Dragon Quest XI S Bunny Suit Costume: how to get Jade's bunny suit outfit

The Dragon Quest series loves its fan service, and Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is no different - it just happens to be the most gorgeous Dragon Quest game ever, which in the fan service stakes does give it a certain additional appeal.

Probably the most obviously fanservice driven inclusion in the game is the Bunny Suit Costume for Jade, which once obtained and crafted using the forge changes her appearance to something specifically designed to please a particular group of DQ fans.

On this page we're going to detail how to get the recipe book to unlock the bunny suit, then how to cobble together the items you need in order to actually craft the suit and have Jade wear it. Let's get to it!


Head to Puerto Valor Casino - you can do this as soon as you get access to the ship. You might've noticed if you've been here before that the girls staffing the casino are all wearing bunny ears - which itself is something of a clue...

Inside the Casino you can swap your casino tokens at the exchange counter. It's at this exchange counter you'll find the Bunny Suit Recipe Book, also known in the game menu as Down the Rabbithole. The item description says it all: "Patterns and Diagrams to help you be the best bunny girl on the block."

The Bunny Recipe Book will cost you 500 Tokens - so you'll need to scrape those together. You can outright buy tokens for 20 gold coins per Token - that makes for a total cost of 10,000 gold coins. That's absolutely ridiculously expensive, obviously. If you're particularly monied feel free to snap up the tokens with cash, but the more natural way to earn the necessary tokens is instead to gamble in the casino - as god intended, obviously.

Consider saving before you head out into the casino after buying your initial tokens - gambling is still a random endeavor in Dragon Quest 11, and so things can easily go wrong and leave you in the lurch. Saving might be save-scumming, but it'll prevent you from losing hard-earned coins while you chase that bunny suit recipe book.

Once you've got the tokens you need, head to the prize exchange counter and buy the 'Down the Rabbithole' bunny suit recipe book. Once you've got the book, it's time to head over to Dragon Quest 11's Fun-Size Forge to take a look at what you need to craft the bunny suit and its accessory, the Fishnet Stockings - and also take a gander at its stats. Let's talk about all that...

Bunny Suit Costume: Materials required & location for forging

  • Narspicious x2
  • Butterfly Wing x2
  • Green Eye x1

Described as "An alluring outfit that can't help but catch the eye," the easiest way to gather the materials to unlock the Bunny Suit is to head to the Gallopolis Region of the game. Look for the camp site in the south of the area, just to the right and below the Laguna di Gondolia marker on the map, and South_West of the Sultanate of Gallopolis.

At this camp site there's a merchant, and he's really useful:

  • For one, he'll sell you the Bunny Ears accessory for the outfit for just 550G
  • He also sells Butterfly Wings for 180G, making for a total cost of 360G to get the two you need
  • Finally he also stocks Narspicious for 360G - a total of 720G for the required parts. If you need an alternative method to get Narspicious, keep in mind they can be farmed in the Cryptic Crypt.

This leaves you just the Green Eye. You can buy these at the school for ladies - or as it's properly known, L'Academie de Notre Maitre les Medailles. That's in the Champs Sauvage area of the map, due north of Phnom Nonh. 

You can also find a Green Eye out in the wild at The Emerald Coast - it's on the cliff edge behind the Door of Departure.

Fishnet Stockings: Materials required & location for forging

  • Faerie Fluff x1
  • Celestial Skein x1

The "Hose that shows off the legs to full effect" requires you to grab a few new items. For the first, the Faerie Fluff, return to Puerto Valor - except this time instead of heading to the Casino, find the General Store. The lady in here will sell you Faerie Fluff for just 250G.

To unlock the Celestial Skein, you'll want to go to the Laguna di Gondolia area of the game. In the area to the East of Gondolia you'll find the Sparking Midnight Hornet enemies.

You'll need to defeat one in order to ride it over the water sections of the map, then ride it to the northern little island slap bang in the middle of the islanded area that's been the platforms leading to Gondolia and the path to the Gallopolis region. Up here you'll find a Celestial Skein glinting as loot out in the map.

Once you have all these parts, head to the Fun-Sized Forge to create them! Keep in mind that forging varies in item difficulty and how successful you are will determine if you get the item at all - so be careful! If you need more help with that, check out our Dragon Quest 11 fun-sized forge guide.

Once you're done with that, equip all three of the items you just purchased and crafted to Jade in order to change her appearance to the full Dragon Quest 11 Bunny Suit costume! Volia. Enjoy, whatever you wanted it so badly for... geez. We won't judge.