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Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition FAQ: how to change costume, unlock my fairy and play co-op multiplayer on Switch

The Legend of Zelda series fans can get another taste of the series' traditions and characters transported to the game style of the Warriors/Musou games now that Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is out for Nintendo Switch. While this is definitely the best version of the game to date, the way it bundles together all the DLC and content from both the previous versions of the game means some aspects of it are causing a little confusion.

On this page, we're going to detail three major questions we've seen pop up about Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition since launch: How to Change Costume, How to Unlock the My Fairy Feature and How to Play Co-op Multiplayer. Some of these questions were also totally asked about Hyrule Warriors Legends on Nintendo 3DS, but this new version leave sosme things just as obtuse.

Anyway, let's get to it with the first of those questions...

How to change costume in Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

First thing's first - before you can change costume you'll obviously need to make sure that the character you want to use a costume with is unlocked. If   you want to know more about that, be sure to check out our character unlock guide, which goes into detail about when and where you can unlock each character - as even the DLC characters have been given unlock conditions in this new version of Hyrule Warriors.

Once you've actually unlocked a costume, you can actually use it in any mode - all you need to do is head to character select and then, when hovering over your character of choice, hit X. This is before you move to choose a weapon (remember, you can unlock high rank weapons easily with amiibo scanning). That'll bring up the menu that you see above, and that'll let you select from your unlocked costumes.

From the very start of Hyrule Warriors Legends you'll have access to two extra costumes - the Era of the Wilds clothing for both Link and Zelda. There are many, many more costumes besides, however, with most of them unlocked by progressing through the adventure maps based on the various zelda games.

How to play 2 player co-op multiplayer in Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

While this one might seem like it has an obvious answer to those who have already managed to do this, you'd be amazed how many people are struggling to find the co-op play option for the main game - and part of that is because the prompt to kick off Hyrule Warriors' co-op multiplayer is just one line of relatively small text.

So, first thing you need to do is complete the first mission of Legends Mode. This unlocks pretty much all of the major featrures of Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition including the ability to play multiplayer. Once that's done, select another mission in either this or free mode and head to the character select screen.

Instead of selecting a character right away, instead click/press in the left stick on either controller. This will bring up the Nintendo Switch controller config and allow you to select your controllers. On that screen,enable player two and get their controller set up. Once you exit that screen you'll both be able to select a warrior and get going in co-op play!

How to unlock My Fairy mode in Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

If you haven't played any of the other versions of Hyrule Warriors, one particular menu item might seem rather elusive - the 'My Fairy' option. If you choose to push through the main Legend Mode story first, as many likely will, you might find yourself surprised to find that this menu option remains locked - but unlocking it is rather simple when you know how.

If you don't know, My Fairy is a mode that was added to Hyrule Warriors Legends on 3DS and is back for Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition. Companion fairies can be recruited and act as partners for each playable character in the finest tradition of Ocarina of Time's Navi. You can have a lot of Fairies as your friends, but you can only take one into battle at a time - and each fairy is unique with its own abilities and stats.

Over time, you can level up fairies to make them more hardy. In order to unlock My Fairy Mode, you need to find a fairy. This is done out in the adventure maps - simply look for the fairy icon before entering a battle, or press the Y button to change the display so the map actively flags up on which missions fairies can be found, like this:

Once in that mission, you'll need to try to find a fairy in the same way you do in many Zelda games - by smashing pots! Don't conuse these fairies with the elemental ones that sometimes how up in Adventure Mode, or with the Great Fairies - they're a different thing, and you'll know when you find one as the game will alert you with a menu screen.

Smash pots in keeps and capture keeps-  often the fairies can be found off the beaten path of the mission a little, so don't be afraid to explore. Once you find your first fairy the mode will unlock in the main menu, allowing you to manage the growth of your fairy - but keep searching for others as you play the Adventure Maps in order to have the most powerful fairy companion you can.

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