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Ni no Kuni II Hybrid Bow: where to find and upgrade the hybrid bow

Partway into Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, Nu Bi of Goldpaw will join you as a citizen of Evermore (this will require you to defeat a boss-level character). Once this happens, the 016 Wanted: A Well-Good Weapon quest becomes available when you speak to Nu Bi inside Evermore.

In order to complete this quest, you will need to give him a Hybrid Bow. While you may not have heard of it before, this isn't actually hard to come by if you know where to look.

In fact, there are a couple different ways to obtain this item. In this guide, we'll show you where exactly you need to visit!

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Where to Locate a Hybrid Bow

Right off the bat, the easiest way to find a hybrid bow is by making the Evermore Weapon Workshop in Evermore. You also must research Lv. 1 Ranged Weapon Development, which is very cheap to do.

Once you have, take control of Evan on the ground and walk up to the workshop itself. Visit the "Make Weapons" option in the menu, and scroll down until you get to the Hybrid Bow option. To craft this weapon, you will need Lumpen Lumber, High Tide Shell, a Fledgling Feather, and Solid Lumber as the catalyst. All of these items are obtainable in Evermore itself.

The solid lumber and lumpen are made through the Budding Lumberyard - just have a citizen assigned to the facility and they will show up in your kingdom stores eventually (accessible through the Kingdom Management menu).

The fledgling feather is available for purchase from the Everyday General Store or by waiting for it to appear from the Hunting Lodge No. 1. The High Tide Shell can also be had from the General Store or the Fresh Fish Market.

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From there, you will need to continuously improve your Hybrid Bow at the Evermore Weapon Workshop until it reaches Grade 5. Just like when you make the weapon, each upgrade requires 2 Lumpen Lumbers, 2 High Tide Shells, and 1 Fledgling Feather.

As you can imagine, this can get a little pricey when you're running around buying enough materials to do so. But by the time you get Nu Bi, you should be all set with your wallet to take care of this quest anyway.

Of course, you may come across the Hybrid Bow somewhere along your adventure. It doesn't need to be anything special to complete this quest, so as long as you have one, you can upgrade it.

Give the bow to Nu Bi and you can complete your quest!

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