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Vampyr: How to increase Mesmerize Level

Ultimately, Vampyr is all about manipulation. You want to embrace - that is, feed on - as many people as possible, but in order to do that you need a sufficiently high Mesmerize Level. The citizens of London are your prey, but they don't go down easily - you'll have to work at it in order to mesmerize and manipulate certain residents - and of course the more people that you can embrace, the better and easier your life will be.

On this page we're going to run down how to level up your mesmerize skill in Vampyr - and as you raise your mesmerize level, you'll be able more easily influence and then feed on the citizens of London. Which is really the most important thing for a vampire, when you think about it. Let's get to it...


How to Level Up Mesmerize Level in Vampyr

Before we get started on the actual process of leveling up the mesmerize skill level in Vampyr, it's important to understand what it is. So: mesmerize is a passive ability in Vampyr that determines how easily you can manipulate mortals and bend them to your vampire will. Your mesmerize stat needs to be equal or higher than the mesmerize stat of the person you're targeting - and that'll open up new influencing dialogue options or the ability to suck their blood - euphamistically referred to as 'embracing' in Vampyr.

Raising your mesmerize level in Vampyr is a little different to leveling up, however - it's tied directly to side quests. You don't gain experience as such - instead, as you cross certain milestones your mesmerize level will raise and you'll then be able to do more. Or, as the in-game UI puts it: Mesmerize Level: New Citizens Available to Kill. Ominous. 


Your first mesmerize level gain will come when you reach Whitechapel and talk to Nurse Dorothy Crane - incidentally your first chance to get the headache cure, migraine cure and neuralgia cure

Raising your mesmerize level is really important, ultimately, as it opens up vast additional things for you to do. in the world. You should think carefully, too, since embracing and killing a citizen will make the world around you change, and it'll often be better to hold fire on sucking too much blood in case it causes adverse effects to the world. The more missions you can pass and the higher you can push that mesmerize skill before having a feeding frenzy, the better - at least generally speaking.

Consider finshing up an area completely before returning with a high enough mesmerize level to then go to town, snacking on anybody you like. Doing this in an area where you're currently taking on missions is, naturally, a risk. 

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