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Ni no Kuni II Higgledies Guide: All Higgledy Stone Locations

Shortly into Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, you are introduced to these little sprites called Higgledies. They basically replace the Familiars from the original Ni no Kuni, and they play just as much of an important role in this game. 

Higgledies have two basic parameters: Feistiness (attack power), and hardiness (defense). These parameters increase as they level up, but it doesn’t happen by winning battles, rather from building a special facility in the kingdom. They also have specific personalities that need to be taken into account. A shy Higgledy will need an aggressive one to balance them out, for example.

On this page we're going to run down how to get all the Higgledy Stones, listing their locations. 

Another thing to keep in mind is their skills, from the ones they perform automatically to the ones you trigger yourself, including certain awakening-specific abilities. These are triggered when a party member enters a special state known as “awakening”. Each Higgledy also has a cost associated with them, and you won’t be able to exceed 10 points in total.

But there are a ton more to find. In this guide, we will show you how to find all the Higgledy stone locations that can be found in various locations around the world. These stones unlock brand new Higgledies for you to take along on your adventure! Of course, you'll need to give each Higgledy a specific item before they'll join your party, which we'll also share.

With the best Higgledies at your disposal, it's time to master the rest of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom:

Higgledy Stone Locations - where to find all Higgledy Stones

In the full Higgledy Stones location guide just below, we’ll be running over the various stones that you can find in each region, as well as the corresponding item needed to fulfill their request. 

One last note: I have put the list into alphabetical order for convenience sake since you may be coming at this late in the game. Be sure to use that Ctrl + F function on your keyboard if you need to find Higgledies in a specific location!

Broadleaf Higgledy Stones

  • Boss-Woss the Bruiser

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    • Location: Shrine that Time Forgot

    • Item Needed: Bolt Eagle Feather

  • Bumblebizz the Blowy

    • Location: Fathomless Forest

    • Item Needed: Fine Fur

  • Slingsby the Scorcher

    • Location: Dynafloor No. 3

    • Item Needed: Whole Milk

  • Topturvey the Testy

    • Location: Dynafloor No. 2

    • Item Needed: Scented Sap

  • Unkimmon the Uncommon

    • Location: Sublime Shrine

    • Item Needed: Coarse-Grained Lumber

Calmlands Higgledy Stones

  • Dirge the Dismal

    • Location: Shiverwood Shrine

    • Item Needed: Twisty Bone

  • Mutton-Bane the Mushy

    • Location: Auld Woods (Forest of Niall)

    • Item Needed: Gunkshrooms

  • Phantasmagoria the Foul

    • Location: Hard Woods (Forest of Niall)

    • Item Needed: Nightmare Prism

  • Whiting the Lightning

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    • Location: Unsung Shrine

    • Item Needed: Wonderwater

  • Mimber the Meanderer

    • Location: Hidey-Hole

    • Item Needed: Sackcloth

  • Gabardine the Gawker

    • Location: Death's Door

    • Item Needed: Knight's Brocade

Canyon Higgledy Stones

  • Filigree the Flighty

    • Location: Cloudcoil Canyon

    • Item Needed: Munchy Nut

  • Larrican the Leafy

    • Location: Cloudcoil Canyon

    • Item Needed: Prism Pepper

  • Tove the Tenebrous

    • Location: Wyvern's Den

    • Item Needed: Single Cream

Desert Higgledy Stones

  • Teakettle the Toasty

    • Location: Bleachbone Shrine

    • Item Needed: Fluffy Cloth

  • Vorpal the Volcanic

    • Location: Sunshade Shrine

    • Item Needed: Sunnysmile Cotton

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Evermore / Heartlands Higgledy Stones

  • Frumious the Flammable

    • Location: Tightfit Cavern

    • Item Needed: Hardwearing Wool

  • Popple the Pure

    • Location: Jumblewoods

    • Item Needed: Slumbergull Feather

  • Twinkle the Twee

    • Location: Jumblewoods

    • Item Needed: Rugged Fur

Hydropolis / Makronos Islands Higgledy Stones

  • Clambunctious the Calm

    • Location: 2000 Fathoms Deep

    • Item Needed: Bighorn Shell

  • Dishcloth the Dragony

    • Location: Seaspray Tunnel

    • Item Needed: Briar Coral

  • Haddock the Fishy

    • Location: 1000 Fathoms Deep

    • Item Needed: Bright Button

  • Tundle the Tropical

    • Location: Dampshoe Cave

    • Item Needed: Coral Huebloom

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Northern-most Islands Higgledy Stones

  • Slithy the Spelunker

    • Location: Crooked Cavern

    • Item Needed: Glacier Crystal Cluster

Rolling Hills Higgledy Stones

  • Bawbee the Bandit

    • Location: Old Well

    • Item Needed: Blossomwheat

  • Dimity the Dastardly

    • Location: Old Well

    • Item Needed: Forked Tail Bone

  • Motley the Menace

    • Location: Crosswater Cavern

    • Item Needed: Snow-White Thread

  • Tilly-Loo the Twinkly

    • Location: Tumbledown Shrine

    • Item Needed: Clear Prism

White Frozen Region Higgledy Stones

  • Benison the Bright

    • Location: Freezybones Cave

    • Item Needed: Enigma Prism

  • Malignity the Indignity

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    • Location: Ice House

    • Item Needed: Sturdy Bone

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