Star Ocean: Anamnesis Upgrade Guide: Augmentation, Weapons, Limit Breaks and More

Star Ocean: Anamnesis marks the first time the Star Ocean series has found its way on to mobile platforms. As such, it may be a little confusing figuring out what you're supposed to be doing, especially if you're having a hard time with the tutorial. And if you're just starting out, we also have a Beginner's Guide that covers the basics of Star Ocean: Anamnesis available to assist you.

With that in mind, we present to you our dear readers an upgrade guide to explain all the basic features like Augmentation or Limit Breaks for Star Ocean: Anamnesis! Of course, if there's anything you're still puzzled with, feel free to leave a comment below and us or one of our other readers will be happy to help!

Augmentation in Star Ocean Anamnesis

Augmentation is a core feature in Star Ocean: Anamnesis that allows for players to increase the power or add new talents and battle skills to characters. The character in question must be max level (60) before Augmentation is possible and players must also have completed Chapter 2-31 in order to unlock the feature found in the Character menu. 

You will also need to have the appropriate Augmentation Materials to augment a character. These materials must correspond with the role (or color) of the character. For example, Victor is a Defender character and needs Yellow Crystals in order to augment his abilities. These materials can be found through various chapters of the game or can be farmed through the appropriate Enhancement Mission or through the (All Types) Enhancement Mission in the Event tab located at the Bridge. Events can only be accessed once players have unlocked Multiplayer.


Augmentating characters will also allow for players to increase the level cap of the character they've selected to augment up to level 70. Upon augmenting a character they will not only add or increase the power of certain talents or skills, it will also increase the stats of the character greatly. However, please keep in mind that upon augmenting a character their level will be reset to 1 and you will need to re-level them or use EXP items to increase their level.

Limit Breaks: how the Limit Break system works in Star Ocean Anamnesis

Limit Breaking a character allows them to realize their full potential. Limit Break almost doubles the attributes of the selected character, making them significantly more powerful. Unfortunately, like most mobile games with similar systems limit breaking can seem quite complicated or difficult. Star Ocean: Anamnesis is no exception to this rule. In order to limit break a character they must be at the max level (60) and players must have the required items in order to limit break them. Once these items have been acquired tap the icon of the crystal to limit break your character. These special Limit Breaker crystals come in three varieties - Large, Medium, and Small. Limit Breaker crystals can be obtained through drawing duplicates of the character they want to limit break or through the Support Medal Box Draw. The amount of times a character can be limit broken depends on the character themselves.


Players will need to acquire a select amount of each to limit break the character of their choosing, and these items are very hard to come by. The Shop does allow for the monthly purchase of Limit Break items, but only gives players two Large Limit Breaker crystals and not medium or small crystals which are yielded from drawing duplicates. Limit Breaker crystals can be obtained by drawing duplicates of characters, and instead of taking up space they'll automatically be converted to said material in your inventory. Drawing enough duplicates will also automatically limit break characters. You can see which characters have reached this status by their grayed out icon on the Limit Break screen and the rainbow crystal located on the bottom left of their portrait.

Starseeds and Prisms

Starseeds are a unique item that will allow players to upgrade the core stats of whatever character they choose. There are several types of Starseeds available in Star Ocean: Anamnesis that can provide different permanent benefits upon consumption. ATK Starseeds will imbue characters with a small increase to their natural attack stat. HIT Starseeds behave similarly and give an additional stat to the natural HIT of a character. The GRD Starseeds are exactly like the HIT and ATK Starseeds and will only give a minor to the character's GRD stat. However, the HP Starseed will give the character a larger increase in their natural HP stat and overall health pool.

SOA_Starseed Enhancements.png

You can use Starseeds through the Enhance Status sub-menu found in the Character menu. This is the same sub-menu that will also allow you to grant characters additional experience through the Prism items you can gain through doing regular missions or Events. The Shop also has a variety of incredible helpful packs that will give players a large amount of Rare Platinum Prisms to easily boost characters to level 60 at the cost of a handful of gems. If you don't feel like grinding out experience or the lesser Prisms, this is a worthwhile and very appealing option to take.


Weapon Upgrading in Star Ocean Anamnesis

Weapons are vital to keep your party up to par with the various missions and events Star Ocean: Anamnesis has to offer. Like many gatcha games, this too also follows the complex system of duplicate weapons and pouring experience into your items through "Enhancement" or the use of fodder. Star Ocean: Anamnesis does have unique items that are meant to give weapons an exponential amount of experience to increase their level. These are the Hammer items that come in a wide variety, ranging from Stone (the least valuable Hammer) to Platinum (the most valuable Hammer that will yield the most experience to your selected weapon). It is advised to save these Platinum Hammers for your 5 Star weapons, as they will consume more experience points to upgrade than a 1 Star weapon for example. Hammers can be obtained through Events, purchases in the Shop, or through normal missions. Of course you can use lower tier weapons or duplicates to sacrifice to your 5 Star weapons in order to increase their levels. Players are not restricted to using the Hammers to increase the level, and power, of their weapons.


Duplicate weapons can also serve another purpose, outside of being fodder for your more powerful and more rare weapons. Through the Transmute feature players can combine weapons to create a stronger, and rarer weapon. In order to transmute an item you must have maxed out the level of the base item you will be transmuting. You must also have five of that same item to use as materials and the required amount of Fol to begin your transmutation. That being said, players are not locked to just pulling 5 Star weapons, but can choose to grind out the weapon of their choice if they're unsatisfied with whatever the random draws or rewards have provided them. This path, however, is a very long and expensive one.


Accessory Upgrading

Accessory upgrading is done in a very similar way to weapon upgrading, which has been explained above (and can be accessed through the Enhance sub-menu in Items). However, the items in which to upgrade accessories are a bit more difficult to come by. Accessories require Thread in order to upgrade, or other accessories to consume in order to enhance their level. Thread can be obtained through the appropriate Event in the Event tab, which can only be accessed after players have unlocked Multiplayer. From there, you can grind out this material in order to enhance your accessories and increase your defense or resistance to specific status ailments. If that particular Event isn't available to grind you can also choose to spend your Support Medals through the Draw menu to potentially get some Thread.