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Ni no Kuni II Silver Nugget Guide: how to get and farm silver nuggets

Like any RPG worth its salt, Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom features a whole lot of loot and other items you'll need to gather in order to complete certain quests or obtain certain upgrades. Some are harder to obtain than others, and one of the key items you'll run into is the Silver Nugget

Silver Nuggets are used for improving the statistics and power of forged weapons - absolutely vital for doing your best in combat. They're also required for completing a few of the game's side quests.

On this page we're going to run down how to get your hands on Silver Nuggets both through natually finding them and via farming them using the development of your Kingdom. There's a few different methods, but we'll run down them all so you can decide which will work best for where you're at in your journey through Ni no Kuni 2. Let's get to it...

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How to farm Silver Nuggets with the Mining Camp in your Kingdom

The most reliable way to get a Silver Nugget is through the Kingdom Building side of Ni no Kuni 2, as the right building and upgrade can make it a regular drop as a reward.

To enact this you'll need to grab yourself the Mining Camp No. 1 facility, and then upgrade it to Level 2. At this point when manned the facility will deliver Silver Nuggets hourly so long as the citizen manning it is relatively decent at their job.

You can increase the number of Silver Nuggets you recieve if you really need to. Simply upgrade the mining facility further or better still add on a second or third mining camp, continuing to upgrade them - that will then reward you even more Silver Nuggets, allowing for lovely stress-free grinding.

If you're not yet at the point where you can get the mining camp pumping out Silver Nuggets for you, there are some alternatives in terms of looting...

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Where to find a Silver Nugget in the wild in Ni no Kuni 2

If the mining camp idea isn't woring for you, you can get your hands on a Silver Nugget or two (or more!) out in the wild of Ni no Kuni 2 as regular loot. There's quite a few locations you can find them, actually.

For a start, you can purchase Silver Nuggets from Swift Solutions Shops throughout the world. These are marked with the Penguin icon on your map in locations such as Goldpaw and Hydropolis. 

Silver Nuggets are also combat drops - Porc Chops, Slimes and Wyverns all have a chance to drop them as loot, though it is a random chance. You can farm these guys and get a Silver Nugget as a drop from time to time. The drop rates vary depending on the enemy, and though we don't have exact numbers the Wyvern seems like the most reliable drop. Try this in areas like Eert Grove.

You can find a few Silver Nuggets in the Coral Cave on Makronos Island - that's close to Hydropolis. One is inside the cave itself and another is found near the entrance.

Remember that once you've discovered your first Silver Nugget and upgraded your General Store in Evermore to level 2 you can actually buy Silver Nuggets from that store, as with any other item in the game.

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