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Ni no Kuni II Post Game Guide: What to do after beating the main story

Once you have spent all those hours working up to and defeating the last boss of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, you may think that's all she wrote and you can put that controller down. Think again, as there is a host of post-game content to enjoy!

While Bandai Namco does have plans for additional content later on through the season pass, there's still plenty left to do in terms of quests and bounties that don't become available until after you have beaten the final enemy and saved your game. 

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Ni no Kuni II Post Game Content 

These 17 quests are very important if you plan on getting the Platinum Trophy in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, so listen up! We're going to share with you which ones are the normal side quests and which ones involve recruiting citizens for the kingdom of Evermore.

Yes, it is true - there are a few stragglers who don't make an appearance until after the credits roll. Getting all 100 citizens will also help to get your castle to Level 4 which unlocks the Recruiting Consultant trophy, among others as you work your way to that point. Some of these quests require your castle to be Level 4 anyway to finish, so you may as well get those out of the way first! 

To find these quests, check the locations we have provided and look at the mini-map to find the quest markers (the white circles with the blue exclamation points). Make sure to leave a comment if you have trouble with any of these and we'd be happy to help!

Citizen Quests

  • Quest 159: A Man of Many Names
    • Location: Capstan-upon-Hull
    • Rewards: 9650 Exp, 3810 G, Great Sage’s Secret, Sin-Gul
  • Quest 160: Dekkah’s Grand Tour
    • Location: Rolling Hills
    • Rewards: 10550 Exp, 7580 G, Stable Devil’s Trumpets, Dekkah
  • Quest 161: Testing the One True King
    • Location: Evermore
    • Rewards: 17910 Exp, 6310 G, Songbook No. 2, Senturi
    • Requirements: Castle Level 3
  • Quest 162: Tyran’s Lament
    • Location: Evermore
    • Rewards: 9650 Exp, 3810 G, Adept’s Ring, Tyran
    • Requirements: Side Quest 147

Normal Quests

  • Quest 163: Kingdom of Crystal Seas
    • Location: Hydropolis
    • Provider: Environmental Inspector
    • Rewards: 15190 Exp, 5650 G, Hydropolitan King’s Robes
  • Quest 164: A Tall Order
    • Location: Ding Dong Dell
    • Provider: Easy-Going Servant
    • Rewards: 18990 Exp, 6740 G, Songbook No. 26
  • Quest 165: A Higgledy and a Half
    • Location: Evermore
    • Provider: Da Xing
    • Rewards: 15380 Exp, 153500 KG, Wizard King’s Secret
    • Requirements: Castle Level 3, Side Quests 91 & 95
  • Quest 166: A Blossoming Art Career
    • Location: Evermore 
    • Provider: Hipponoe
    • Rewards: 8960 Exp, 148000 KG, Phoenix Tear
    • Requirements: Side Quest 99
  • Quest 167: Legend of the Bright Bellies
    • Location: Evermore
    • Provider: Furnest
    • Rewards: 10550 Exp, 210000 KG, Sovereign Soreaway Sweet
    • Requirements: Side Quest 107
  • Quest 168: Currying Flavor
    • Location: Evermore
    • Provider: Norbert
    • Rewards: 10550 Exp, 210000 KG, Songbook No. 17
    • Requirements: Side Quest 128
  • Quest 169: Sap for the Zapper
    • Location: Evermore
    • Provider: Alexis
    • Rewards: 8960 Exp, 148000 KG, Supreme Sixth Censer
    • Requirements: Side Quest 127
  • Quest 170: The Divine Silence
    • Location: Evermore
    • Provider: Fai Do and Nu Bi
    • Rewards: 16830 Exp, 183000 KG, Songbook No. 6
    • Requirements: Side Quest 153 & 154
  • Quest 171: A Costume Fit for a Consul
    • Location: Evermore
    • Provider: Grimm
    • Rewards: 12000 Exp, 195000 KG, Chief Consul’s Coat
    • Requirements: Castle Level 4

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  • Quest 172: Pretty as a Princess!
    • Location: Evermore
    • Provider: Halimede
    • Rewards: 12000 Exp, 195000 KG, Queen’s Gown
    • Requirements: Castle Level 4
  • Quest 173: Classy Cloud Snake Clobber
    • Location: Evermore
    • Provider: Jared
    • Rewards: 12000 Exp, 195000 KG, Commander’s Clobber
    • Requirements: Castle Level 4
  • Quest 174: Jazzing Up the Junior Consul
    • Location: Evermore
    • Provider: Kent
    • Rewards: 12000 Exp, 195000 KG, Junior Consul’s Clothes
    • Requirements: Castle Level 4
  • Quest 175: Outfit Upgrade for Bracken
    • Location: Evermore
    • Provider: Andrew
    • Rewards: 12000 Exp, 195000 KG, Ingenious Outfit
    • Requirements: Castle Level 4

There are also the Tainted Monsters, which pose the biggest challenge to you during the game. Be sure to check out our Tainted Monsters location guide for more information on how to find all 60, many of them available only post-game! 

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