Monster Hunter World: Finding Ancient Bone, Boulder Bone, Coral Bone & Warped Bone

Monster Hunter World is absolutely full of loot you need to pick up in order to get the weapon upgrades to make your character build soar, and an awful lot of them are bones. There's Ancient Bone, Boulder Bone, Coral Bone, Warped Bone and others - and on this page, we're going to take you through all of those and a few more, detailing how to get them.

The vast majority of these bones, like the ones listed above, are found out in the overworld of Monster Hunter World's various maps. Others such as the Monster Hardbone and Monster Bone Plus  are found on monsters as drops when you fight and kill them in much the same way that items like the Wingdrake Hide or Aqua Sac and Electro Sac are. On this page we'll detail some of those - so let's get down to how to find those darn bones:

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Where to find Ancient Bone in Monster Hunter World's Ancient Forest

The Ancient Bone location should be made pretty clear by its name - it's found in the Ancient Forest, Monster Hunter World's first zone, a place that's quite relaxed and calm in the early game but can still become deadly in its own right later on. Honestly, bone piles aren't difficult to find in this map, most notably in areas 2 and 4 on your map.

As we're going to be saying a lot on this page, bone piles can only be looted once per spawn, but they respawn over time or can be forced to respawn by fast travel. Area 2's bone piles are the quickest to grab from the spawn point of the Northern Camp - if you want, you can then fast travel back to camp to force these same piles to respawn then rinse and repeat. 

Ancient Bones are a random-chance drop from the bone piles, so it might take a few goes to get what you want. Area 4 on the map is also pretty good, featuring another two easy-to-grab bone piles.

Where to find Boulder Bone in Monster Hunter World's Wildspire Waste

Boulder Bone is used to upgrade a variety of really useful weapons including some hammers and armor in the Barroth and Bone armor sets, and some of that armor can be used to buff your character quite significantly. They're thankfully fairly common for a material of this kind, and they're found in the Wildspire Waste area of the game, an area unlocked quite early on.

Much like the rest of the bones on this page, Boulder Bone is a random-chance drop from the piles of bones you'll find scattered across Monster Hunter World's map - on the Wildspire Wastes map mark area 5, 6, 8, 10 and area 12 - all of these have bones for you to farm. The best of these areas for rapid farming is area 5, which is easily reached from the Southwestern camp.

Run to area 5 from the Southwestern camp and then find the bones, harvest them, then fast travel back to camp. This forces the bone piles to respawn, so you can repeat this as many times as you need to get the drops you need.

Where to find Coral Bone in Monster Hunter World's Coral Highlands

The name is a big clue as to where to find the Coral Bone (and while we're at it, also the Coral Crystal, another key upgrade item) - it's found in the Coral Highlands area of Monster Hunter World. It's a random drop, so it's going to require some luck and some patience to find them.

Respawning bone piles that have a chance to spawn Coral Bone are found right across the Coral Highlands, but your best place to farm is in Area 2 of the map where three different piles of bones are found together. Simply follow the path that cuts through Area 2 vertically from north to south and head East when the path forks - there, you'll find the bone piles.

The bone piles can only be looted once, but using fast travel or walking around the map for a bit will force them to respawn. Keep this up until you've got all the bones you desire.

Where to find Warped Bone in Monster Hunter World's Rotten Vale

As we hint at in the title above, Warped Bone materials are found in the Rotten Vale area of the game - an area that is in places beset with rotten poison gas that'll slowly choke your hunter. Once you've worked out how to survive the Rotten Vale's nasty poison gas, it's time to grab yourself some bone-shaped loot: Warped Bones! As many as you could wish for! Well... if you're prepared to do some fast travelling and endure some loading screens, anyway.

Warped Bones are dropped at random from the bone pile nodes you find scattered across Rotten Vale. They're a rare drop, but this is still the most reliable way to get this type of bone.

The bone piles respawn over time naturally, but if you want to force it you can also fast travel out of the area and then fast travel right back to force the various bone piles to refresh. Keep this up as many times as you have to in order to have the number of bones you need for your desired armor and weapon upgades.