the Royal Guard Cap is located. You'll eventually find a room with some calamity goo and a spiderweb-like ancient structure on the floor. That's where you want to go. Fall into the room and you'll find the EX chest near a statue.

Royal Guard Cap
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And with that, you will have the Royal Guard armor set, which boosts Link's charge attack stamina when equipped. It's probably not incredibly useful considering the low armor rating, but Link looks pretty snazzy in it.

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