Dragon Quest Builders: Finding the Heart of Darkness in Chapter 2

Dragon Quest Builders is a great game with a lot to do and explore. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to know precisely what to do and how to move forward with main plot. Don’t worry, though, as we at RPG Site will help you through those sticky areas! If you’re having a bit of trouble finding the Heart of Darkness in Chapter 2, which is required for main story progression, we’re here to help.


Finding the Heart of Darkness in Chapter 2 of Dragon Quest Builders

Retrieving the Heart of Darkness is one of the early quests for Gerontius, the old man you’ll find and bring back to Rimuldar in Chapter 2. The quest seems relatively straightforward, but the specifics can trip up players, so we’ll walk you through the quest below.

First, before heading to the quest marker for this quest, make sure to stock up on healing items, as the trek can be dangerous. When you arrive at the quest marker, you’ll have to fight the Defiler to get the Heart of Darkness back.

The Defiler isn’t a difficult foe to beat, but the poisonous areas around the monster complicate things a bit. The best thing to do is wade through the poisonous areas and hack away at the Defiler, and have herbs handy to recover the damage you’ll take. You could also attempt to build a bridge of dirt to run across the poison safely, but that may not be an easy task with the Defiler attacking you.

Once the Defiler is defeated, it’ll drop the Heart of Darkness. Return it to Gerontius to complete the quest, and receive five medicinal herbs.