Monster Hunter World: Monster Hardbone & Monster Bone Plus - where to grab these vital drops

Monster Hunter World is full of a wide variety of kinds of loot - and many of them are parts carved from monsters. Bone is a particularly useful component - and though you'll be finding a lot of different types of bone, some of the rarer drops are Monster Hardbone and Monster Bone Plus - and these are really useful for crafting and improving armor and weapons.

These aren't the only bones available, however - if you're after Ancient Bone, Warped Bone, Boulder Bone or Coral Bone these are found in a different way, and we've got a page all about that - hit the link to see.

Here, however, we're all about the Monster Bone Plus and Monster Hardbone location. So - how do you get them? Well - here goes...


Where to find Monster Bone Plus in Monster Hunter World

Monster Bone Plus is a rank 4 rarity item and it specifically drops from some of the large boss monsters out in the world. To get your hands on this bone for upgrades, you'll need to battle the following beasts for a chance at the drop:

  • Rathalos (Ancient Forest)
  • Diablos (Wildspire Waste)
  • Legiana  (Coral Highlands)
  • Odogaron (Rotten Vale)

Defeat these beasts for a chance at the drop - but remember, it's not guaranteed and much like the Elemental Sac items these are rarer drops. Read on to learn about the Monster Hardbone...

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Where to find Monster Hardbone in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hardbone is like an upgrade on the previous type of bone, and carries a rarity rank of 6. As you'd expect from that rank, it can only be obtained by taking on two very strong high rank monsters - so you'll want to make sure you've got the best possible weapon, a strong armor set and an understanding of weapon affinity stats in order to take these guys on:

  • Uragaan (Elder's Recess)
  • Black Diablos (Wildspire Waste)

Once you've got it, the Monster Hardbone is used to craft the following weapons:

  • Dragonbone Bow II
  • Elite Commission Axe II
  • Mudslide Blade III
  • Iron Devil II
  • Hard Bone Strongarm II
  • Blooming Glaive III
  • Aqua Slasher III

Monster Hardbone is also part of the following Armor:

  • Ingot Armor Set (Helm, Mail, Vambraces, Coil, Greaves)
  • Bone Alpha & Bone Beta Armor Sets (Helm, Vambraces, Coil, Guards)

Good luck grabbing these bones for your gear!