Dragon Quest XI S Swordsmith of Light Guide: How to make one of the best weapons in the game

As you’re playing through Dragon Quest XI, you may notice a trophy near the bottom of your list, ‘Swordsmith of Light’. This is the most difficult forging trophy to get, as it requires a lot of work to even get the recipe, then you have to gather the ingredients on top of it.

Sounds a little overwhelming? No worries, we have you covered! The Swordsmith of Light guide will cover everything you need to make the Supreme Sword of Light, one of the best weapons in the game. Warning: You cannot make this weapon until the post-game, and therefore the instructions may spoil some parts of the after-credits scenario. Looking for something more basic? Check out our Fun Size Forge guide.

Getting the Recipe for the Supreme Sword of Light

If you want to make the ultimate weapon, you’re going to have to work for it, and the first step is obtaining the recipe itself. The recipe isn’t just sitting in a chest or on a bookshelf, though; instead, you’ll have to conquer Drustan’s Labyrinth to get it.

Drustan’s Labyrinth has multiple trials you must overcome, and when you beat a boss under a certain number of actions, he will grant you one wish. From the options available, choose “I wish I had a super powerful weapon!” and you’ll receive the recipe for the Supreme Sword of Light.

Here's the recipe for the Surprme Sword of Light:


These ingredients aren’t the easiest to get, however… but don’t worry, we have you covered!

Sword of Light


The first and hardest ingredient to get for the Supreme Sword of Light is… a normal Sword of Light. This is not the Super Sword of Light that you obtained during the post-game; this is the Sword of Light that the Hero forged before the original ending.

Of course, that Sword of Light was broken when the Hero traveled back to the past, which causes a conundrum of its own. The solution? Make a new one!

Making the second Sword of Light requires the same items from before--you just don’t have them yet, since you traveled back to before you needed to forge it. Getting the items is a little quicker this time around, however.

Crucible Key

The leader of Hotto still has the Crucible Key, but this time you have the chance to save mother and son. If you travel through Mt. Fuji and return to where you fought the dragon, you’ll be tasked with finding the Lumen Essence to complete the Magic Mirror to turn Ryu back to human.

You’ll find the Lumen Essence in the Disciple's Trial of Drustan’s Labyrinth, in a chest. Take it back to Mt. Fuji to save Ryu. Ryu himself will give you the Thousand-Fold Katana (a sword exclusively for Erik), but speaking to Miko will get you the Crucible Key, allowing you to access the legendary forge.

Even with access, though, you still need the other items to make the sword.

Forging Hammer

Now that you’re back in the past, the Sultan has put the Forging Hammer up as the first place prize for the Platinum Cup at the Gallopolis Races. Winning the horse race is pretty easy--just make sure to always be dashing and hitting jumps to win.


This is the first of many pieces of Oricalchum that you’ll need to make the Supreme Sword of Light. While getting the very first piece was a story event, it’s not too difficult to get more. Additional pieces can be grabbed from The Battleground, on the bottom floor. If the more visible ore deposit doesn’t give you orichalcum, use the Ultimate Key and check the ore deposit in the back--but look out for the difficult monster in the room with you!

With the key, hammer, and ore in hand, return to the Crucible and you’ll reforge the Sword of Light. The first ingredient down, four more to go.

Sword of Kings


To get the Sword of Kings, go to Hotto and find the man outside the item shop near the stairs to the shrine. Check the map above for a more exact location. You can sell him a piece of Oricalchum (read the section on the ore above if you need more) for the smith to make his ultimate sword. 

After a bit of time passes you can buy the Sword of Kings from the Item Shop for 35,000G. At least you didn’t have to forge it yourself!



Crimsonite is not a material that’s easy to get most of the time, but one of the wishes in Drustan’s Labyrinth can alleviate the frustration. When you beat a trial, choose "I wish I could enter a top-level horse race!". Speak to the Sultan in Gallopolis and the Black Cup will be unlocked.

The first prize for 1st place will be recipe book… however, the 1st place prize for each subsequent win is a piece of Crimsonite. Many high-end weapons and armor need this material, so here’s your chance to grind it out! Additionally, you get a mini medal for each race (win or lose), so this can also help to work towards the mini-medal trophy.

If you don't like the Horse Race mini-game, you can also trade Serpent Soul items for Crimsonite from the ice witch, Krystalinda, who is standing next to the throne in Sniflheim. You can farm Serpent Souls pretty easily from many late-game Dragon-type monsters such as Pruslas in the Celestial Sands or Malicious Zombie Dragons in the Battlegrounds. Just use Erik with Deftness boosting gear or Pep Powers that guarantee steals or drops. 

Uber Agate of Evolution

Frankly, this item comes relatively easily by the end of the post-game. They can be found in chests, be late-game quest rewards, and as an occasional drop.


Spectralite may seem like a rare material, but by the time you’re ready to make the Supreme Sword of Light, you’ll be able to grab this easily. First and foremost, you can buy the material at the item shop in Trial Isle, the entrance to Drustan’s Labyrinth. Before you do so, though, you can also steal/get these from the robots in the Luminary’s Trial. Make sure to give Erik the Pirate King’s Pendant from saving Mia to really up those drop rates!

With all the items finally gathered, you can now go to the Fun Size Forge and craft the Supreme Sword of Light. It’s not an easy item to make, though, having a 5-star difficulty rating. Don’t worry if you fail, though--you’ll still create the sword regardless, and land the trophy.