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Ni no Kuni II: Where to find Scariwinkles

In Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, many of the quests will require fetching a set number of items. One of those is the scariwinkle.

After you have recruited Yung Mein into your kingdom, you will be able to unlock a new quest, 017 A Gift for Gao Jia. By completing this quest and handing in the requisite number to Yung Mein, you will be able to obtain a Quesy Bighorn Spear.

This can be a little difficult to locate, which is why we have made this guide to make the journey a little easier! A note before we get started - you will need to have access to the ship that becomes available to Evan and his crew in Chapter 5, but once you do, you should be all good to go!

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Where to Find the Scariwinkles

First things first - you are able to purchase scariwinkles by going to the store in the Nautes Harbor area of Hydropolis and going to the Taverna Kalamari shop (the food store on the west side of the map). They cost 350 G a pop, so that's certainly one method.

However, you don't need to purchase them unless you have enough money. Or maybe you just want to save the cash for something more important. Another choice is to visit the Makronos island that lies southeast of Hydropolis. On the far west side of the beach at the bottom of the island is a scariwinkle.

You may also be able to grab one from one of the glowing gathering spots. To reach this area, climb on top of the coral platforms around this area then run around the obstacles to drop onto the spot.

Another location inside Coral Cave, found in the northern part of the island reachable by climbing up those same coral platforms and heading north. There should be a few located right inside of the cave.

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You will need to leave and re-enter to get the glowing spots to respawn, but you can also press the Options button and hit X to exit back to the world map right away.

Once you have all five, head back to Yung Mein and turn them in to complete the quest!

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