Dragon Quest Builders: Finding the Sword of Ruin in the Final Chapter

In addition to the main quest of Dragon Quest Builders is a number of extra challenges you can try to accomplish. These extra challenges unlock items to use in Terra Incognita, the game’s free build mode, so if you want to be able to build everything in Terra Incognita, you’ll want to complete these challenges!

In the Final Chapter, one of the more difficult extra challenges is to find the Sword of Ruin, which is a weapon that you cannot build. Read on to find this powerful and elusive weapon.


Finding the Sword of Ruin in the Final Chapter of Dragon Quest Builders

Finding the Sword of Ruin can be a little bit difficult, as it requires returning to the very first area you were in at the beginning of the Final Chapter, which you may not return to much when you get to Tantegel Castle. So, go through the Blue Teleportal to return to that area, and make your way to the top of the mountain to the southeast of the Teleportal.

Once there, take a look around—you should be able to see some tiny lights in the distance, so head towards that. You’ll eventually come across the entrance to a dungeon of sorts; the Sword of Ruin is hidden within. Knock out the dirt blocking your way and head inside!


While inside the dungeon, you’ll come across some skeletons. You’ll have to defeat them in order to get the keys to unlock the many doors inside the dungeon (note that getting keys in the Final Chapter is far different than crafting them in Chapter 2). Eventually, you’ll clear out all the rooms and will come across a room that’s seemingly empty and a dead end.

But, look closely at some of those blocks—they’re a mossy dirt block, so they’re easy to break through! Get them out of the way and you’ll find a staircase, leading you deeper into the dungeon. Clear this second floor out, defeating more skeletons and obtaining more keys, and you’ll finally obtain the Sword of Ruin at the end.


The Sword of Ruin is a very powerful weapon, but the sword also comes with a caveat… it’s cursed! If you equip the Sword you’ll be unable to equip any other weapon (that includes your hammers) until the Sword of Ruin breaks. The extra challenge only requires you obtain the sword, not actually use it, so keep the Sword of Ruin’s odd quirk in mind if you’re thinking about using it… and don’t just leave it equipped in one of the weapon slots to accidentally equip it while cycling though your stuff!