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Vampyr: Headache, Migraine and Neuralgia medicine recipe and cure guide

While you might be a vampire in, well Vampyr, things like headachesmigraines and neuralgia are still a small concern. These conditions are afflictions that can strike various characters you'll meet throughout Vampyr's world - and if you're feeling kind you sometimes might want to cure them. On this page, we're going to run down how to get the medicine and cure for headache, migraine and neuralgia in Vampyre - detailing the recipe you need to create these valuable cures.

Due to the nature of Vampyr's branching plot, this page is going to contain a few spoilers for the story - but we'll try to keep it to a minimum and only focus on the headache, migraine and neuraliga cures. Let's get to it:


How to unlock the Headache, Migraine and Neuralgia Cures in Vampyr

Okay, so, here's where we're going to get into story spoilers for Vampyr just a little - since a choice you make in the second chapter of the game will directly impact your ability to craft the medicine for headache, migraine and neuralgia. There are basically two methods.

For the first method, when you reach White Chapel in Chapter 2: Holy Crusade, you'll want to talk to Father Whitaker, the priest, on the stops of the church. This kicks off a quest line that takes you to Stonebridge Cemetry, a place which will also crop up in the main Vampyr story. 

Near the Cemetery Gates on Old Whitechapel Road you'll find a crater, and in it, a dead body. Search that body and you'll find the crafting recipes for the Treatment for Headache, Treatment for Migraine and Treatment for Neuralgia.

Should you feed on Nurse Crane? If you don't, she can be helpful...

Alternatively, you can also get these recipes via Nurse Crane. Early on you'll be forced to choose to either embrace Nurse Crane (and to be clear, this means feed on her, not give her a Nice Hug), talk her into changing her ways or turn her into a black market vendor of special items. Meeting Nurse Crane also marks the first time you can raise your mesmerize level.

If you do the latter, Nurse Crane will stay at the hospital and will now sell a range of items appropriate for her profession - including the Treatment for Headache, Treatment for Migraine and Treatment for Neuralgia. Choosing not to feed on Crane will mean you miss out on a big EXP gain, but it can be worth it for these valuable recipes.


Vampyr: Headache, Migraine and Neuralgia Cure Recipes

Once you've found these recipes either off the corpse or by dealing with Nurse Crane correctly, you'll be able to craft the headache curemigraine cure and neuralgia cure easily like any other item. You will require the ingredients, however, and so in the interests of posterity, here's those cures and their recipes listed out for you:

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  • Treatment for Headache: 1 Glass vial, 1 Salicin, 2 Ergotamine, 2 Opium
  • Treatment for Migraine: 1 Glass vial, 2 Salicin, 8 Ergotamine, 8 Opium
  • Treatment for Neuralgia: 1 Glass vial, 4 Salicin, 15 Ergotamine, 15 Opium
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