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Yakuza 6: Haruka's Biggest Fan substory guide

Like any good action-adventure game with a dash of role playing action, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life includes a wide variety of side activites for you to get involved with - some of them whacky, some of them serious and most of them well worth your time in terms of the fun you have and the in-game reward you'll get. One of these side activites is the substory, Haruka's Biggest Fan.

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In order to trigger the substory, Haruka's Biggest Fan you need to approach the mother and daughter in the Children's Park any time during or after Chapter 1 - like all sub stories in the Yakuza series, this can also be completed in the post game Premium Adventure mode. Approaching them will trigger the sub story, and once the mother leaves talk to the child to learn that she is Haruka's biggest fan

After this conversation you'll need to head to Don Quijote at the southern end of Nakamichi Street, you ca take the taxi to Pink Street Entrance if you don't feel like walking. Ask the store clerk about any Haruka merchanise they might have in stock. Unfortunately, they'll be out of any Haruka merchandise but the clerk will give you information on where to find some.

You'll need to head to the SEGA Club at the Theater Square next. Go to the upper floor of the arcade and talk to the young man with the backpack. He can give you the location of where a very rare picture of Haruka is being sold, but you need to answer his question correctly first. The correct answer is "So Much More!" After answering him correctly you'll need to make your final stop, Ebisu Pawn.

The photo of Haruka is worth 50,000 yen, which can be pretty expensive this early in the game. However, if you've opened up the safe on the roof of New Serena (where we've provided the code here) or spent a fair amount of time pummeling thugs for spare change and bronze plates you should be fine. Buy the photo and deliver it to Ayaka.

After giving her the photo leave the vicinity and do a couple of other activities in the meantime. Once the substory icon has reappeared at the Children's Park on your map head back again to see Ayaka. Once you approach her another scene will trigger and you'll receive a Drawing of Haruka and the substory will be complete.

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