Dragon Quest Builders: How to Unlock Doors in Chapter 2 by Creating the Key

Dragon Quest Builders is a game that gives you a fair amount of freedom as you progress through the game’s five chapters. While you do have to complete villager requests and ensure certain items are built, the remaining details are up to your imagination! Of course, this freedom of building and exploration can sometimes lead to sticking points—like say, for example, where on earth you can get some keys to unlock the doors scattered around Chapter 2.


Creating the Key to Unlock Doors in Dragon Quest Builders

As you explore the area of Rimuldar in Chapter 2, you’ll come across some locked doors. Worse yet, you can’t just destroy the blocks surrounding the door—no, you’re going to need a key to get through these doors.

Keys aren’t found in the overworld, though. This is Dragon Quest Builders, so you’re going to have to make the keys yourself.

To make a key, you’ll need to first complete a request for Hazel, a character you’ll eventually save and will live in the village. She’ll ask you to retrieve five hunks of silver, which can be found beyond the Red Teleportal. Once you give Hazel the silver, you’ll unlock the recipe for Liquid Silver, one of the components needed for keys.

To make a unit of Liquid Silver, you’ll need to head to the Herbalist’s Cauldron and:

  • 3x Silver
  • 1x Sticky Liquid

Once you create a unit of Liquid Silver, your Builder will learn a variety of new recipes, including how to make keys!

In order to make a key, you’ll have to walk over to the Carpenter’s Workstation…


Now you can open all of those pesky locked doors that you’ve come across during the course of the chapter! Note that you can’t unlock the ability to create keys before completing Hazel’s quest, so if she hasn’t asked for the silver yet, make sure to keep advancing the chapter.