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Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition Costumes & Titles: how to unlock the DLC outfits

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is a superb re-release of one of last-gen's most beloved JRPGs. Not only do western fans finally have a chance to see the improvements and additions made to the Japanese PlayStation 3 release of the game, but also get access to some previously unobtainable costume sets, including ones tied to the prequel movie The First Strike.

You won't be given all of the costumes for free: most of them still need to be obtained by completing lengthy in-game quests and events. There are still some new (well, new to most of us) costumes to obtain legitimately. However, this will unlock a set of alternative outfits that you can use from the start. It's a nice little gift for both those returning to Vesperia after so many years away, or new players that just want to change up their looks a bit. However, the game doesn't quite make clear exactly how to unlock these. Luckily, it's easier than you might think.

Once your party is dressed properly, be sure to check out our guides on completionist aspects of Vesperia - like a full list of Secret Missions and a guide to Fell Arms, the best weapons in the game. We've also got the full list of Costumes and other titles, as well as where to find the Giganto monsters and a full list of cooking recipes.

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition - How to unlock the DLC costumes

While unlocking these costumes is pretty straightforward, the game never really directs you to them. To find the free DLC items, simply enter the item menu and change categories to the far right side. Past the chest icon for key items is a sort of radial icon for a category called <Extra Items>.

Here you'll have multiple consumable items for each character. Simply go through the list every time you get a new character to easily unlock a set of costumes for each. Depending on the version you have, you may also have a free set of Gels, Material Items, recipes, and even several thousand gald and free level-ups. Go crazy if you want, no one's judging.

To equip each costume in case you forgot, they are interlinked with Vesperia's Title system, which can be accessed from the Status menu. While many titles are simply more like collectible stamps, proof of accomplishing various tasks, any marked with the icon will also change a character's appearance. This appearance change will hold on the world map, in battle, and even in cutscenes.

Here's the list of the DLC exclusive costumes you'll get for each character: 

Yuri Lowell - DLC Costumes

  • Abyssal Inferno
  • Fedrock Knight's Spirit
  • Reliable Senior
  • Bimillenary Madness
  • Wandering Samurai
  • The Gold Blade
  • Light Fedrock Uniforn

Estellise Sidos Heurassein - DLC Costumes

  • Yulia's Heir
  • Campus Royalty
  • Saint of Atamoni
  • Adventurous Valkyrie
  • Regal Heart
  • Fedrock Uniform Replica

Repede - DLC Costumes

  • Top Dog's Right Paw
  • Sensus General
  • Most Valuable Pup
  • Respeede

Rita Mordio - DLC Costumes

  • Exchange Student
  • Merines Captain
  • 765 Trainee
  • Elemental Master

Karol Capel - DLC Costumes

  • Campus Lackey, Future Leader
  • Calegian Commander
  • Dream Traveler
  • Brave Vesperia

Raven - DLC Costumes

  • Notorious Teacher
  • The Oracle Commandant
  • King of Iron Fist
  • Glorious Shadow

Judith - DLC Costumes

  • School Nurse
  • Vengeful Half-Elf
  • Multiple Operation System
  • Draconic Lancer

Patty Fleur - DLC Costumes

  • Chairman's Granddaughter
  • Hero of Cruxis
  • Legendary Driller
  • Pirate Queen

Flynn Scifo - DLC Costumes

  • Lorelei's Swordsman
  • Fedrock Knight's Honor
  • Student Body President
  • Masked Inquisitor
  • Dreaming Pianist
  • Archlord
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