Monster Hunter World Boosters: how to get the Affinity Booster, Cleanser Booster and Health Booster

In Monster Hunter World equipment really does define your character, from tracking down the best armor to equipping the perfect mantle  - and another major part of that are boosters, special items that have very specialist use in quests that can make a world of difference when you're out on a difficult hunt, especially in the end-game.

Here on this page we're going to detail all of the boosters in Monster Hunter World and how to get them, plus detail what they do - though the best one, without a doubt, is the affinity booster. We'll explain why, too. Let's do it:

As well as boosters, we've got other tips to help you shine in Monster Hunter World~


Boosters in Monster Hunter World: Affinity, Cleanser and Health Booster items

As it stands now we've found three booster items in Monster Hunter World - and honestly, this very may well be the complete list of every booster in the game. They're all useful in their own way - so here's what they are and how to get them.

Affinity Booster

  • The Affinity Booster does what you'd expect - boosting that particular stat to help you out. It takes the form of a smoke generator that increases weapon affinity while you're inside the cloud it releases. The effect lingers for around a minute once you step outside the cloud. If you want to know more about how that works, check out our page on Monster Hunter World affinity.
  • To get your hands on this extremely useful booster, you'll need to complete every quest in the Research Base. The research base is where you went to before heading to the Coral Highlands. To access this quest line, complete the Optional High Rank Great Girros quest 'A Tingling Taste' - this will then let you start quests for the research base.

Cleanser Booster

  • The Cleanser Booster also creates a smoke generator when used, though this one cleans your hunter (and any allies that get close enough) of any negative status ailments or 'blight' type elemental effects. 
  • To unlock the Cleanser Booster, complete the quest "On Nightmare's Wings". 

Health Booster

  • The Health Booster is a useful one, and thankfully it's actually one that's rewarded fairly easily. It too is a smoke generator, but when replaced it creates a cloud of smoke that when stood inside restores the health of hunters - ideal for creating a healing zone part-way through a difficult hunt.
  • This booster is obtained for free once you've had your first proper encounter with Zorah-Magdaros as part of the story - so just keep playing!