Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to get a Horse and armor, plus how to judge which horse is the best

The world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is absolutely enormous, and if you want to get around it properly you're definitely going to need a better form of travel than your character alone. That's where horses come in - as while some of the more outlandish modes of traverl found in other games aren't available, that mode of transport is on offer in this realism-focused RPG. On this page, we'll explain how to get a horse in the game.

First thing's first: there isn't any one given way to get a horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You can buy a horse, steal a horse or obtain a horse through the main story quest. If you want one fast, however, we're going to detail the best ways to do so here. So... let's do that. Saddle up. 


How to get a Horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance - buy, earn or steal? 

There's a number of ways to get a horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance - so here's a few methods you should be aware of...

Getting a horse naturally through Story Progression

As you progress through Kingdom Come Deliverance you'll get to ride a horse when you're trying to escape the attack on Skalitz as part of the main story. This is a temporary thing, however, and that horse won't stay with you long after that little sequence - it's a taster, nothing more.

Later in the game, you'll be taken under the wing of the nobleman Hans Capon, and one of the rewards for continuing to do his bidding is that you'll get a horse of your very own. This falls into the story quest "The Prey", a hunting quest. Once you finish it, the horse is your reward.

The downside is simple - horses aren't born equal in Kingdom Come Deliverance, with some having better stats than others. This horse is terrible, stats wise - it'll serve you well for getting around, but if you need to get anywhere in a particularly sharp fashion you're going to struggle to do so. 

Stealing a horse early on

One of the easiest ways and times to steal a horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance comes quite early on, and that's when you visit Talmberg Castle and then need to make a hasty escape from the area.

There's a number of ways to leave this area, but one of the more interesting ones is to try to steal a guard uniform, the Talmberg Armor, from somewhere in the castle such as the Watchtower. If you do this and then equip it, guards will let you walk right on out of the castle as if you're one of their own.

There's a great advantage to this: if you're walking around as a guard, you can walk right into the stables, mount a horse and ride it right out of the gates. The guards won't know you're up to no good, so you'll be able to take and keep the horse with ease - handy!

Be careful stealing in general - like walking around with blood-soaked weapons, it can impact your reputaiton significantly if you're rumbled.

Finding the Best Horse: buying Horses to get better stats

You'll find a variety of Horse Traders across the world of Kingdom Come Deliverance, and by visiting one you'll get a chance to upgrade your steed, ideal if you're still using the story-mandated, lower-stat horse from finishing The Prey quest for Hans Capon.

Your first major chance to get your hands on a faster horse legitimately (and legitimacy through not stealing is important if you're aiming for a noble play-through), you'll want to head to Neuhof once you're able to and once the story has passed through there. There you'll be able to wander around the farm's stables and browse their stock of horses.

Each horse has a bunch of stats, but they're also assigned an overall level that's indicative of their general quality. Generally speaking you'll want to aim to get a horse that's as high a level as possible, though the price varies from as little as 500 or 600 Groschen right up to 2000 Groschen or more. 

Our advice is to wait a little before dropping the cash - while the story horse awarded from the mission we describe above is essentially level zero and is even worse than the level one horses, you'll be better off saving some cash to get a level three to five horse - ideally saving up for a level five horse if you can. Whatever you decide to do, keep your trusty steed safe - it's a big world to travel out there!

Once you make that expensive purchase, you might want to take out a little insurance - buying a horse back then must actually have been a little like buying a car, I suppose. You can cover yourself a little with some Horse Armor - more on that below.


How to get Horse Armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Once you've got one of those higher quality horses either through legitimate or nefarious means, you're going to want to keep it safe. Horses are really useful companions for getting around the world, storing items and generally saving you time, and the last thing you'll want it to do is die - especially if you spent an age saving up for that high quality level 5 horse.

In order to get your hands on Horse Armor you simply need to visit a stables such as the one that you can find to the North-West of Neuhoff, the same place where we advise you go to buy a good-quality horse. Horse Armor can be purchased at other stables, too, though this is the first you'll encounter naturally as Kingdom Come Deliverance's story winds on.

The Horse Armor comes in a few different pieces that can be equipped directrly to the horse, and it will again set you back a bunch of cash. Save up your Groschen and perhaps consider factoring it into the voerall price of your horse when you're buying it - you want to keep it safe, after all!

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